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 - You're Welcome
I have come up with a new term: "bitchcore".

Bitchcore is a catch-all word for melodic metalcore, overproduced alt rock/pop punk, or pop punk trying to be far edgier than it is. If you've ever heard Crash Thompson say an album was "swallowed by the Imagine Dragon", he's referring to a type of bitchcore. I'm calling it bitchcore because it's the type of music a Monster energy drink chugging skaters that are highly insecure about their masculinity, and would be extremely ... read more

 - A Night At The Opera
Yet another great album ruined by "born in the wrong generation" kids
 - After Laughter
After much deliberation, I have decided that this is my favorite paramore album, they honestly don’t have any bad albums, and 4/5 of them are absolutely great, but this one just takes them all down with its great dance pop vibes. Paramore is one of only a few punk bands that went pop and actually got better with it.
Favorite track: told you so
Least favorite track: fake happy

edit: never mind, pool is the best song on here

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