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Cold air. A warm and gentle touch. Every ounce of sultry and personal expression bottling up inside Françoise Hardy from the decade prior finally shows its true and subdued colors. Free of any emotional and corporate restraints. 'La Question' sees Hardy embrace her own womanhood. Moving past the creative chains of a fun, but ultimately constrictive Yé-Yé movement which brought her "girl next door" persona to the mainstream. A move not many of her contemporaries ... read more
ThrowBackG -
The classic Olsen techniques without her allure or mystique. 'Whole New Mess' doesn't really work outside the context of "it's an acoustic album" The idea of taking the self-analytic songs of 'All Mirrors' and recording them in a claustrophobic setting sounds splendid, but both the execution and the context of these songs are sorely lacking. 'All Mirrors' benefited immensely from grandeur. Even the more minimalist tracks had some sort of spectacle to them. I feel stripping them down ... read more
ThrowBackG -
Undoubtedly a little over-romanticized in regards to its influence, but I think that's in part to it's open arms accessibility. 'Modal Soul' is an album that passively presses itself on the themes of tranquility and human contemplation. A gentle acknowledgment followed by the next observation. In that regard you could say that this is a meditative album and I'm one to agree. The execution of the overall sonic environment - of woodwinds, an emphasis of jazzy/ambient undertones, and simple but ... read more
ThrowBackG -
“It's not that bad, but I know I wanted to go deeper beneath the pain // beneath the human.”

Plato can be credited for saying that it's the ultimate duty of writers and painters to "help us live better lives." Over 2000+ years later and I doubt anyone would want to discredit this sentiment. Though, maybe it could use some amending for the modern day. In a world riddled with injustices (and outlets for mental deterioration) at every corner, I find that the novelist, ... read more
ThrowBackG -
I've spent the last couple of months really considering what's so appealing to me about art -- and music especially. At some point, this day-in and day-out cycle of listening one album to the next gets exhausting. What am I supposed to be looking for exactly? What exactly is my standard? What's appealing to me? What are the opinions of others and how do they line up with my beliefs? Its these questions I asked as I then preceded to sterilize my experiences with art.

So, I took a step back, and ... read more
Sep 10, 2020
I was absolutely floored by how comfortably he outshines his peers, particularly on that album. The passion is immeasurable. Tremendous album! :)
Aug 24, 2020
Hey Gavin! I'm sorry for my even more late reply lol. It was the most terrifying experience of our lives but thank God we're okay, not the situation of the country though. Inflation, many damaged houses, injured people, increasing cases of corona, hence the announcement of another lockdown, and my exams getting constantly postponed due to lockdowns, so I'm trying to stay alright.
Glad to hear good news from you Gavin, welcome back again! 😊
Aug 19, 2020
What's the scariest album you've ever heard? ( for a list)
Aug 17, 2020
Beautiful songs?
Aug 14, 2020
Please check out my new instrumental electronic album!
Thanks so much! :D
Aug 13, 2020
Wow... I'm glad you're back Gavin! I've been visiting this site every once in a while because I realized that you haven't been using any of your social media platforms and that got me worried a bit... hope everything's alright! 😊
Aug 11, 2020
Really difficult to come up with an appropriate answer to that, since us westerners will naturally struggle to have a fair comprehension (and proper access to canonic material) of eastern phil., not to mention the huge prevalence of european thought on our political, social and educational systems even with a massive expansion of internet democratic values. One might go as far to say that this is a primmary issue of our current formative scheme in the western, and a real source for debate about the collateral effects of canonic ideology and social politics.
Aug 9, 2020
right back atcha! always happy to see gav in my feed
Aug 9, 2020
What do you think is the most underrated album of all time? This is for a list.
I feel my best when I look out the window.

20 Y/O rambler, permaculture specialist, and political activist.
A bit of a recluse. I typically don't finish albums I don't enjoy 🤷‍♂️

Current genre interests (send recs!): Samba, Bossa Nova, Black Metal, Music of Mexico.

"Scare the sky // shake the ground // plain and ordinary"
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