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Edit: Yeah this is growing on me like a fungus I'm seeing the hype

The culmination of all 80's and 90's house music packed into a single mix

It makes sense as to why this mix is revered by so many that listen to the mix and its simply that this middle has pretty much everything that made house music what it is today, this mix is also a testament to the skill of Spencer Kincy who is know by his stage name Gemini. This is a mix that you would expect to come out of the nightclubs as the mix ... read more

Danny Brown - Quaranta


André 3000 - New Blue Sun
thank you

thank you andré for inventing new age music

Thank You

Thank You André Foe Inventing Ambient Music



*cough* *cough* mhmhm....

thank you

André 3000

Siobhan Fahey - The MGA Sessions
Please If you're reading this part of the review please listen to this, I beg you PLEASE.

Wow, wow wow wow wow wow

I've never heard an album this beautiful yet sad, it really tugged at my heartstrings what do I even describe this album as, I don't know, I

I don't even think words alone will help me describe this album, it feels like an end of the world album with hope that there is an afterlife.

The best way I can describe this album is that it's darker version of Weyes ... read more

Tkay Maidza - Sweet Justice
Jeez what an ugly looking album cover

Idk man I don't find this album interesting, the lyrics are skeletal, the production isn't anything I've heard before, the vocals and rapping doesn't really stand out or take any interesting turns, and when I finished listening to this album I felt like I've gotten everything I wanted out of it, this album genuinely sounds like an inferior version of Fountain Baby.

My favourite song is Silent Assassin, one of the few really exciting tracks.

Yeat - Up 2 Më
WTF why do I like this?

Edit: It's crazy how much better this album is than WLR

Sampha - Lahai
I mean he is a better singer than Frank Ocean....
Souza - Mancora


Frank Ocean - Blonde

6 years of listening to this snooze fest and I still don't get it, yeah I'm over this album now

芸能山城組 [Geinoh Yamashirogumi] - 輪廻交響楽 [Ecophony Rinne]
Yeah I guess I'll review this for the 500 special

So I got to 500 followers (thank you btw) and I didn't think much of it and wasn't really gonna do anything for it, but then I remembered that I had to review this album after I saw that @nino21321312312 reviewed it (thx for listening to it btw) so I just decided to review this as a thanks.

Ok so as you can see with the score this is now my highest rated album, and this one came as a shock cuz I didn't think that Technique of Relief would ever ... read more

Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
EDIT: Gen z's are definitely gonna be lame parents

I'm confused yall, what is this rating? No way you guys actually hate this right? Am I missing something here? Someone please give me a clue.

I know music is subjective but there it seemed to me that there is a criteria that AOTY users have in order for an album to be considered good and this album meets every criteria, if the lyrics are the problem there are Hip-Hop albums that have more vulgar lyrics which are rated 90+, if it's that the ... read more

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell
In a sea of Indie Rock albums that sound very similar to each other in terms of energy and sound, this album is definitely refreshing to hear,it's raw, it's genuine and it is like this album has a split personality disorder except all the personalities are really entertaining.

Idk If I fully agree to the "Garage Rock Revival" tag since it doesn't really sound like it but it's whatever. The track list ratings for this album are criminal though.

If this is really Garage Rock Revival ... read more

Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Read My Lips
Teezo Touchdown - How Do You Sleep At Night?
Ya know what, I actually rate this, for a generic pop rock/pop rap sound you find in late 2000's early 2010's music this is some of the best I've heard. It's dynamic, it's witty, it's fun and it's an album Willow Smith wishes she made, definitely overhated.

EDIT: I take it back this album is not generic, at least when it comes to Teezo Touchdown's performance

Chisato Moritaka - ミーハー
Chisato Moritaka - 見て
I think I have an obsession with Japanese music

For some reason the Japanese albums that I discover, especially the artists that built their careers in the 80's have this rich, vibrant and colourful feel to it that very few albums outside this region is rarely able to capture with some feeling like a fever dream (In a good way) and some sounding like it came from 7th heaven, it's unbelievable that so many artists in Japan are able to capture a specific feeling and engross you into that feeling ... read more

Travis Scott - UTOPIA
Travis Scott has finally released Utopia and now the question is did his album live up to the unnecessarily humongous expectations that were set for him such as him coming out with freakin album of the decade? Well no and that's okay, honestly I feel like people were setting Travis up for falliure the moment they said that he needs to release an album on the level of MBDTF to make up for the Astoworld travesty or he would fail, which is like WTF? The reason why MBDTF worked so well as an album ... read more
Buck-Tick - 十三階は月光 (Juusankai wa gekkou)
You know I don't think there's any album that will be able to surpass Susumu Hirasawa's Technique of Relief, but this album comes pretty damn close.

