U2 - Atomic City
It really is a damper when a band that was once on top of the world, making quality sounding songs with heart, crash into a pool of mundane and simplistic endeavors. U2, as of late, have been nothing but disappointing. I think it's time they take a rest for a while until they have some meaning left to show, because I'll be quite honest, this is lacking any sort of veteran status if I can put it that way. What a flat, drab, and uninspired bulk of nonsense that is a blatant rip off (they'll call ... read more
Code Orange - The Above
'The Above' is a much more ambitious project than Code Oranges previous work; grander arrangements and help from Steve Albini allow to the band to sound more organic than ever.

This is some of the hardest material from a band I have heard all year, and 'Dogsbody' by Model/Actriz came out this year (still the hardest of 2023). Code Orange really push the energy up a notch on this, in all the right places. While at times the influences from other acts may bleed through, there is no denying the ... read more

Code Orange - Mirror
Code Orange x Portishead when?
underscores - Wallsocket
From the get-go, 'Wallsocket' utilizes hypersonic tendencies that mesh with terrific narratives, not often prominent in the electropop sphere. In short - this is some very strong electropop, providing some excellent ear candy that scratches every itch imaginable. There are some blemishes with more bare tracks (and honestly annoying) such as "Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" that begin to irritate instead of going anywhere anytime soon. "Locals (Girls like us)" solidifies itself as one of ... read more
underscores & gabby start - Locals (Girls like us)
Delulu BPD girls are my favorite genre
The Replacements - Tim [Let it Bleed Edition]
Fantastic reissue, brings complete new life to ‘Tim’ in so many ways more than one. It also buckles up with a complete show from the Mats in Chicago which completely sells this thing. A delight for sure!
yeule - softscars
Huge day for people with CPU's as a brain

'softscars' may be one of the most impressive pieces of music of the year. It is a transcending escape from the reality that we all know, to a complex cybernetic life of one who feels completely different than the norm. The beauty, along with the obscurity of yeule, is at the forefront of it all. It utilizes 90's alternative rock compounds with an embellishment of electronic complexity that is as consistent as an androids blood, culminating into one of ... read more

Doja Cat - Scarlet
What makes 'Scarlet' more profound than her past work is that it's an exercise in freewill.

Diverging from the more commercially polished pop that put her on the map (aside from "Mooo!"), Doja Cat settles into a much more lucid formula of pop rap that, at times, works for her. I wouldn't say it all goes over well due to the records runtime and disorienting first half, later becoming more fleshed out in its second half. The singles remain the best of the bunch (yes that includes ... read more

Troye Sivan - Got Me Started
The juxtaposition of the god awful sample against the actual structure of the melody diminishes most of the enjoyment that could have been had with this. Feels like more of a gimmick than a real song.
The National - Laugh Track
The National are slowly becoming the U2 of Indie Rock.

Earlier this year the group had a very uninspired output that resembles nearly an identical album cover as this record we have right here, presuming this is some sort of counterpart. Nevertheless, this project follows in the same footsteps as that, albeit, more cohesive. What troubles me is that each new record that this group seems to put out almost nearly drowns in its own image; there's nothing to be said anymore that hasn't been said ... read more

Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter - I WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS
The agony confined within the dynamics of this track hold the most haunting performance of the year. The demeanor of someone who is trapped with someone who is no longer present...a phantom pain of sorts.

Pure torment.

Thirty Seconds to Mars - It's the End of the World, But It's a Beautiful Day
25 years into their career, Thirty Seconds to Mars rejuvenate their image into the most shallow, commercial, and tasteless music imaginable. What goes through someone's head when producing this? Seriously? Is this simply for profit because it substitutes as background noise for a mall? Surely the Leto's know that those who are mentally well will not even recognize that this is music worthy of their time...

A painstakingly dreadful listen. I can't even insult this more if I can try, it would ... read more

Elliott Smith - Either/Or
As often as you find yourself submerged into Smiths isolation and beauty, you always conclude with a slight smile on your face.

He was remarkable.

Dumbass baby
Dave Matthews Band - Crash
"Music that lawyers enjoy" - Jim Norton

Yeah this blowssssss

Drake - Slime You Out
What does that even fucking mean dude
Denzel Curry - SKED
Nah this fr scaring the hoes
Nas - Magic 3
A slight step away from the consistency of his last few projects. That doesn't mean it's bad, far from it, just a bit bloated with slightly forgettable songs. If some fat was trimmed off this it would likely be more of an enjoyable listen. Still tough though!
Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
Another Mitski LP that I wish to enjoy but simply cannot find any sort of stronger connection to. While the record is lavish with strikingly grand production that occasionally wow's me, there isn't much going on for me to return to these songs, nor do I take away anything from them. In my view, her songs are just a bit vague and lacking any sort of character, they feel too bare.

Mitski, in general, is a very talented artist and I see the appeal, but she just doesn't ring the bell with me. And ... read more

yeule - softscars
Wickedly electric, ridiculously playful, this is fantastic. More of this instantly
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