Jan 1, 2019
favs: we don't care, all falls down, spaceship, Jesus walks, never let me down, school spirit, two words, through the wire, family business, last call
least fav: the new workout plan
Dec 29, 2018
favs: r.e.m, god is a woman, sweetener, successful, breathin’
least fav: no tears left to cry
Dec 29, 2018
favs: the night café, two crabs, starry night, almond blossoms, pink peach tree
Least fav: the red vineyard
Dec 28, 2018
Everything is really well done and throughout, I can’t say I have any gripes. I can’t say I can’t necassarily see myself coming back to this though.

favs: my contributions to this scam, gold purple orange, peacock, zero, waiting for the moon, river
least fav: ohsh
Dec 28, 2018
IshDARR shows some potential on a few enjoyable tracks here.

favs: slow down, never ask, ya mans
least fav: good hope
Dec 28, 2018
It’s well done but I can’t say he’s bringing much new to the table. Rapping is on point.

favs: the thrill is gone, progression, deep blue sea
least fav: n/a
Dec 27, 2018
favs: title piece (dedicated to Many), weight, turn to smoke, highly favored, *series of exits
least fav: age
Dec 26, 2018
A must-listen for any SRS fan. Don't get it twisted though, Mike has his own sound, and he delivers on this project.

favs: grabba, neverknocked, Rottweiler, prayers, ucr, nothin' to me, for you
least fav: Red Sox/babylon
Dec 24, 2018
Interesting, pretty well done project here, abstract beats, solid raps.

favs: grim seasons, the gut, #neverusetheinternetagain
least fav: evolution of (sand)man
Dec 23, 2018
While I love 21's cut throat delivery over more chilling production, the growth he shows here is undeniable.

favs: a lot, break da law, out for the night, gun smoke, 1.5, can't leave without it, good day, pad lock, letter 2 my momma, 4L
least fav: a&t
Dec 23, 2018
Kodak is hanging in there, there are a handful of pretty good tracks on here, but he doesn't seem to be giving it his all for the most part.

favs: identity theft, transgression, calling my spirit, if I'm lyin, I'm flyin, could of been different
least fav: close to the grave
Dec 23, 2018
I know this is a reissue, but it’s another dud in Nokia’s discography, and the new songs aren’t very good.

favs: cybiko, anomaly
least fav: bikini weather/corazon en Africa
Dec 23, 2018
Nokia takes a turn for the worst on this one. Nothing seems to work.
Dec 22, 2018
Here we have some bland, uninspired, synth-wave flower core music.

favs: prune you talk funny
least fav: I have lost my pearls
Dec 22, 2018*
A very memorable and unique rap album. Unreal live jazz production, top notch verses.

favs: years gone by, pocket lint, f(r)iends, old dogs, home
least fav: water medley
Dec 14, 2018
$ilk performs well all over this nearly fully Tyler produced short project.

favs: Lorraine motel, my forte, naga, why lie
least fav: ain't s**t n***a
Dec 14, 2018
It's not a major commercial movie release in 2018 without a really trashy and uninspired soundtrack to go with it.

Favs: invisible, start a riot, save the day
Least fav: what's up danger
Dec 12, 2018
Mk.gee hasn't changed, but this time he's either singing over clunky and awkward instrumentals, or just uninteresting ones, and everything from the vocals to the lyrics feel uninspired.

favs: drown
least fav: wheel
Dec 12, 2018
Westside Gunn drops another enjoyable tape expanding on his sound.

favs: gigis, Niagara cafe, n****s in Puerto Rico, Amherst station 2, my 1st drako, evidence joint
least fav: ready made
Dec 12, 2018
This is a beautifully luscious and truly one of a kind project.

favs: why?, these chains, curve and light, protector
least fav: no answer
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