TOP 15 EPOTY 2020

This year, compared to the past few years, I found it a lot easier to find EPs that were lovely enough to warrant a list. Normally I scrape up stuff from random corners of Bandcamp, what I find making other lists from friends and peers, or wait for Fantano to drop his list first (lol).

My number 1 was almost Slauson Malone, but after listening to Burial, Four Tet, and Thom Yorke’s new collab of two tracks I could not stop myself from including it on her. As far as I’m concerned, a single of two tracks is a single, sure, but as much of an EP as Burial’s other EPs that consist of 2 tracks. Either way, it’s beautiful and I recommend everyone to please check it out, as well as the other EPs that happened to make this list. I enjoy several great EPs that I wanted to make the list but I strictly keep it a top 15 every year. Loads of excellent artists were found this year and plenty of which came from Bandcamp than I have in the past which is always a plus.

Let me know what you guys think of the list! Any albums I should have given a look or second thought on? What about your favorites this year? Anything you disagree with? (Please be gentle on me lol.)

At some point I may drop a few lines of text for each entry on here but for now I’ll let it sit as this.

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@AZIZ had not heard of them until now lol
No azeezus? Damn. :(
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