Trippie Redd - MANSION MUSIK
Jan 26, 2023
This is so far the biggest attempt at a cash grab in 2023. Im not incredibly familiar with Trippie Redd's music, but im aware of his style and presence in the whole rage trap community and how hes received. On Mansion Musik, Trippie, like many other artists, tries to cash in on the rage trap trend in one of the most shameless ways ive seen so far, basically bringing in every popular trap artist at the moment and getting one of the best producers/artists in trap (Chief Keef) to make a 25 songs of basically the same thing over and over again. The production was flashy and memorable at some points, same goes for the features, but this is all packed into 76 minutes of music that after like the 13th track, just blends into together. And then there's some of the dumbest attempts at appealing to meme culture or Gen Z culture on songs like Dark Brotherhood, which features the "This is a certified hood classic" producer tag, and then Trippie dropping a bar about hitting the Griddy. Needless to say, that song had me cringing to a high extent. And then there's Swag Like Ohio Pt 2, which only exists for clicks, as it keeps some of the elements from the original like the beat and the bars, and then Trippie does his extra bit of spice to it as well. The thing is tho, Swag Like Ohio is basically a decade old cloud rap song that the ONLY reason its getting a sequel on this project is the fact the Ohio memes are popular right now. Thats It. The song is a shameless cash grab meant for clicks and meme value. There were a couple moments I thought were ok in the beginning, but I couldn't really name or tell you all the songs I enjoyed and disliked, because that would require me to listen to this 76 minute album of pretty much nothingness again, which I do not have time for.
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This month was pretty shit for music lol
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