Ed Sheeran - No.6 Collaborations Project
Jul 11, 2019
How Ed thinks: "hmm, I need to find way to get everyone on board with my new album. Who do I put on this album? Well, I am a pop artist, so lets get Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello, and Bruno Mars in this album. They seem popular enough. Stormzy, J Hus and Dave are obvious picks to get in the UK rap crowd and I need to make it seem as if I'm sticking true to my roots. R&B is getting pretty popular lately, so...Elli Mai? YES, that's who I get and H.E.R. Khalid fits in the group of artists too, right? Fuck it, let's also get him. This is completely missing hip hop though, like, US hip hop. I NEED a few at least. This genre is easily exploitable, so what names can I think of? Chance, Travis, Meek, Cardi, PnB, Boogie and ermmmm Young Thug! Ah shit, that's going to put off the oldheads though, especially the white ones and we need to bring over the white people. Eminem and 50 Cent surely will bring them onto this album. Ok, just a few more things now. Skrillex will get EDM people, Paulo reaches out to the Spanish speakers, and we need some actual singer songwriters, so YEBBA and Stapleton. Anyway, we needed some country on this. Think I'm done with the plan. Time to count this up and *enters numbers in calculator* that's over 420,000,000 monthly Spotify listeners that would be on my album. I guess I really would have everyone listening to this, which'll hide my dying relevancy."

How fans of these artists think: "ew Ed Sheeran. I do not want to listen to this, but *sigh* I guess I have to."

This is a DJ Khaled album (with actual contributions from the artist), but with the disgusting stench of the rotten side of pop appeal.

Ed is a leech to the music industry. You can say he sings, but above all else he's a businessman. He knows how to get listeners. This idea is genius in a way because how many would say Ed is their favourite artist? Not many, but he's always been an artist lucky enough to associate themselves with other artists, ones with dedicated fanbases. By this, he's managed to get himself to the top and that has to be applauded, but I am not an aspiring businessman, I'm a victim of this album. We all are, whether we like it or not. Enter a shopping mall, what would you hear? Enter a car and turn the radio on, what do you hear? Maybe you just stay in home watching YouTube videos. Well, in the next few months guess who's music is going to be in advertisements? Exactly.

Also, notice how every track has been released as a single too, which are available on each feature's page? It's blatantly obvious at this point that people aren't hearing Ed to hear Ed. They're hearing Ed to hear lazily phoned in performances from the artists they actually care about.

This album is vile and there's no escaping it.
Jul 12, 2019
Wow I never realized this basically is a DJ Khaled album 😂
Jul 12, 2019
Another one
Jul 12, 2019
“This is a DJ Khaled album (with actual contributions from the artist), but with the disgusting stench of the rotten side of pop appeal.”
truer words have never been spoken
Jul 12, 2019
God, this is such a great review. Honestly don't know if I have it in me to get through this though. While I was reading your first paragraph I was like "Damn, Ed's a fucking genius." You know shit's bad when it almost feels bad to DJ Kahled to a project, because it makes HIM look bad lol. Like, hate that guy, but I honestly think he thinks his music is good.
Jul 12, 2019
I don’t like Ed but I disagree with his “fading relevancy”. That remark is a bit wrong. His album before this was his personal biggest, it was ginormous, and that was done on his own. He certainly has his own large fandom, there are a lot of people that idolise him. I’m not one of those people. Other than that this review is stellar!
Jul 12, 2019
@Crofty thanks for the praise! I really appreciate it. I think that you do make a good point there, but I've also seen how quickly artists, especially pop artists, have failed to win over the public, even with a reputation of succeeding. To think of a name, Katy Perry would be a good example. Her last album did poorly, despite only being out of music for a somewhat short period. When it comes to mainstream pop there's a high demand to release music frequently and Ed knows that. I think that if..
Jul 12, 2019
Ed was sure that he was going to succeed on just on his own name nowadays, then he would have an album that doesn't revolve around the ideas of features. Yes, this album was a sequel in a way to previous collaboration album he did years ago, but that first one was dependent on the features to get his name out to public. An attempt for relevancy and I only see the same here, except instead of getting his name out, he's clinging on desperately. Ed hasn't made music in 2 years and in the current...
Jul 12, 2019
pop climate it is so easy to fade away.
Jul 18, 2019
Oh fuck you might steal my 2nd place
Jul 18, 2019
@FearFlour I think you might actually be 4th place, but I'm gonna leave a link to your review here, so people can like that too https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/fearflour/album/76870-damn/
Jul 18, 2019
Aww you're too sweet. Also damn I hadn't seen any ones beat me other than that one bogus ass BTS review and the ariana grande one.
Jul 18, 2019
@FearFlour the BTS one got likes removed (I think I'm currently ahead of it now). There's also 2 reviews from PipePanic that are over your most popular review, as well as that Ariana Grande one. Either way, 100 likes is fucking impressive. Also, have no idea why people are choosing to like my "review" over others on this album. I would say it's because I was harsh, but so was everyone else lol.
Jul 19, 2019
Oh no shit I missed the pipe ones
Sep 21, 2019
100 boi
Sep 21, 2019
@ThrowBackG thanks! Not sure how to feel. This "review" was rushed and terrible. Well, I guess people somehow found enjoyment in it. I personally think it's awful.
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