Gorillaz - Demon Days
Jan 7, 2019
I was sitting at my desk today waiting for the clock count to 5:00 PM. I was doing research on the new Demon Days repress of vinyl when I decided to give this a spin. I was thinking about how at one point at the age of 14 I was willing to spend $300 for the first press because I loved this album so much! It's been four years since I've listened to this album in its entirety and when I heard the drums explode in the end of 'Kid With Guns' I had a realization.

This album really is the soundtrack of a generation.

You really only get an album like this a handful of times during a generation. It came into the scene at the exact time it needed to. While records like Toxicity and To Pimp A Butterfly came out during the perfect political time, I thoroughly believe this record belongs with the ranks of Nevermind and OK Computer when it comes to defining a generation and their overall thought process. AKA Millennials and Generation Z. I was six when this came out and even after all these years I remember every note. I still feel every drop of miticulate passion. Every music video plays out in my head with perfect synergy.

I thoroughly believe when my generation is in their 40s and their kids go up to them asking what music they grew up with...I believe this will be in the handful of records we do show. Even if it wasn't exactly our favorite album. Myself included.

You know already why it's great. It's not something that hits me too personally. It's just a damn great piece of music! Whether you're young or old, give this a spin when you get the chance!

W, make aa blog outta this
I really want to! I'm afraid I've said I wanted to say right now, but give it a few hours and I might think of something 🤷‍♂️
Few albums captured the weirdness of growing up in the internet age so effectively
Wow...you worded it better in a sentence than I did haha
It covers so many genres yet still keeps a mood its insane. it summed up the times of then, an in between or political and social wars. 9/11 post world, pre social media, but it was aware of both and that's why they were Demon Days. there was nothing else at the time
Don't ever call this a gen z album again
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