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ThomasGuy -
My David Bowie ranking is out now!

Check my lists if you wish to see my ranking of every single one of his studio albums.

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ThomasGuy -
"Why do we tend to hurt one another? Dividing up all the books by the covers. Like it ain't hard enough simply being me."

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ThomasGuy -
I've listened to this album four times, and I'm still baffled by that "Donkey Kong" line in "Coming for You".
ThomasGuy -
Pavement are quickly becoming one of my favorite groups of the '90s.
ThomasGuy -
Dinosaur Jr. may not be doing anything new on this record, but they are sticking to a tried and true formula that has been working well for them ever since their deviation from the more sludgy sound of their sophomore classic, "You're Living All Over Me". What's delivered on "Sweep it Into Space" is a fresh batch of more traditional alt rock tunes that all adhere to said formula, and though their existence may not be entirely innovative, they're catchy, and enjoyable enough ... read more


May 6, 2021
Yeah, something I've learned after doing so many discog dives is that if an artist gets their best quality stuff out earlier, then it isn't always fair to constantly compare their later stuff with their earlier stuff. It may be disappointing when comparing the two, but sometimes their weaker material has some good stuff to be found that you likely wouldn't see if you're constantly thinking "this isn't as good as that other album". With that said, I should probably go listen to their other albums before making any prejudgments and get myself overhyped for albums that probably aren't particularly amazing in the first place lol.
May 6, 2021
I'm looking forward to listening to it, and the rest of their output for that matter. I'm honestly hoping that they'll have a few more gems hidden in there as opposed to what the user scores suggest.
May 6, 2021
Great record. I've honestly been listening to it a lot over the past month or so, it's just so addicting. The acoustic instrumentals were a nice surprise, something which I didn't expect but loved a lot. The vocals has so much personality and angst, the lyrics are incredibly catchy, and that bassist is simply amazing. Add It Up is without a doubt my favourite song on the album, others that I love are To The Kill, Confessions, Blister In The Sun, and Please Do Not Go. As for least favourites, honestly not completely sure since I thought the album was so consistent that I loved everything there, but looking at the track listing, Good Feeling is the only song that I feel hasn't left as much of a lasting impact as everything else, though it is still undoubtedly a great song.
Apr 10, 2021
What is your favourite album to listen to when intoxicated (for a list)
Apr 1, 2021
What a beautiful rugged manly man
Mar 24, 2021
Yeah yeah
Mar 19, 2021
thank you for following my on one website!!
Mar 18, 2021
All good!! Thank you for submitting, it’s been added ❤️ Have a wonderful day
Mar 18, 2021
Hi! so sorry for the late response on your album submission.

I was not able to find Blue Skies by Willie Nelson on AOTY.. which is weird, maybe it's just off my end and I'm just being dumb. If you have a link for it, let me know and put it in my shoutbox and I'll add it to the list. If not, you could like to submit another album if you would like! :)



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