Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
May 2, 2021
I will admit Led Zeppelin are one of the GOATs and I mean it. At one time, they were like my favorite rock band of all time and as much as I still love them maybe they have wore off on me over time. But I will be going through their discography and putting my thoughts on all their albums (maybe I’ll include Coda but that’s just B sides).

Their full length debut ‘Led Zeppelin 1” rocks hard so much, combining elements of hard rock and blues just showcases the talent in Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Jon Bonham is a fire drummer, Robert Plants vocals are thunderous and fierce and John Paul Jones bass work is top notch, mostly for the track “How Many More Times”. Even with the much more lengthier tracks they are keeping a fitting pace.

My favorite track on this record is probably “Communication Breakdown”. This track is short, sweet, but just hits you like 15 pounds of bricks throughout. The pace is quick and enthusiastic, makes you want to fucking air guitar.🎸

Some of my other favorites have to be “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”, which starts out with an dramatic acoustic opener but as the track elevates it starts to get wild and fervent as Robert Plant is screaming in the background. The track “Dazed and Confused”, Is a dark and melodic drug trip with heavy shrieking guitar tones. This jam gets faster with a big guitar solo as the drums feel like bombastic as all hell.

At times their are very forgettable tracks that don’t flow through the album as well like the acoustic interlude, “Black Mountain Side” or the Willie Dixon cover of “I Cant Quit you Baby”, that track feels a little to run of the mill performance wise.

So is it great: Yes

Rockin Debut; Check
Great Riffs: Check
Greta Van Fleet impersonators: Nope
Real 100% uncut rock: ⭐️

Best Tracks: Good Times, Bad Times, Babe I’m gonna Leave You, Dazed And Confused, Your Times is Gonna Come, Communication Breakdown, How Many More Times

Worst track: I Cant Quit You Baby
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