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satan from r&hha
north carolina
when im bored i rate albums for fun
ElectricMess' twin
heaven or las vegas
manic pixie dream pop 100: uwu all time fav 95-99: uwu personal classics 90-94: uwu phenomenal 85-89: uwu really great 80-84: uwu really good/great 70-79: good, not that good tho 60-69: decent enough, still enjoyable 50-59: eh it's ok 40-49: kinda bad 30-39: regrets 20-29: pretty bad 10-19: The Wall 0-9: h
My Mothers Womb
YTF from R/HHA. Hip-Hop Head 100 - Masterpiece 90 - Incredible 80 - Great 70 - Very Good 60 - Good 50 - OK 40 - Not Good 30 - Bad 20 - Awful 10 - Shameful 0 - Unlistenable
I rate shit to high
Boston MA
Im a hip hop head from Boston Mass My favorite hip hop genres are Boom Bap East Coast Hardcore & Underground
Danny Brown's Basement
They call me Lil Wayne's retarded little cousin I am happy with my scores
I simply like good music, the genre doesn't matter. My blog (written in Italian) is: Thank you for following me!
Las Vegas, NV
Creative graphic designer with 5+ years of experience. Seeks to use exemplary time management skills to lower project time at Yahoo! At Pasalacqua Designs, developed over 300 graphic projects and increased client transactions by 30%. Follow us:
Thank's For 300 Followers! :)
wrecking the avengers
*snaps fingers* Suggest me stuff in these genres: ambient/dark ambient post-rock post-industrial/industrial wonky modern classical darkwave/ethereal wave uk bass deconstructed club blackgaze Rating System is a school 10 pt grading scale not a 1-100 pct based rating. Rating System: 100: masterpiece 95: amazing 90: loved it 85: really liked it 80: very good 75: good 70: average 65: meh 60: slightly boring 50: pretty boring 40: not good 30: bad 20: terrible 10: horrific 0: belongs in dumpster
I have too many perfect scores lmao.
I’m not done rating albums so most of my ratings are super high because I’m going from highest album rated to lowest with a few exceptions
Wisconsin, USA
I'm an 18 year old who really likes rap. I rate 100% off of personal enjoyment. Most ratings are also just after one listen. If you want to know the more "developed" ratings, look through the albums that I've made a review for, as I've listened through each of those many times. Rating Scale: 10 - Absolute favorites 9 - Love 8 - Like 7 - Almost/Kind of like 6 - Neutral 5 - Almost/Kind of dislike 4 - Dislike 3 - Strongly dislike 2 - Hate 1 - Extreme hate 0 - Specially reserved for the worst
Hello I am Cameron, you may know me from RHHA from being the most important member/curator there. I’ve been listening to hip hop for about 2 years and currently making music of my own.
Music head lvl 202
I like music.
German guy...what else is important? (Why is my origin important?...) Rating system... 100: masterpiece/personal favourite 95-99: exceptional 90-94: phenomenal 85-89: amazing 80-84: great 75-79: really good 70-74: good 65-69: neat/decent 60-64: alright/okay 55-59: above average 50-54: mediocre/meh 40-49: bad 30-39: really bad 20-29: terrible/horrible 10-19: trash material 1-9: NO! "0" is either... - the definition of shit - suicide help - hilariously bad stuff

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