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Feb 2, 2019*
If you told me in 2011 that at the end of the decade James Blake would release such an extroverted, pop-forward album of love songs I would have been devastated. I don't know if it's the times that have changed or me, but Assume Form ends up my favorite album of Blake's since his debut despite the more adult contemporary feel. It's really not like his sound has changed that much, but there's such a warmth and quiet joy to these songs, a refreshing change in James' sound I didn't know I needed. ... read more
Jan 26, 2019
2018 AOYTY #28

Dreamy, sultry, warm, funky, Isolation is the rare debut that announces its artist as an immediate force to be reckoned with right out the gate. Like most of the great pop artists from this decade, Uchis' strength is in fusing disparate genres. She breezes through dream pop, latin pop, neo-soul and hip hop like a balmy wind on a Miami beach. Her personality and vocals are able to keep it all grounded, though, even if the record isn't the smoothest or most cohesive of rides. ... read more
Jan 26, 2019
2018 AOTY #29
(That's right it's still happening, just slowly)

Proof that even at this current nadir in his career, Kanye still has a few drops of genius left in him, KSG succeeds where ye failed. It's immaculately produced, dark, comical, and utterly unique. Cudi is also better than he's ever been here, matching and even outperforming Kanye on some tracks. It's also one of the better attempts at fusing rock and hip hop that I've heard, a culmination of all of Cudi's aborted alchemical ... read more
Jan 12, 2019
2018 AOTY #30

Far and away my ambient AOTY, Pendant (also known as Huerco S.) continues his ascent to the highest echelons of zone-out music with Make Me Know You Sweet. Honestly, though For Those of You Who Have Never... received more attention and praise in the electronic community, I think this is Brian Leeds' best release yet. Make Me Know You Sweet is just so deliciously textured, the sound of clouds and machines humming and water rushing all at the same time, closer to musica universalis ... read more
Jan 12, 2019
2018 AOTY #31

Certainly one of the best political albums of the year, U.S. Girls comes into its own as a project with this collection of searing, righteously indignant disco psych. Where earlier releases from Meghan Remy were a little too muddy and lo fi for me, In a Poem Unlimited is positively extroverted, with Remy's retro-influenced voice (it reminds of pop from the 50s/early 60s) taking center stage over some of the chunkiest grooves you'll hear all year. She's also singularly talented in ... read more
Oct 29, 2019
Sep 29, 2019
Question for my first community sourced AOTY list: What's a great album that you can't listen to anymore, and what's the reason?
Feb 11, 2018
I think I'm going to give this some listens when school starts for me. My dad also really loves La Monte Young (and a lot of minimalist composers) hehehehe
Feb 11, 2018
How did you take in the five hours from that La Monte Young album?
Jul 3, 2014
I salute your dedication by following you. lol
Jun 17, 2013
Appreciate all the work you put in to get the new album ratings added to the site.
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