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Sometimes I Listen and Rate, and Sometimes I Just Listen
New to the website - using it to express and keep track of my thoughts on albums new and old. I will be trying to get long reviews posted but for now reviews will probably be shorter as I start rating stuff. You may see a lot of 10's and generally positive reviews as I will start with albums I already know I like.
How far is a light year?
ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu baby
Ratings subject to change 100 - (Masterpiece) 90-95 - (Amazing) 80-85 - (Great) 70-75 - (Good) 60-65 - (Worth a listen) 50-55 - (Average) 40-45 - (Bad) 30-35 - (Very Bad) 20-25 - (Awful) 10-15 - (so god damn bad) 0-5 - (physically painful, auditory torture)
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Out here trying to get that minor in music but still listen to my opinions for now I guess. 10 - Potential all-time favorite 9 - Potential aoty 8 - Straight-forward great album 7 - Really good album but with notable flaws 6 - Pretty good 5 - Eh? 4 - Not for me 3 - Maybe some good but mostly bad 2 - Really bad 1 - Fuck this album 0 - Angelic 2 the Core Any number with a 5 at the end means I'm on the fence between two ratings
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literature student & resident taylor stan hi
Pacific Northwest
* P O P * R O C K * R A P * C L A S S I C S * I use a rating system that starts every album at 50. Track by track this number goes up or down depending on how I enjoy the track. As long as songs are enjoyable, the album should be landing in the 70+ range. This system is similar to the traditional grading system in American schools (F -- A+, where F is -50, A+ is 100).
Hungarian self-teaching producer and Hip-Hop lover.
the record store
A moderately busy music nerd. Every review is my honest opinion. I personally score everything out of 10. A general guide for my scoring system is: 10 = The Most Groundbreaking / Personal Favorites 8-9 = The Loved List! Every record here is exceptional 7 = Great albums I appreciate & like but don't personally love 6 = Enjoyed mostly 5 = Indifferent/Meh/Average 4 = OK but Disappointed 1-3 = Not Good 0 = Worst AOTY Everything 6 or higher is a positive review :)
Hey! I'm a teen who knows nothing about music =)
I rate shit to high
New Jersey
Lanky nerd from New Jersey who likes music and plastering his opinion all over the internet. My negative reviews are either music I used to like but now hate or music I thought I was going to like but didn't. I will not go out of my way to listen to stuff I don't expect to like. I'm fairly open minded but I only have roughly 39,420,000 minutes to live and I'm not going to waste 27 of those listening to Tekashi 69's mixtape just to prove how open minded I am. Sorry if that's pretentious lol.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
100- Awesome 90- Amazing 80- Great 70- Good 60- Decent 50- Average 40- Mediocre 30- Bad 20- Awful 10- Trash 0- Horrid
Just some socially awkward, guitar-wielding music geek who doesn’t have a band yet so he criticizes other bands and artists instead. Weekends: New music Weekdays: Artists marathons Oh yeah! I'm free to take album suggestions, btw. Now where was I... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Danny Brown's Basement
They call me Lil Wayne's retarded little cousin I am happy with my scores
Don't ever call me stupid! I have a Brian Eno album on my iPod!!!!
Okaga, CA
my profile is mainly to spread my enjoyment for music, as a result, you will not see many negative reviews, unless i deem necessary to blog about the atrocity itself.
Canterbury, Kent

Sao Paulo, brasil
oscar's hotel
ive got the power of god and anime on my side some useful information: 0-49: yeah, its not great 50-59: its a fine from me 60-69: okay, i see where youre going, cool 70-79: yeet, im digging it 80-89: hell yeah, this is a tune, would listen to many times 90-100: art
I try to remind forgotten bands and albums/ im also amateur music maker
Montreal, Canada
Full stack web developer with a love of beating personal bests. Prototyped 20 new product features per year for Hitlz Transco Ltd. Cut costs by 18% and lowered rework by 23%. One of my sites received a 2017 Webby for Navigation.
London, United Kingdom
Experienced growth marketing manager with background in sales. Looking to leverage 5+ years of experience to raise KPIs for SP Global. At Tenquist Digital, boosted open rate for online campaigns by 22%. Slashed churn by 36% through enhanced feedback programs. Team received an Adrian Award in 2017 for excellence in marketing. Follow us:
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Creative graphic designer with 5+ years of experience. Seeks to use exemplary time management skills to lower project time at Yahoo! At Pasalacqua Designs, developed over 300 graphic projects and increased client transactions by 30%. Follow us:
i really should listen to more than 5 albums, shoudlnt i
that 13 year old who listens to weird music car seat headrest fanboy ig: no_gods_no_masters phil elverum is my dad i also like hiphop
Toronto, Canada
80-100 - really really good 70-79 - really good 60-69 - good 50-59 - ok 30-49 - bad 20-29 - really bad 10-19 - really really bad 0-9 - really really really bad
I Like music, and i bet you too i think? maybe not, or something.
i really hate this username
I just like reviewing music, that's all, regardless of if the album is good or not (and yes, I am 14) I have a YouTube channel called Sam The Music "Critic"
I listen to all genres, the one i like the most though is rap. I dont give much 10's so the ones i gave it's probably because they are masterpieces or changed my life in a certain way.
Pennsylvania, USA
All my reviews are 100% objective and your opinions are factually incorrect
p o r t u g a l c a r a l h u
FOLLOW MY GOOD FRIEND dlspslb HE KNOWS A LOT ABOUT MUSIC AND HE IS THE BEST MULTI INSTRUMENTIST IN DA GAME HE DESERVES MORE FANS I created this to make a parody perfect score review of a terrible album. now I'm here to give my uninformed opinions on music I barely listen to.
Of course I'm on this fucking website cause I like music, What would I do here if I didn't? I started listening to LPs in 2017, so i'm kinda ignorant. I'm 18. Fuck with me Rate Scheme below
South Africa, Johannesburg
(A.K.A. Vutto) This website is not finished.
A place somewhere, why should you care?
*Insert Description Here*
I review music on youtube 100 = Masterpiece 90 = Amazing 80 = Great 70 = Good 60 = Decent 50 = Mediocre 40 = Bad 30 = Shit 20 = Awful 10 = Unbearable 0 = Corey Feldman
Unfortunate Affairs
No good you say? Well that's good enough for me

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