Ariel Pink - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson
Jul 26, 2018
Upon my first listen my skull rattled and rippled my skin all over. It was fall and a bolt of romance had struck me early that month. One night cruising down the moonlit highway I decided to flip on the closing track, Acting, on Dedicated to Bobby Jameson out of sheer curiosity. I was familiar with Pink's prior work but never latched on to him. My feelings were in a knot that night and I was feeling things such as lust and hope. The album cover depicting Pink walking through a graveyard back to his car with a grainy, bubble gum hue staining the cover. Something about it entranced me. It was as if I was the one walking to my car. As if I was topping the end of a 9-5 with a brisk stroll down one of the local cemeteries feeling as close to ground as the dead around me. I listened to that song and fell in love with my world. I suddenly understood Ariel Pink and was in tune with his vision.
Channeling the echoes of Bobby Jameson's heartbeat, Dedicated to Bobby Jameson is a callback to Ariel Pink's early material. Pink has stated that he recognizes a strong similarity with his and Jameson's life and career and felt it was necessary to tribute this album to the late Jameson. If you check back in to Jameson's Song's of Protest and Anti-Protest you'll notice the similarities in themes, lyrics, and overall composition. Never has an Ariel Pink record felt so thematically bedridden. Happiness is dormant and there is little to any effort in achieving this for Pink.
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