Despite my limited knowledge on AURORA, I was pretty excited going into this album. I mean, I haven't listened to anything else by her, but generally I hear her name positively mentioned. I also see the ratings come in for this album (currently at 9 at the moment of typing) and the score, while possibly changing in the future, looks really good. AURORA might just be up there next to Björk and Fever Ray, as one of my favourite Nordic pop singers.

This unfortunately, as the more I was listening to this album became a hope that didn't become reality. I wasn't too sure as to why, until maybe half way through the album (I'm not entirely sure because I wasn't paying attention to the tracklist), but this production feels so basic. It sounds like anything that these popular chart topping electropop producers has made in the past decade personally.

This might have been only 40 minutes long, but it did not feel like that at all. I was praying that this album would just stop, but it didn't. It just kept on going to the next song, which might as well have been the same song on repeat. A seemingly innocent album becoming a painfully boring listen.

I checked her Spotify page and it says that she works in a similar dark pop milieu, as Lykke Li, which funnily is another artist I've had similar problems with. The same repetitive, bland production, which takes away from any vocal presence (at least on Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes). I assume if this album gets the same critical praise and audience reception as Wounded Rhymes, then maybe I'm just the problem for not getting its appeal.

In conclusion: you'll probably enjoy this, but it really just wasn't my cup of tea. Sorry.

I'm also going to mention something that is not related to the album or artist, but I was wondering if I should review albums this soon, or if I should wait till countries, such as the US, gets the release too? There's always this excitement about being one of the first to review an album, but I'm worried it might also spoil people's thoughts before they actually listen to it. I also feel as if by reviewing earlier than what people in America can possibly do, it is in a way just claiming likes on my reviews early, which doesn't feel morally right. I am aware that when I wake up the next morning it'll then probably make me behind everyone else with reviews, but I don't think I mind too much. This is mostly just me asking if anyone from America/Canada/wherever that's behind the UK in time gets annoyed by seeing me get up a review before you can even hear the album? Please leave your opinion down below.
Jun 7, 2019
While this album isn't a miss, I really prefer her EP step I. Feels more organic, more coherent. Try the track "infection of a different kind"
Jun 8, 2019
I like the album, but she would definitely be better if she went in a less poppy direction
5d ago
Currently on my first deep listen and I'm actually really enjoying myself. Perhaps it's a framework issue, but instead of comparing her to artistic GOATS like Björk and Fever Ray, I definitely see AURORA occupying more of a synth-pop lane like CHVRCHES, and this record is definitely leaps and bounds better than the last CHVRCHES record. Perhaps I'm speaking from experience, since I listened to her Step I EP, but that might factor into my personal enjoyment.
5d ago
As to whether or not getting first access spoils a record for someone else, I don't really think it matters. Everyones relation to the music they listen to is different, so I think people should just try out as many albums as they can and see what they like. In that sense, the only way I think an early review is a bad thing is if someone writes something off completely without giving it a shot.
5d ago
Otherwise, despite sometimes reading up on certain records and thinking it'll influence my listening experience, I usually (and hope others do too) come to my own opinion about how much I enjoy a particular album. That being said, I think the one notable exception is if I read an exceptionally positive review for a record, then I'll be sure to focus in and look for what others enjoy so much. Thanks for listening to the ramble!
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