Jeff Rosenstock - NO DREAM
May 20, 2020
Hey Jeff... You okay? You need a hug or something?

Anyways, Jeff Rosenstock surprised us all with a brand new studio album that didn't even come out on a Friday, but after listening to this album after a couple a time, I can say it was a fantastic surprise!

NO DREAM is an explosive, wild, rebellious, yet very emotional experience during this whole quarantine time. while not all of it is about Coronavirus, there are certainly lines that reference it, or at least the being apart part, the song, "Ohio Tpke" is all about this:

"Pettin’ the window, cuz
I wanna know what it’d feel like
If I got to go outside"

"When I see your face after the flight home
I know I’m not alone
Can you call my name through the modern snow
Because I don’t want to feel alone
No I don’t want to feel alone"

"I miss coming home to you
I hate coming home
I hate leaving home"

Overall, this whole thing feels like an emotional rollercoaster, through out the project there's consistently lines about self-hated about himself and knowing that he just won't change:

"I'm tired of knowing what about myself is wrong
But never mustering up the control
To really try and change it"

"It keeps me from believing
That maybe someday the thing will work
Maybe I won't feel like a jerk
Maybe the words I say will stop coming out weighted
Maybe some day I'll wanna breath
And maybe the people that I meet
Won't lead to a certain future where
I'm betrayed and
I'm so jaded yeah
I'm so jaded
And that's why I'm so fucking sad"

and at the end of the day, all Jeff wants is to be loved and honestly I think everyone can relate to that:

"You’re the only person that I wanted to like me
You’re the only person that I wanted to like me
All these other motherfucking dipshits can bite me
You’re the only person that I wanted to like me"

Anyways, I should talk about the production about this project, cause it's great too. throughout this album, Jeff just really sells it with great performances and an overall fantastic energy that can't be stopped. For example, the self-titled track off this album starts off pretty chill and slow, but you know that Jeff is gonna burst any moment now, and at the near at the end of the song, he just goes nuts, with having this overall "FUCK CAPITALISM, GOVERNMENT, and oh yeah I can't forget, VIOLENCE!!!" Vibe to it, it's amazing. It just love overall bombastic, explosive and punchy this whole album is. See Green Day, this is how you make a Pop Punk record,

No 3 boomers who claiming to save rock, No boomers songwriters, No generic boring sounding rock, This is 100% Pure Uncut Rock!!!

So Hell Yeah for Jeff Rosenstock for making one of the most exciting, bombastic, and overall, emotional-great rock albums of the 2020 so far
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