Lil Uzi Vert - Eternal Atake
Mar 6, 2020
I have given up on expressing my frustration for this current progression of rap music we are in the middle (or near end) of, instead of dismissing it for being one dimensional and unimportant i try as best as possible to take what is good and leave the bad. Of course not all trap music is bad, there are some visionary artists who have breathed life into the style such as playboi carti with his original vocal performances and colorful beats, Travis Scott and his signature psychedelic trap aesthetic, along with a few others who have featured their creativity through the form. And then there is Lil Uzi Vert who has made quite the dent in the trap arena with his wide-range of influences and memorable persona after fooling people he was quitting music and then finally returning to deliver at long last “Eternal Atake”.

While not the most original rapper right now Uzi is very much one of the most creative of the bunch. One thing you can count on him for delivering on is believe it or not, structure. The way in which his songs are structured are not usually cluttered or underwhelming but direct even if the subject matter can be very repetitive. Every once in a while he will deliver, with a catchy flow and memorable chorus.

In total EA is sixteen tracks long not including the two bonus tracks, and is well over an hour long. One of the most commendable features present are the sci-fi-cinematic elements that bookend many of the tracks. What is unfortunate about that though is that those features are rarely carried through into the rest of song, making the end result somewhat awkward. Also there are hardly any features apart from Syd from The Internet on “Urgency”.

Production-wise there is not much diversity, every beat literally sounds the same-save for an extra hi-hat or two. Also what Uzi chooses to rap about is pretty limited and after sixteen tracks it becomes very repetitive. Some of the tracks that stood out to me were: opener Baby Pluto, an excellent track that sets the stage for the rest of the album and is the best usage of that trippy intergalactic aesthetic, “I’m sorry” one of the best examples of the more sedated tracks featured and “Bust me” with its solid chorus and well structured layout. It’s unfortunate that the two bonus tracks could have been integrated more effectively as they are much more gratifying than a host of the tracks on the actual track list. In comparison to Luv is Rage 2, EA is significantly more focused but unfortunately more bloated. However as compared to the majority of what’s being released right now in the genre it is actually pretty refreshing as it is appealingly conceptual. I’ve also seen some discussion regarding post-trap and EA but honestly i cant see the correlation. Just because it has a few conceptual elements scattered around does not mean its heading away from the traditional trap standards. In fact to my ears, Uzi sounds pretty content where the genre is currently at.

Upon finishing the record, i cant say i was impressed but i can say that what i heard in it was something different and new that was not as mind-numbingly irritating or incongruent as what presently makes the charts in the rap category. Eternal Atake is a worthwhile endeavor though maybe not the most satisfying, after this long of a wait.
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Mar 6, 2020
great review
Mar 6, 2020
@erzathestar Thank you!
Mar 6, 2020
go off sis !!!
Mar 6, 2020
This album is so ass
Mar 6, 2020
you have no idea what you're talking about
Mar 6, 2020
@nnxsgny you’re right I don’t!
Mar 6, 2020
That opening statement is the realest. I feel like the current cycle of popular music, particularly trap, has got to be reaching the inevitable end soon. Too many generic copycats out there. Happens to every genre. Wonder what the next phase will be
Mar 6, 2020
I still enjoy the album as a whole but a great review none the less
Mar 6, 2020
This was a pretty good review.
Mar 6, 2020
@TheBravesDH @MicktT @FleetwoodGripsisOnline thank you sirs!
Mar 7, 2020
You spoke my mind
Mar 7, 2020
thank you
Mar 7, 2020
This needs to be said
Mar 7, 2020
Album goes hard, idk what you're talking about!
Mar 7, 2020
lil uzi vert, travis scott and playboi carti trap? LOL this site is so trash
Mar 7, 2020
Great review, you did really pick out the positives, I think the album was unique in some ways and just terribly dry and repetitive in others. Overall I didn’t like it.
Mar 7, 2020
@BedroomProd21 Thank you!
Mar 7, 2020
@Loki I am entitled to my own opinion and what I perceive to be “trap” and those are the artists that stick out to me when I refer to that genre. I would be very interested and curious to hear your definition of “trap”.
Mar 8, 2020
Great read!
Mar 8, 2020
I thought your review was an interesting take
However I would say that some of the beats don't sound the same. Homecoming and you better move have very different beats in comparison. I also would like to point out that uzi's flows on the first 6 tracks are very different than the average trap flow. So while the beats are just trap beats, the way he is rapping over them is much different than the average slow paced, almost no words in one bar, that you would hear in songs like Gucci gang, etc. So I think there is an argument that this could usher in a wave of post trap because of the actual types of flows he is using.
Mar 8, 2020
@Lum thanks for your comment, obviously the beats do not all sound the exact same but the formula for each is relatively similar. What I mean by that the beats are all around the same tempo and same structure packed with hi hats and bass kicks. Something that I did enjoy about however was the presence of some of the synths that were in background, a thought they could have been utilized much more effectively. That addition would have enhanced the record so much more. As for his vocal deliver, for me personally I don’t care about the flow if his bars are quality; he just seemed to be rapping in circles about nearly the same subject. However if the subject matter was more varied I would have payed attention to the flow more. To be honest I would rather hear what you are referring to as “ much different than the average slow paced, almost no words in one bar, that you would hear in songs like Gucci gang, etc.” because then I can focus on the instrumental more, taking the emphasis...
Mar 8, 2020
... Off of the lyrics and onto the general vibe of the track. And as far the whole post-trap discussion, I think it’s important to refer to other post— genres. For instance with one of the most notable being post-rock, that genre takes the skeletal elements of rock, spacing them out and combining elements of ambient music to create something new, repurposing the elements of rock in a refreshing new way. I am not saying that post-trap will follow that exact formula but it should be somewhat similar because what Uzi did on EA was not repurposing elements of trap to create something new rather he just reverted back to a more conventional style of rapping with typical trap beats save for a futuristic elements thrown in as well. What I would consider post-trap to be would be something much more reliant on production as opposed to lyricism, something similar to what playboi carti is doing, as it is something so simplistic and minimal but actually somewhat disorienting and psychedelic.
Mar 10, 2020
@EarCandy, It's a great review man, so I don't agree with everything because I personally liked this album and I see a lot of positives in it. On the other hand, I agree with you on the fact that the hiphop has been a kind of brake for some time now, I think that we are indeed cruelly missing ambitious artistic artists, who think about music before money, but I also observe this phenomenon for a few years now and I talk about it in my review on Eternal Atake that the rap public is often very critical with artists, then a few years later opinions often change, it's because I think of a very young public, but we tend to criticize too much whereas for today's pop rock, sometimes basic and very inspired for sometimes 40/50 years, we are more generally more indulgent
Mar 13, 2020
It's a great album. Idk what you smoking
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