Rank & File: The Beatles

The Beatles' studio albums ranked & filed.

The Beatles - Abbey Road
Abbey Road encapsulates all the best aspects of humanity that the Beatles so deftly embodied in their music: peace ("Come Together"), love ("Something"), beauty ("Here Comes the Sun"), madness ("Maxwell's Silver Hammer") and it's raised high like a city on the hill, shining bright for all to see -- pop, rock, and art fused once and for all in eternal glory.
The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Sgt. Pepper is certainly the Beatles' biggest artistic achievement. It's perfect in every way, and paved the way for every lauded artist that has followed since.
The Beatles - Revolver
Here, the Fab Four forsook godhood for true enlightenment.
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Which Beatles album had the largest impact in the moment? While it's easy to argue for Sgt. Pepper, Rubber Soul certainly deserves a look. The Beatles took their pop sensibilities -- already the best on earth -- and evolved them further into a realm that forever changed music.
The Beatles - The Beatles
Strange, enrapturing, wonderful - the White Album would possibly have been their best effort with a little trimming (see both "Revolutions").
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
A Hard Day's Night captures the Beatles' mophead charm the best of their early records.
The Beatles - Help!
Any album featuring "Ticket to Ride", "Yesterday", and the title track would be enough to top the best-of list for any other artist on Earth, thus ensuring the Beatles' sorcerous immortality.
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour
The weirdness of Magical Mystery Tour nearly surpasses its beauty, which is perhaps why it isn't as beloved as Sgt. Pepper. Still, it's their deepest dive into psychedelia and the results are astonishing.
The Beatles - Let It Be
If Let it Be had initially emerged as the "naked" version that was released decades later, it would be an album of the same status as many of their later triumphs. Unfortunately, the Fab Four's last album, while still featuring some of their best individual songs, serves more as a reminder of a breakup most bitter.
The Beatles - Please Please Me
Youthful schmaltz, unabashed and earth-shaking, Please Please Me is still enough to get the blood moving for anyone that hears it.
The Beatles - With The Beatles
While there is little fault to be found here, With the Beatles' shining moments ("It Won't Be Long", "Please Mister Postman") don't quite stack up to those of other early Beatles records.
The Beatles - Beatles for Sale
Beatles for Sale features many of my favorite Fab Four moments -- particularly the rip-roaring amalgam of "Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey". Not to mention "Eight Days a Week", "I'll Follow the Sun", and an honest-but-obligatory rendition of Chuck Berry's "Rock and Roll Music". But as you compare For Sale to other additions to the richest of catalogues, one cannot abide to peruse the tracklist and fine oneself unable to hum a bar to "I Don't Want to Spoil the Party".
The Beatles - Yellow Submarine
What's the worst Beatles album? For once, it's an easy, universally-accepted answer: Yellow Submarine. And for obvious reasons. Two of the six songs on Side A can be found on more essential Beatles records, and Side B (mostly) isn't even the Beatles.
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