Garry Schyman - Official BioShock Soundtrack: I Am Rapture, Rapture is Me
Oct 22, 2019
Daily October Horror


(Score is for the soundtrack)

Ah so we're reviewing games now? Hell yeah, it's like a protest to re-open GOTY.

The Soundtrack: Mixed with glorious oldies are these creeping and disturbing sting melodies. The absolute peak is the "Welcome to Rapture" scene with that crazy riff on the violin.

The Game: God how I love you. I love you Bioshock. This game has left such a lasting impact on my life that I've started taking photos of thing that give me "Bioshock vibes" I passed a florist the other day and stopped walking to take a picture because I got my "Rapture Vibes." I do this because it means I have a tiny bit more Bioshock "content" in my life.

Ignoring the incredible story and beliefs, the fun combat system, the tense and scary feel, the interesting characters and environments, the insane twist, the choices, the guns, the plasmas, the dialogue, the collectables, and the graphics. You still have one of the most impressive worlds ever created for a video game, only really being competed by.....Bioshock 2 and 3. Sure, Open World games are cool and such, but every area is the same more or less. "Desert Zone, City Zone, Grass..." Every inch of Rapture is a work of art in itself. A painting showcasing how the dream of "Capitalist Excellence" is dead, replaced by this cold, dying exterior. From the twisted doctor's offices, to the neon lights, to the massive structures, to that one area where you use the weapon upgrade station and all the statues come to life and I got scared and turned the game off.

As controls go it's a fine shooter, you have to balance your arsenal and your abilities, and strategize your attacks. It just heightens your stress and makes wasting ammo feel SO much worse.

Hacking is a really cool feature (though I prefer Bioshock's 2 method) that due to its rising difficulty makes you question using it as well. Should I use a plasma slot for hacking when I need it for firepower, or invisibility?

The enemies? All Classic! Splicers? A great starter enemy that you see evolve along with you! Drones and turrets? Tough but fair! Big Daddies and Little Sisters? They're big motherfuggen Daddies and Lil Sisters, they're some of the most iconic enemy designs in all of gaming. Even the boss battle at the end, something that has been called the worst part....I like it! It's a fun fight against a man who's way out of his league. Of course it's simple but I can't think of anything better.

What haven't I talked about yet? I'm trying to keep it short and spoiler free. Uhhhh? Collecting stuff is fun?

Look, all I'm trying to say it play this game. Either it be your first time, your first time in a long while, or one of your favorites. There's never a bad time to play Bioshock. Everyplay thru is a new experience, everyone has its charm and thrills. Bioshock has changed me in an artistic direction, and it most likely will do the same to you.
Oct 22, 2019
Sorry Toasterqueen12, but I’ve just barely copyrighted my idea of “Video Games reviews” on this site, better pay up or see me in court
Oct 22, 2019
This joke was kinda dumb tbh...
Oct 23, 2019
@KingKRoolisBack no please this is all I have
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