They Might Be Giants - Lincoln
Feb 15, 2020

Lincoln sees They Might Be Giant's trademark goofball songwriting and melody creating to a whole new level. If you thought their debut was good then you'll love this album. Thankfully, I did enjoy their self titled debut a good bit. I did feel as if it had some glaring flaws but overall I thought it was a pretty nice record to have on. It had some fun tunes but other tracks felt a bit forgettable.

Like I said earlier, Lincoln is practically their debut but on a new level. Everything on the debut album is here but it's all much more developed and varied. The instrumentation still presents fun and cheeky production here it feels more complete. These aren't just little tunes.

The comedic lyricism is still present but now with a more mature edge. Lyrics are more memorable whether it be because of quotable verses or just genuinely interesting songwriting.

The fusion of jazz and folk-rock is a really great addition to this record. TMBG were already experimenting with this fusion prior. It wasn't bad but a bit underdeveloped. I didn't mention it in my review of their self titled album because I didn't think it was really worth mentioning. Here though, I have to bring it up. The fusion of both genres is seamless and works really well to give the album an exotic flare.

The prevalent use of guitars and horns is an odd but successful decision. Actually, a lot of instruments are used here. TMBG is a pretty weird band and they may seem like a novelty not worth checking out but they may surprise you. I know they surprised me.

Favorite Tracks: Ana Ng, Cowtown, Lie Still Little Bottle, Where Your Eyes Don't Go, Mr. Me, Pencil Rain, I've Got A Match, Santa's Beard, Snowball In Hell, Kiss Me Son Of God
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Feb 15, 2020
good review :)
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