Jane Remover - Census Designated
That music video...I genuinely have never seen or heard anything like this before in my life. That combo of music and visual was so disorienting and captivating. What the fuck...
Troye Sivan - Got Me Started
Nah, this shit is fun as fuck.
Caroline Polachek - Hopedrunk Everasking
The best song on Desire.
Slayyyter - Out of Time
This shit needs to be liquified and injected into my veins ASAP
Unapologetically sexy, and insanely fun.

Funny enough, I was gonna catch this album immediately at midnight on Friday, but forgot about Doja and Yeule also dropping...so, yeah, my bad, girl. But, my dad actually indirectly reminded about my desire to listen to this record because he saw her name plastered on some news site a couple days ago talking about this new record, and he ask me if Slayyyter was, in his words, "another rapper that can't fucking spell". Two days later, here we ... read more

yeule - softscars
"If only I could be real enough to love..."

Yeule has been on a bit of a hot streak recently with their big string of singles, taking up half of the track list before the album even dropped. Thankfully, the only one I had heard and even slightly remembered before listening tonight was "dazies", but we'll get to that track in a second.

The most immediate thing that this album showed me is its immaculate production, showing that not just is an album's production quality ... read more

Doja Cat - Scarlet
Your demons look...kinda off.

The "cash cow", "slept on" Doja Cat has come back with a much more rap and production-focused record compared to her last efforts, seeing her go into the lanes that delve deeper into clever sampling, finding a comfortable and eventual signature cadence, and trying to really make some hard hitting bangers with production from the likes of Earl on the Beat, Y2K, London On Da Track, and BYNX among others.

This album definitely carries a lot more ... read more

Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter - I WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS
Fantastic. It’s genuinely so haunting and tragic. That wavering synth drone adds so much texture to this song; I could picture every single word being spoken.
Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
Damn, maybe I'm the inhospitable one.

This is my second Mitski album in full, following last year's slightly mixed "Laurel Hell", and I feel like just from those two albums alone, you can already gain a massive respect for how chameleonic Mitski truly is. This record, in classic Mitski fashion, comes in at a sparse 32-minutes (literally 8 seconds longer than the title track of Swans', "The Seer"), but given having heard the three singles beforehand, this album just felt ... read more

Drake - Slime You Out
It'll definitely grow.
Linkin Park - What I've Done
I have a very clear memory of being at a friend's house back in 2009 playing Guitar Hero: World Tour. I think his older sister or something was also having a party at the house as well, so there was a bunch of highschool aged boys and girls in the house, and at times they would come watch us play the game. I remember distinctly playing this song and just destroying that shit on Expert in front of like a dozen highschool kids, including some babes (eight year old me was in heaven). Fair to say, ... read more
Madison Beer - Silence Between Songs
Alt-pop that flows throughout its world seamlessly, slowly getting smaller and smaller.

Madison Beer has become quite the celebrity over the last few years or so as an influencer, singer, and even recently, Twitch streamer. She follows a kind of collection of artists that I absolutely adore as people and would love to have a chat with, but either don't care about or don't like their art. Others in that category include Lewis Capaldi, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift (even though I think I'm slipping ... read more

Róisín Murphy - Hit Parade
Genuinely never would've guessed that this would be my least favorite release of the week.

I had only just read and been informed about the recent controversy involving Roisin as of late, but once again, like I have said in my Dream review: I can form an opinion on art based on my taste. I can form an opinion on someone based on my perspective and worldviews. I am also able to discern the two from each other if they are not directly involved. As none of the music on here addresses or is ... read more

Far East Movement - Like a G6
People who don’t like this song: 😴🤓💔📚❌💀

People who like this song: 😎🔥🍾💵🥵🥳

Jockstrap - Red Eye
Holy fuck, they took Jennifer B backstage and fucking murdered her.
Alanis Morissette - You Oughta Know
The rhythm section on this song is inhuman. Of course, it's Dave Navarro and Flea; what do you expect?
Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl
THIS SHIT DROPPED WHEN I WAS 6??? Nah, that should be illegal..,
Exuding "cunt" from a mile away.
The Chemical Brothers - For That Beautiful Feeling
It's imaginative, it's immersive, and it's overall pretty damn interesting.

Big Beat pioneers The Chemical Brothers come through with a packed 11-track, 46-minute record that delivers on both a full-scale festival setting as well as dingy, underground club decorum. Their big beats leave a bit of a ghostly impression, however, as a lot of the arrangement work done here and overall progressions of these tracks, especially hitters like the single, "Live Again", leave more of a lasting ... read more

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On Caroline Polachek - Hopedrunk Everasking
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On Madison Beer - Silence Between Songs
"@Nonoo exactly! and she def wants to let people know that she doesnt want to be restricted to one type of style or sound, so even aside from the music i really appreciate her energy to try something different from her last project"
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On Róisín Murphy - Hit Parade
"@spiceoflife yup exactly. and for electronic music like this, some people may not consider the vocals being immediately integral, but they have to be for this. they commandeer the whole project, so when they sound sloppy or cheap, so does the rest of the project as a whole"
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