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Jul 28, 2022
TL;DR: It's a Jazz album

Ok, ok I know this is a reoccurring theme when it comes to my reviews on whether I love a genre or hate a genre, but I feel like I need to say it here because this is a unique take that I have when it comes to jazz music.

I like jazz music, I think it's one of the most inventive, unique, balls to the wall genres out there. The excelent improvisation that comes with some of the best jazz albums is unmatched by any genre ever and is probably the only genre that have so much experimentation and still not make me say "wtf is this shit," but notice that I only say "like" and that is because despite all the good things that about jazz music I never had an album that I could point towards and say "yes I can feel this" and for good reason, jazz music is not an easy genre to get into for the average modern day person since it doesn't have as much catchines as pop music does or doesn't have that same dopamine hits as some other more accessible albums do, the closest a jazz album has made me say "yup this is it a jazz album that will be in my all time favorite albums" is Miles Davis' In a Silent Way and I'm not saying I typically consume music this way as I do believe having patience with a genre is the first step tk getting into it, but I'm also not a music critic so I'm not trying to find music that I don't like and honestly I don't know how people are still able to just enjoy listening to music when they're trying to seek out bad albums idk it just doesn't make sense, but I digress. Idk maybe I do enjoy accessible more that experimental music, I don't really see that as a bad thing though.

So yeah you guessed it judging by the score I found a Jazz album that completely shread my heart and surprise surprise it has electronic elements in it too what are the odds of me liking an album with electronic elements, probably 1/50000, huh, pretty rare and yeah sounds about right. Anyway this band formed in Olsa, Norway with two members in Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen and Jens Petter Nilsen. They formed in 1999 and became instantly recognized in their country with the release of "Treat Me Mean, I need the Reputation" they've worked on collaboration projects in "Piston Ltd" and go by another name which is The Electones. Just like every white kid in the 1990's lol they listened to punk rock, metal and punk bands until they discovered that you could use synthesizers and computers to make music and they also discovered guys like Buddy Rich and Gene Crooper only to soon discover more jazz artists not only in America, but also locally in Norway and all this resulted in them making this album which is the mix of electronic music and jazz music or what people call it these days "Nu-Jazz."

Just like the jazz albums you know and love, this album has a lot of character, it's colorful and doesn't hold any punches when it comes to being grand, but take the word grand lightly because unlike the wacky albums that I'm sure normal jazz listeners are aware of, this album is more easy on the ear and it's more catchy and the perfect example of this is The first song on the album "Sports, Not Heavy Crime" which has an infectious guitar base that gets you grooving to the song, horns and drums that make it smooth and the buildup towards the end of the sounds haunting, but still maintains that catchy feel. There are also really smooth and catchy song in "6-Hours Starlight" also has an infectious guitar base that give it its catchines. It's hard to really say what song really goes of the wall and goes into that more improvisation route, but if I had to pick one it would be "Doubletalk Gets Through to You" which is a track that has being steadily growing on me. The least jazzy album that is in this album is probably "Having Smarter Babies" which sounds like a track Aphex Twin would make and would probably be the blueprint for their more idm sound in future projects.

This album is an album that I can confidently recommend to a non-jazz music listener due to its catchy nature at least compared to other jazz albums and is an album that is extremely underrated and needs more recognition, I personally think it's the perfect starter pack not only for jazz but for electronic music as well.

I've been enjoying a lot of music this month, it's not everyday you hear this much good music oh and think of this review as an early birthday present tribute to this album since this was made in the 31 of July, idk if it's true though the dates in this website can be misleading at times.

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