I like to imagine I’m at a Denny’s at three in the morning.

I pick a seat near the window so my eyes can fixate on the street. I can’t sleep and I’m done wrestling my urge to. I order coffee.
“Black, please.” I ask quietly.
I can’t taste anything right now, so why make things harder for the people in the back? I hear the creaking of a chair. I see a man stand up getting ready leave. Seemingly, a trucker from the look of his wonky physique and the way he swings his keys with his finger. He throws a few bills on the table and walks out. He seems like a usual around these parts. I start to soak in the emptiness of the diner as I watch him drive off in his big rig. The cook is talking with the waitress. Presumably, they’re gossiping. As I begin to digest the environment around me, I get the realization I’m not the only one in the room. I look over where the trucker was sitting. Hiding behind where the man was sitting is Earl, sitting in a booth. He’s pale in color. Despondent, as he stares deeply into his empty coffee mug. His lips clearly making motion, but he’s not making a peep of sound. He’s thinking out loud. I think he has the impression I’m staring at him, my nosey eyes have found something new to observe for the night, but he doesn’t seem to care. Maybe that’s what the waitress is talking about in the back. He’s used to it. Grimace percolates his face. What could he possibly be thinking about? Well, I like to think that’s what ‘Some Rap Songs’ is to a certain degree. This is a man whose argued with himself into oblivion. Having ripped apart his own existence with such surgical precision. The end result is something that we're invited to witness. Exhausted, everything around him is blurring and closing in, except his own little bubble of existence within the confines of his booth. Having mulled things over with a heavy, yet stern heart, what we hear is what Earl has come to conclusion on. I imagine this is the sound a person makes when they would give everything they have, even their notoriety, just to have their father back. All we see though is the empty carcass, as he starts to swing his around his coffee mug slowly. I wonder to myself, what could he be doing at a diner this time of night?

The waitress walks up to him. He asks for another refill.
“Black.” He mumbles quietly.

Original review (December 1st, 2018):

Fantano better give this at least a nine because I cant handle the idea of people changing their scores again. Oh ummm...review! I don't have much to say honestly. An obvious influence by MF Doom but Earl still keeps an identity of his own unlike other artists this year like Daughters (in my opinion). This IS A HEADPHONE LISTEN and definitely takes a few listens. I'm expecting my score to go up with repeated listens throughout the months. Theres some talent going on here, even if it's a bit abrasive.
Jun 9, 2019
your reviews are just so well written. keep it up.
Jun 9, 2019
you don’t understand how much I love your reviews holy shit this is incredible
Jun 10, 2019
I'll do my absolute best, thank you!
Jun 13, 2019
Reminder that if you drink your coffee black you're most likely a psychopath
Jun 13, 2019
Thank God I don't drink my coffee black then 😅
Jun 13, 2019
I used to drink 8-12 cups of coffee a night and it would be black coffee
Jun 14, 2019
Jul 15, 2019
Since you said the word "denny" and shit you stated "i like to imagine I’m at a Denny’s at three in the morning." ima place an earl line right here. "Block as hot as Denny plates." - 2nd verse of earl on centurion. Yes, when i read the first sentence on this review, that song came into mind immediately.
Jul 22, 2019
Holy shit, I didn't know this! What a coincidence! Spooky...
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