Quadeca - Voice Memos
Mar 9, 2019 (updated Mar 11, 2019)
People like this shit?

Edit: Ok, considering that I have the lowest rating by quite a bit, I'll explain to why I dislike it.

Quadeca to me comes across as so fake deep. For example, in Ego Death he's talking about how at least 5000 comments said that he should kill himself. I know he's not being literal, but Quadeca is far from being a hated YouTuber. I'd be shocked that he even gets 100 of them comments. Nothing suggests that it's the case, but it's whiney attempts for sympathy. He also previously mentions that he gets 40000 comments on each YouTube video, which is uneccesary to the attempt of making us feel sad for him. He actually tries to fit in flexing to his sob story. How pathetic. People call Hopsin and XXXTENTACION fake deep and while I'm not a fan of them, Quadeca is what's really fake deep. It crawls under my skin.

The vocals throughout this album are so annoying too. His singing on songs like the start of The Man on My Left Shoulder sound like more a guy trying to show off to a girl how he can sing, when it's not even that good. What's worse is his rapping voice, especially when it's auto-tuned. Yet again, so whiney. Does he think it's impressive? Well, I don't, far from impressive.

The production is the best part of this album, but it isn't enough to save it at all. Does save the album from being a 0 though, so well done.

I know it just seems like I'm hating because he's a YouTube rapper and not a "real rapper", as if there's such thing as a "real rapper". Some start from SoundCloud, other's start on YouTube. What's the difference? If the music is good, that's what matters. That's why I like music from Tabby. I don't care that he started from YouTube. It's dumb to reject a rapper because they're from YouTube and it's just as pathetic to assume someone did that just because they don't like Quadeca.
Mar 12, 2019
Finally a comment which explains why it is bad in your opinion
Mar 16, 2019
I see where you’re coming from, but for me it sounds good. I don’t know him personally to say that he is “deep”, but for me if it sounds good and I can replay it while my buds in the car bump to it, I play it regardless of the artist. Ultimately I would say to listen to again and focus more on the art and less on the artist.
Mar 24, 2019
you realize he wrote ego death when he was 17 and got a lot of hate when he would try to rap in his videos. The rest of your crtics are nitpicking at an artist who is IN HIGH SCHOOL. Do research before commenting something ignorant
Apr 8, 2019
^ nas started writing illmatic while he was in high school so
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