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Toastea -
Inside. Most of us have been inside for a while and a lot had changed this past year.

This is a album where it never hides its true colors, it's an album where it slaps you in the face from the very beginning and tells you to listen and pay attention to each line and Bo's speech. Bo Burnham has always been one, if not, one of my favorite artists solely because he just makes so much use from a simple piano and a catchy tune, he never puts on a front in his music and will always tell the ... read more

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Toastea -
sounds like Tyler's older works like Wolf and if i wanna take a hugeeeee leap, id say lyrically it reminds kinda like Goblin, and it's good! To be bluntly honest, it's not anything special in my eyes, but its also very boppy and has some peppy personality even though it's just a measly 2 minute! This really shouldn't be compared to Igor, and should critiqued as it's own thing, and for its own thing it's really good!!
Toastea -
Somehow in a weird way still keeps some eerily vibes about it and the album cover is absolutely terrifying and just captures you immediately, yet the old record days era the album and creator try to portray really falls flat the moment it starts. Not only that, but the singing is very...uninspired you could say and just isn't very interesting to listen to, sadly "The Walten Files" (while ive seen only bits and pieces) seems like a great and genuinely scary series! Which is saying alot ... read more
Toastea -
Interesting concept and very amateur-ish execution, the dark ambient drone music fits well however there are parts where bits carry on for far too long and you can either get bored or just begin to feel it's just very unlistenable!! Despite this, for what it is, I think it's very cool and sorta eerily compelling with how faithful it sticks to the Life Of Pablo and makes very intriguing plunderphonics, nice job!
Toastea -
It's TPAB, I got nothing to say besides it's a MASTAPIECE!
Toastea -
Although the so far trilogy and ongoing series of "Under The Covers" is nothing but a treat and nice time for NSP fans, it still holds what makes these covers what they are and gives a new life to each track covered. It's not very easily digestible and easy to take in if you are not a fan, but this album is meant to just have you jam out with them and have a good time so the jams are obviously going to have much more impact to some than others, some being me!!

i wish they would make ... read more


Jun 14, 2021
im smart :D
Jun 5, 2021
Hi there! LOL I know, thanks for following back, u seem really cool!
May 31, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!
May 23, 2021
Thank you (: They don't call me "The Comedian" for nothing.
May 19, 2021
nooo omg, that means the world to me thank you so much!! I've literally listened to nothing tho compared to everyone else on the site 😭😭😭
May 18, 2021
hey there!!! just wanted to say that I love your reviews so much. and your taste is honestly so cool <3
May 18, 2021
im like super new to this site and stuff and I don't know anythingg! so if you like comment on my stuff, just know i see it and i really appreciate it! :D
May 16, 2021
Thank you very much, I try my best. I see you are new to the website! Hope you enjoy your time here.
May 14, 2021
your top 5 of the year so far is so unique. love it!
May 14, 2021
smh no way


i really like music and talking about it with others, so please don't feel afraid to share your thoughts with me! :D

they/them & pansexual! :P
i ams 15 and my name is toast!

rating likeness things:
100 = love love love gimme. :3
99-90 = so awesomeness, yes!
80 = hmm i likey
70 = very interestingg
60 = could be better, but oki!
50 = it meh meh
40 = i guess..but no
39-10= it is a no no!
9-0 = die

genres: funk pop, metal, death metal, hyperpop, r&b, jazz, rock, comedy rock

thanks you so much!

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