Lil Tjay - Destined 2 Win
Apr 7, 2021 (updated Apr 7, 2021)
Lil Tjay shows how not to make music at his second studio album, Destined 2 Win. Even three years after he signed to a major label, it seems like he is stuck in his SoundCloud era of cheap, low-effort production and editing.

At this time, hip hop music dominates the mainstream all around the world. This genre EXPLODED during the 2010s. And why? Internet is probably one of the main reasons. It became widely accessible during the previous decade and allowed many musicians to become visible even on their own, without label. SoundCloud is probably the main base of amateur hip hop artists. This audio distribution platform became a birthplace of a brand new subgenre of hip hop – mumble rap. And yes, I know I am a pop fan and this may only be my personal opinion, but I do not consider most of the music based on this genre as well-crafted.

It is understandable, though. Those artists who helped to create this direction at SoundCloud were often even teenagers, making their music on their own in their bedrooms on their phones and laptops. I am aware I can't expect quality at the level of Kendrick Lamar from these guys, but why is this direction getting so popular even among the professional artists?

Lil Tjay signed to Columbia Records back in 2018 and this is already his second album, as he released his debut in 2019. I admit I have not heard his debut album, but this album sounds just like a release by every average SoundCloud rapper who is a fan of Travis Scott and tries so much to get close to the music of his idols, but he fails … yet. But omg, this 19-year-old man is in a different place already. He is signed to one of the largest labels in the world and already has one Billboard 200 top-ten album in his discography. Why can't he just choose producers wisely?

The cheap craftmanship at this album makes a largely negative impression for sure, but the sad thing is that Lil Tjay is the worst thing at this album. Or, to be more specific, his vocals are. His voice is annoying alone, and the effects they use for editing his vocals are making it even worse. Every time a guest appears on the album, it feels like a saviour is coming. It is disappointing that the only positive thing I see on someone's albums are the guest appearances by someone else.

Yeah, this is not a track-by-track review (no one reads it anyways), I know. I just don't wanna waste either mine or your time, because I would repeat myself all the time. This album is from its beginning to its conclusion just so basically bad, cheap, and annoying.

( 2021 | trap / hip hop / mumble rap / R&B )

- Destined 2 Win (6/10)
- Born 2 Be Great (4/10)
- Calling My Phone (4/10)
- What You Wanna Do (2/10)
- Hood Rich (6/10)
- Oh Well (4/10)
- Headshot (6/10)
- Gang Gang (5/10)
- Go Crazy (3/10)
- Irregular Love (3/10)
- Move (4/10)
- Slow Down (2/10)
- Love Hurts (4/10)
- Run It Up (4/10)
- Part of the Plan (4/10)
- No Cap (4/10)
- Life Changed (2/10)
- Nuf Said (4/10)
- Losses (5/10)
- Move On (5/10)
- None of Your Love (3/10)

TOTAL SCORE: 39 / 100 (bad)
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1 Comment
Apr 7, 2021
I think that Tjay can sing, but great review! :)
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