Glossy and glittery synthpop that sometimes gets crushed under the weight of its own sound.

M83 seemingly returns to form with this newest LP, "Fantasy" being a retreat to the synthpop and dream pop that made records like "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming" so special and nostalgic. That word is actually one of two that I feel really hone in on the core of this project: "nostalgic" and "vintage". The sound palette throughout this 66-minute runtime is extremely consistent while diving into parts of synthpop, electronic, and ambient with elements of shoegaze and singer-songwriter that constantly fluctuate and rotate throughout Anthony's career. On this record, I feel like those stronger, synthetic sounds take a stance that feels much more dramatic and grand, but sometimes in a way that feels like a bubble trying to burst instead of the free-flowing and infinite air that so calmly surrounds it.

I say this in a way that reminds me that sometimes the bigger and bolder moments of this record are either so blown up that they're crushing the rest of the album or they try to accomplish so many things and evoke so many feelings that it could leave a listener more torn or divided than willing to surrender to the sounds in these tracks. However, the big outburst of synths and deep bass on "Us And The Rest" feels like one of those explosive moments done right and appropriately. On the other side of this spectrum, the softer, more reserved singer-songwriter feel of "Radar, Far, Gone" feels very melancholy and dreamy to a point where it feels so fragile and longing that it almost hurts your heart. It's a beautiful track and a great sound I wish more of the album explored.

In that light, I say that this album is very persistent with this fantastical and neon soundscape that feels like you're flying through the galaxy, but at times I wish for those more delicate moments that juxtaposed those grand moments. Even though the beauty of the stars is extremely overwhelming and beautiful, remember that space is quiet. Silence is just as important as sound, as is dreaming with remembering. This fantasy feels very nice on the ears with remarkable production as always, but a more prominent polarity between those big highlights and drifting ambience throughout the record would serve it very, very well.


Favorite Tracks: Amnesia, Us And The Rest, Radar, Far, Gone, Laura
Least Favorite: Deceiver

Great review! Love your pfp btw
@pedrosabe16 thank you, and thank you! that's very kind of you, im glad you liked it! <3
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