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thevillageidiot -
Chris Cornell wasn't killed by rock 'n' roll -- he suffered from crippling depression and addiction. Sure, the rock 'n' roll lifestyle was a contributing factor, but even then, we could all benefit from rock stars that treat Cornell's tale as cautionary rather than (even unintentionally) glorify an untimely end. Unfortunately, Momsen's existential crisis withers into inertia and lessons unlearned instead of blooming into newfound perspective. The subsequent negligence culminates into a record ... read more
thevillageidiot -
As Dave put it, "you should never have to bury your own babies".

I had to watch my grandparents -- the two kindest, purest souls I knew -- outlive two of their four children before they passed. I am a father of four myself, and I don't think I'd have the strength to handle such a loss. That's what makes J.T. an important record -- Steve Earle doesn't just embrace his grief here, but he sees the light in the life of a son gone too soon, and raises that light for all to see, even if it ... read more
thevillageidiot -
The Seven Foot Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues is a psychedelic whirlwind that, under the influence of Ty Segall's frantic garage rock style and occasionally unpleasant aesthetics, holds up as a frank portrayal of manic depression. Nancy serves as a guide to the various ups and downs of a mind in conflict with existence and itself, but never implies control over the narrative -- this is an artist that's as much "along for the ride" as you, swinging back and forth between heady ... read more
thevillageidiot -
By now, Williams has divorced both Chad Gilbert and the pop-punk horse he rode in on, leaving her to find comfort in the open arms of mainstream bedroom pop. She's earned a respite, for sure. But with nearly every female vocalist from Paramore's dying scene abandoning punk rebellion for The Voice or muted praise from dime-a-dozen hipster music blogs, I'm running out of counterculture role models for my daughters.
thevillageidiot -
Tribulation is a rare act, awkwardly classified both as a black metal and rock 'n' roll band without ever quite embracing the straightforward black 'n' roll hybrid that Kvelertak has perfected. Much like the two albums that preceded it, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound sits comfortably within that contradiction while expanding on both gothic and arena rock influences -- 'cause why the hell not?

While it's a worthy exercise that (at least mildly) appeals to fans in nearly every corner of the heavy ... read more
Feb 16, 2021
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Music critique that's a little more for hippies, and a little less for hipsters.

I have an outright preference for rock and blues music, and so I will mainly review records that fall under those categories, or those in adjacent or related genres. I will only approach pop, hip hop, or electronic albums if I feel I have the context necessary to review it without bias.

I will endeavor to review at least one contemporary album and one older album each weekday.
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