Logic - Vinyl Days
Jun 18, 2022 (updated Jun 18, 2022)
TL;DR: Yeah I guess it's alright

I decided I would listen to Logic first before Drake I think that should say everything on how I feel about both these artists.

Those that are Logic fans will definitely like this, but I'm not a Logic fan so I will have nice and not so nice things to say about this album.

One nice thing I have to say about this album although I have some problems with as well is the production. Yes the production is good, now let's get to what I don't like about the prodution, it wears its influence on its sleeves too much, like so much to the point that you would be confused thinking that you are listening to the same song in the first five seconds of the track before you realize that it's actually a different track when Logic starts rapping and I'm talking about the J Dilla sample. I mean if he wants to use his influence fine, but did it have to be so obvious at least for an album in so many tracks and often times it's a similar J Dilla sample like cmon at least have some variety when it comes to the J Dilla sample if he is gonna be sampled, ya know what I can see why there is an unwritten rule in Hip-Hop that you can sample anyone else except for artists in Hip-Hop bcuz it sticks out like a sore thumb, but again other that I like the production.

As for the rapping unfortunately I don't have to many good things to say about the rapping but I will point out a few highlights. The constant name dropping of people while is cool gets tiring after a few tracks and it does diminish my enjoyment of the album. Another thing is that not a lot is said in this record at least enough to warrant its 30 tracks that is over an hour, a lot of the things he says in this album is what he has already said in previous records and there's no real twist in this album, his lines are also not witty to keep the track interesting although when he usually tried to be witty in previous records it often came of as corny so I guess this is not a huge complaint but still considering how short the tracks are I did expect at least some clever bars or verses that will keep me on my toes, although there is some heartfelt moments like in Decades where he's thankful for what he has after the things he's gone though and Therapy Music. It feels like a lot of tracks is either him still trying to prove himself, talking about the "haters", name dropping, or just skits that are just mediocre and won't change anything if taken out of the album (I did find them amusing in my first listen though). The good thing about his rapping is that he doesn't sound corny like like his previous album of course that excludes No Pressure and he sounds more confident and comfortable when it comes to his rapping which is really a good thing otherwise I would have hated this album and its doesn't sound he's trying hard to impress anyone anymore with his "fast rapping" which is a good thing as well.

Honestly this project sounds more like a mixtape than an album which is fine I guess, it seemed like he had fun making this album and I would say my favourite track is Vinyl Days mainly bcuz Logic's rapping sounds good in this tracks and the production is S tier followed by Orville then Therapy Music I do see this album growing on me which is not something I could say about any Logic project up until now which is the biggest compliment I can give to this man although that's not a guarantee. Again if you like Logic then you'll like this if you don't like Logic then well... enter the album at your own risk.

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