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Oct 17, 2018
"Anoko ga Nemutteru" may just be one of my favorite songs ever created! A humble beginning for what would end becoming one of the best bands ever in the rise of digital age. The only thing that really hinders this EP is the very bare bones production. While I don't mind that style of production with minimalistic genres, it doesn't translate well with a funky and fun collection like Corduroy's Mood. Otherwise a fun listen!
Oct 15, 2018
I'm sorry but what the actual shit is this album cover?
Oct 15, 2018
If you had told me any of these at the beginning of the year I would have eaten a Tide Pod:

- I would love Playboi Carti more than Brockhampton
- I would like a TøP record and not Jack White
- A black metal record would be in my top 3
- I would love a Kero Kero Bonito record

Oh my God I'm becoming Armond White....I'm so sorry amino buds
Oct 11, 2018
At least ? had some qualities
Ah but this?
C'mon man
Oct 11, 2018
Lil Pump

Terrible lyrisist
Great musician

There I said it. Lemme smoke my dope in peace
Oct 16, 2018
Oh jeez, Monday (8-11) Tuesday (8-10) Wednesday (7-10) and pretty much all of Saturday until about 8 are the only times I can think when I can't be on lmao x) but that's all EST so we might be okay anyway :')!
Oct 16, 2018
What times are you usually on? :3 I'll try to get on around your time and we could play some Smash or sumthin'
Oct 11, 2018
I would definitely check it out, if it's a possible travel spot. You from Florida or California? I feel like most people on this site are
Oct 11, 2018
It's getting to be really pretty. I live an actual stone's throw from the Pennsylvania border so I'm lucky to kind of be in this weird transitional area between Ohio farmland, Appalachian forest, and Lake Erie humidity so we get these crazy vibrant colors in all our deciduous trees. Really awesome, I couldn't live anywhere that doesn't have four seasons for very long. Fall without changing trees would be like some kids I know who don't have white christmases... borderline sacrilegious
Oct 11, 2018
Finally added you! :3
Not sure if you have to add my code back? But just in case: SW-2207-5346-2328
Oct 10, 2018
When I hit 500 ratings I'm going to do some "reviews" on some of the first albums I listened to getting into music. I'll link it in the shout box when I put them out. That is all, take care and God bless!
Oct 10, 2018
No need :) I just misinterpreted it, plus I get upset often lmao.
Oct 10, 2018
Sorry for taking so long to add you! Having an off/sick day but I'll get around to it later tonight I hope :) thanks a lot for following me btw, means a lot <3
Oct 9, 2018
That could be fun sure :) I'm pretty confident you'll kick my ass though lol out of those two I only have Mario Kart but I think we can play that together online? Never added anyone before to be honest.
I love Odyssey, I still go back whenever they release a new outfit just for an excuse to play more x) Mario 64 is my all-time favourite game so it was nice to get some what of a sequel.

Yeah 3DS for sure got some special treatment lol but I'll never forgive it for killing off Ice Climbers >.<
Oct 9, 2018
Yeah I got my Switch strictly for Odyssey last year x) got a few games for it since but right now I just need Smash and I'll never play another game again for as long as I live...
and I got the Wii U version :3 but the new levels in that one compared to 3DS are complete trash... which makes the stage hazard toggle in Ultimate the best feature ever; now the Wii U stages might be playable!

What's your favourite stage btw? C: I don't think anything can top Delfino Plaza for me.
If you feel like recommending an album drop in in the dropbox and I'll get back to ya!

Just another music lover tbh. As much as I dislike giving scores, these scores are more how much I liked a record or how it hit me personally rather than critique. I also have a blog I write on sometimes! Shameless, I know. Let's chat sometime! Smash Bros Ultimate hype!


Take care and may God bless you!

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