If you see my 2010 ratings you'll find out that a high percentage of them are 95+. I think I get a bit self-consious about scoring albums so highly. Part of me wants to be really critical, but what can I say? 2010 is just one of the best years in music and Plastic Beach only proves it.

Snoop Dogg is on this. I think on every song he's appeared on in his whole career he doesn't give a shit. Too busy being high off his mind, but sometimes it actually makes for a great song. This is one of them. This makes me forgive him for collaborating with Corey Feldman.

Damon Albarn must've been really high too because one day he thought to himself "I need a song with the dude that did P's and Q's with The National Orchestra For Arabic Music!!!!!!" Do you know how insane that is? Ok, you know how Travis Scott had a song with Young Thug and Justin Beiber? Well, that collaboration is as safe as bubble wrap compared to this. It's like if Tempa T made a song with Brian Eno, but it actually works!!! How????

Stylo is actually the first song I've ever heard off of this album (I know I just skipped Rhinestone Eyes, but we all know that's great. Goes without saying). In 2010, there was this TV channel called VIVA. They're trash. They are one of these music vid channels, but also had a bunch of other really crap programmes, but also South Park, so maybe not that bad? I'm not sure. Anyway, I woke up early one morning at around 06:00am and the music video for Stylo was playing repeatedly, like several times. I was so confused seeing a car chase with these animated characters and Bruce fucking Willis set to this really odd, trance like music, but I didn't change channel. I just kept on watching it. I didn't even know this was Gorillaz until years later. Easily one of my favourite songs by this artist.

Plastic Beach is a bit of a crazy album so far, so here on Emperor Ants we're just going to close our eyes and relax. Time to forget about any stress, deep breaths and SIKE. FUCK YOU. WE GONNA JUST GONNA HAVE ONE OF THE BEST SONG TRANSITIONS IN MUSIC HISTORY WHICH'LL BE SURE TO GET YOU GROOVING. Also, I think this was just before Little Dragon became really popular, so great choice of feature I guess (correction: I know).

Ok, next song Glitter Freeze might be one of the weaker songs here, but like can we give it a pass? The Fall helped me get into music and are still quite underrated to this day, so hearing Mark E. Smith here makes me smile :) and it's still a good song.

Talking about legends in music, yeah, Lou Reed just happens to be on one of the best songs on this album. Crazy to think that this was one year before Lulu (Ok, I never listened to that album, but fun fact: it's on 99 ratings, so if you have listened to it, but haven't rated it yet, rate it right after reading this review).

"It's broken. Our love. Broken. It's broken. Our love." I swear, I sing along to this chorus almost everytime. Not sure why, but I do, ok? What's that? You do too? Yeah, because everyone does, ok?

What else? Oh yeah, Little Dragon appears again. Is it also amazing? You bet it is! Maybe not as fantastic as Emperor Ants, but that's like not being as quick as Usain Bolt. Only a fucking idiot will be mad at that.

Pirate Jet makes for a nice way to end the album. Something that makes me reflect over the 15 previous tracks of mind fuckery and downright fun.

I know this review was pretty lazy lol. Like, I skipped a bunch of songs, even really popular ones, but let's be honest here: what hasn't already been said about this album? Yeah, maybe I could go over its environmentally aware lyrics, which make for one of the best concept albums (can you call this a concept album? It is, right?), but sometimes I just want to say shit that doesn't mean much in grand scheme of things. Like, was this review really necessary? Hell no, but you read it anyway and I'm thankful for that :)

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