Jeez it's an understatement to say that this album surprised me, the haunting instrumentals and singing works so freaking well in this album, Instrumentals that you would find in Tom Wait's Blood Money but with a modern twist to it as it is way more atmospheric, the electric guitars are in your face and almost never let up, the bass guitar this ... read more

Souza & TURQUOISEDEATH - Perfect Timing
Do More collabs with TURQUOISEDEATH this is straight heat, your best song by far
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On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@WrathofGod27983 that's fine if it's what you feel is unforgivable since that comes down to personal experience but then at that point you'd have to be careful on who u interact with when it comes to what you find unforgivable cuz u may push a few buttons depending on who you're interacting with since you may not know what that person had to go through, for me though I only start having a problem when people start being hypocritical and dishonest with the comparisons"
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@WrathofGod27983 if I can make another comparison for my point to be clear, stealing candy from a 5 year old is and killing a 5 year old is both objectively bad but one is clearly worse. Imagine giving the same prison sentence for stealing candy and killing someone, it would be an injustice, not seeing which is worse is just not how the world works people that think like that are living in a bubble respectfully speaking. But this sparked from the previous comment of the guy respomding to my comparison by making another comparison so I just debated him and it just got out of hand unfortunately"
On Nujabes - Ristorante
"@OhmyFohmy Yeah u right that's basically what it is, maybe I should have elaborated on what I meant, when I said original I mean it feels like it's own thing despite nujabes using existing songs while disk two it's more obvious and recognizable since the songs used are more popular"
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@calup did u even read anything i said ??? If u read my comment properly u would know that I'm making a comparison and u wouldn't take what I said personally and u saying ure trying to get through to me says it I never said anything about him actually doing that stuff and I never ignored your comment I addressed it saying by killing is worse cuz people that are dead don't have a voice. You never addressed any of my points though instead twist my words and for what to prove your point, to say it proves what type of person I am, after what I've wrote, are u that insensitive???? Bro just read it and u will understand clearly what I said."
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@calup The guy even gave a freakim half assed apology after what he has done u can see in the videos that said he didn't see anything amd I don't buy the bullshit that he didn't, people were screaming for him to stop the show, there was an ambulance in the middle of the crowd, people were climbing up on poles screaming for him to stop the show people even went on stage and he straight up ignored, he funckin said "u know what u came here for" like it was some satanic ritual that concert was not normal."
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@calup having a voice is powerful and when that's taken away anybody can twist anything, that's why I say killing is way way worse no competition trauma that lasts for the rest of your life comes from a loved one being killed and it spreads all over to the rest of the family members the abused still have a voice to fight back the dead don't"
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@calup my guy u not getting what I'm saying any u saying it was accidental proves it, how we supposed to know that it was accidental when those that died that don't have a voice can't say anything and those that were there and made it said it wasn't accidental if u see the videos of people giving their testimonies u would know, not what the news said, and those people don't have a second chance that's where the issue lies, idk if you have ever lost somebody very close to u but if u have I'm sure understand that the pain is beyond what anything anyone can say to you I've lost family members to crooks, robbers and sickness and I would rather have people say nasty things than lose someone, it's incomparable and the Astroworld stunt isn't the first time he's done stunts like this he enforced the behavior of having so may people come in the concert so that's further proof that it's not accidental."
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@calup so all those things are worse than people getting killed??? That type of morality is considered subjective now? Those people don't get a second chance, they don't have a voice anymore, at least abused people can speak out against him but the dead in that Astoworld concert can't and those that got out and did said it was a horror show and Travis straight up ignored them however true that statement is the fact they can even talk about their experience gives us insight on what happened added to the fact that he's known for being an asshole just makes it worse Yeah ain't no way....."
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@calup Nah the more I think about your comment the more fucked up I realize it is, u do realize that people died due to Travis Scott's negligence right? Ain't no way being an asshole is worse than leading people to their deaths so i came to three conclusions 1. u either got your priorities fucked up 2. I misinterpreted what u said and u talkin bout somethin else 3. U worded what u were trying to say very badly I hope it's the 2nd or 3rd option"
On Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction
"@calup Nah the comparison is warranted Travis Scott is an asshole through and through, it's got nothing to do with the Astroworld incident."
On Gustav's review of ¥$ - Vultures
"@KillBill U guys are taking what I said way too seriously"
On Gustav's review of ¥$ - Vultures
"@carrotX don't worry bro @nah_ blocked me as well and I don't even know why XD"
On Siobhan Fahey - The MGA Sessions
"@ziggycyanide it's one of those you either like it or you don't I don't think it's the type of album that can grow on you, well at least I think so cuz it hit me on first listen, but I hope u do like it."
On 芸能山城組 [Geinoh Yamashirogumi] - 輪廻交響楽 [Ecophony Rinne]
"@LeoRegistee Wow honestly thanks I'm flattered."
On Calvin's review of Sexyy Red - Hood Hottest Princess
"@Calvin bro let people have their opinions it's not that serious it's an inconsequential album that people don't like."
On Remi's Reviews's review of Depeche Mode - Violator
"Peak dad music? I've never heard anyone describe the album in that way before"
On beckle1's review of Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
"not really, but the album does bang"
On nino21321312312's review of Cities Aviv - Black Pleasure
"The standard of trippy Hip-Hop albums"
On The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
"@Mouthwash The Soft Bulletin Lips is still better"
On Chisato Moritaka - ミーハー
"@DREscapePlan Peak City Pop"
On JC's review of Kate Bush - The Dreaming
"@S̷H̷A̷Z̷E̷1̷ Highly disagree, she was on top form since her debut there was no potential that she needed to fulfil or footing that she had to find after releasing it. Her songwriting, production choices singing was always on point, it's just that each of her releases are very different from each other so it's just preference, if u were to say her debut or Never For Ever was her best it would be hard to argue against cuz it genuinely rivals her best, its just that Hounds of Love is arguably her most accessible while still being excelent which is probably it's seen as her best and why it did well while The Dreaming is her least accessible which is why it didn't do so well critically and commercially at the time. It's kinda like what happened with Kendrick Lamar's TPAB when compared to GKMC, the numbers GKMC does are way better than the numbers TPAB and a lot of people say (at least outside these rating websites) that GKMC is better than TPAB so again in this case it's just preference."

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