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Ecco2k - E
Sep 28

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Rolo Tomassi - Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It
This is gonna be my longest review ever, as this album is very important to me. I have been a Metalcore fan and a metal fan in general for awhile and ive always liked when something new is presented in to the metal formula. I found these guys through their newest LP, Where Myth Becomes Memory, and after checking out this album and letting it sit with me for awhile, this is my favourite metal album ever. period. Its not for everyone, and I completely understand the criticisms for this album, but ... read more

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Playboi Carti - Whole Lotta Red
Imma go turn my brain off for an hour and listen to this. Im probably not even gonna keep track of what song im on, but I doubt this album is gonna have anything crazy in which I gotta keep track of what song I'm on. Im going in expecting great, well produced vibes and lets hope I get that
The Weeknd - After Hours
I finally decided to check out After Hours. After Hours creates this modern, synth pop/R&B crossover that works really well and keeps up the vibe for the entire 56 minutes. When this album even goes for a more popular Trap style sound everything works together very nicely and while the vibes are similar the album still has variety to keep things interesting. Fav Tracks: Alone Again, Hardest To Love, Scared To Live, Heartless, Faith, Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes, Save Your Tears, Repeat ... read more
Ecco2k - E
yeah off of first listen this is everything I want from cloud rap or just the drain gang in general. Just the most ethereal and psychedelic digital soundscapes that just have me in a trance the whole time. This hitting hard for me rn fr and this will probably grow on me in the future. Fav Tracks: all of them

Edit: I can't stop listening to this thing help I've become too drained

Hum - You'd Prefer an Astronaut
A really underrated grunge album that mixed elements of alternative rock, post-hardcore, and shoegaze. The entire project sounds like if The Smashing Pumpkins has Rivers Cuomo on vocals. A lot of great tracks here and this album had a heavy influence on a lot of post hardcore bands to come in the 2000s. Fav Tracks: Little Dipper, The Pod, Stars, Su*cide Machine, Why I Like The Robins. Least Fav: I Hate It Too
Swans - Helpless Child
Strong contender for best song ever created imo. Maybe not something I'd blast every day but everything about this song is perfect


I’m gonna review the new Slipknot album tomorrow morning. Let’s just say it was…a bit weird lol
what’s good
Thx for checking out my list ❤

Album Rec: GUMBO,! by Pink Siifu
i pushed my ATF, DE and KNY scores to 100, i have no clue what i was thinking not giving them that automatically the other day haha, especially after like 7 years of religiously listening and loving them, ig i was thinking of the wrong albums lol
Oh thanks! i kinda figured i should start rating my fave bands/albums that ive loved for ages on here for future reference, and deftones seemed like a good place to start! I love them but Ohms just kinda....didnt really grab me, i was pretty sad after waiting 4.5 years for it, i dont think its bad by any means and the ideas are great but the individual songs as finished products lack something

also idk what i was thinking with that ATF score i gotta raise that, i must've mistyped lmao
hahahahaahaha thank you man you have a good taste too
I've heard it yeah; i'm pretty neutral on it, some good moments, but generally just very meh. however, i do think it's probably their 2nd best, behind Kid A
Sweet, hope you like the project.
You're welcome. Hope you enjoy. I think another person to chat to if you want to find more material is either @klctht and @VaporLord. I think they might have heard more than me.
Hey Theryns and thank you for contacting me.

Vaporwave overall is a sample-based genre that is mainly focused on slowed down songs. It's not just slowed/reverb only. There are multiple subgenres, whether upbeat future funk, or the jagged broken transmission, the comfy lo-fi late night, or just classic vapor.

But it can also be an aesthetic as well. 2814 is considered vaporwave despite no samples, and the artist "desert sand feels warm at night" is more align to the vaporwave sound of the classic era, despite his work being mostly original.

Best Artists to look for: Chuck Person, death's dynamic shroud.wmv, t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 (his work is kind of long, buut if you're an ambient kind of guy, check him out)

Albums: Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1, I'll Try Living Like This, Faith in Persona, Wasted Digital, A T R I U M, 現実を超えて, Dream Sequins


Your standard 16 year old who just started to listen to music to drown everything else out... and now im 300+ albums in and music is the most important thing in my life. leave a suggestion in the Shoutouts section if you want me to a review a certain album, as I'm open to all types of music and love hearing suggestions!

All the albums I have saved in Library are all albums that I have a physical copy of.

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