Emily Scott Robinson - Traveling Mercies
Jun 7, 2019 (updated Jun 30, 2019)
So, @KengojiUltamYT has been going on and on in the comments on this album about how this needs 25 ratings. I was going to do this dumb joke, where I'll praise this album, but not give it a rating. That idea was before I listened to it. Turns out I will rate this because I actually really didn't like it.

Majority of this sounds like the type of music perfect for one of them camping holiday advertisements. That really plain, but slightly outdoorsy sound, that'll give this shallow feeling of adventure, which quickly disappears and turn into excruciating boredom as the tracks go by.

I'm no country expert, but despite not completely loving Golden Hour, I was just thinking to myself "I so want to listen to Kacey over this crap." At least there I wouldn't listen lines that'll make me roll my eyes, like "You can really make this life look grand if you filter it on Instagram. Hashtag, the americana dream." Just fuck off with your "How do you do fellow kids" diarrhea.

The only song I gave a single shit about was Run. There it tells a pretty compelling story. Not sure if it's true or not, but hey, domestic abuse usually is a pretty helpful topic if you want to make your listeners feel sad.

Yeah, this album is like crack for avid Spectrum Pulse fans, I guess. Like his channel, but quite a lot of times his taste doesn't align with mine.
Jun 7, 2019
Get good taste in country plz
Jun 7, 2019
I get more pissed off every time I read this
Jun 7, 2019
he isn't wrong though it's literally the music that plays in those really big but shitty redneck stores (cabelas or whatever the hell its called) and plays in those camping commercials. its the literal embodiment bro lmfao @KengojiUltamYT
Jun 8, 2019
That Instagram line did make me die inside, lol. I'm no country expert either, I just surprisingly enjoyed this cause 2019 is unpredictable.
Jun 13, 2019
This is country music for indie darlings who think they're special for liking commercial indie tunes.
Jun 15, 2019
@endianness ?
Jun 15, 2019
@KengojiUltamYT I think it's an inoffensive country album.
Jul 17, 2019
For country album this year, I find that Orville Peck or even Faye Webster far more interesting. Emily is cute, she has some charming tracks but the majority could easily be in an Apple publicity or a Starbuck shop. More like peaceful background music ^^"
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