Björk - Debut
Feb 21, 2020
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First Björk album in my binge of her music. Let's go, baby! So this is the debut of Icelandic singer and producer, Björk. Going into this album I had an idea of what I was going to hear but this is totally different from what I had expected. I was expecting Vespertine but just a bit different in ways. I guess that's why Vespertine is one of my 10s. However, that doesn't mean her debut isn't anything to look into.

Despite the sound being quite the contrast to her later work in Vespertine, there are still similar elements. Yes, this is quite dance and pop oriented but it has a slight orchestrated flare.

The album opens on a great song in Human Behavior which has quite an eclectic drum pattern with some strings and whatnot to back everything up. Björk's voice is just as powerful as I had once remembered and she's quite the unique singer. I dare you to find anyone who sings like this woman...I'll wait.

Now unfortunately, I didn't enjoy everything on here but I expected that since it's her debut. I mean not everyone's a Kanye West. The first six tracks are easily the best on the album and although the second half of the album isn't necessarily bad, it just doesn't compare.

One compliment I can give this record as a whole is Björk's consistently great vocal performances. Sometimes the production, while not bad in any sense, just doesn't captivate me. Her voice saves a few tracks from completely being duds because she brings so much to the table.

An example of a relatively weak track is One Day. While the track does boast some compelling production and Björk delivers some heartfelt lyrics, this track does get old pretty fast. Sitting at nearly five and a half minutes, not enough happens to keep me interested throughout. You may be saying: Oh! But you enjoyed To Be Kind by Swans. And I would say, yes I did. However, Swans constantly builds on the track and if they really don't, the atmosphere more than makes up for it.

Most tracks on this second half are similar. They're fine tracks but they tend to drag and I eventually lose interest. The Anchor Song, while not being my favorite, is admittedly an intriguing ending track. The horns are unique and the instrumentation is bare aside from those prementioned horns. Still, I think the lone horns help create a satisfying ending.

Now, obviously, Björk can and has done better, remember Vespertine? Still, this is a very solid project and I'm excited to see her progression as a musical artist. Also, Like Someone In Love? Sorry Bill Evans, Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra. Björk takes the cake for the best cover of that song....period.

Favorite Tracks: Human Behaviour, Crying, Venus As A Boy, There's More To Life Than This, Like Someone In Love, Big Time Sensuality
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