Apr 15, 2019 (updated 2d ago)
I'm just asking all the fans. What makes BTS unique in anyway? What do they do differently that any other Kpop group is doing?

(Also yes, I listened to the full album, thought it was pretty bad. Way to overproduced for there to be any semblance of personality, or reason for existence in the music. BTS has been around for 5 years now right? Why on earth does every single one of their songs sound the exact same? I've heard musicians evolve more track-to-track.)

EDIT: Man, I was to harsh on this. This is 100% average. A perfect 50.
Apr 16, 2019
I’m just answering because you ask so don’t start the hate thank you.
Firtsly, they stay true to themselves and their music. I found that their music is genuine as well as their personality. You can said that they may just be faking it but both of us know nothing, right? So let’s us support what we believe in. I’m not a delusional fan that praises them for every single thing they do but I just found their vibes fit me.
Secondly, they do love music and they they try to improve it everyday.
Apr 16, 2019
They always try to improve themselves and their music. They’re hard-working. SUGA being a representative for this. And most of people became their fans because they feel that BTS music saved them from the depression and anxiety which I can’t be able to tell if you can relate or not but I’d just leave it here.
Apr 16, 2019
But I appreciate your review tho if it’s not based on hate or prejudice.
Apr 16, 2019
What exactly are those songs that sound the same to you? I'm just wondering because their music is one of the most versatile I've ever come across.
Especially when it comes to rap. Before BTS, rap was always just the typical hip hop rap for me, which I never really liked. The rapper of bts have made so many different songs with completley different styles and showed me how diverse rap can actually be.
Apr 16, 2019
@Bla is it possible that you have never ventured outside your comfort zone in rap? Like you've never listened to a Brockhampton or a Denzel Curry. I'm just saying if you think BTS has a super unique sound it probably means you don't listen to much besides BTS.
Apr 16, 2019
I love Brockhampton & listen to a LOT more music than BTS yet I agree. The rappers flows and styles are all different which give a lot more dimension to the music. Listen to their individual mixtapes. Shows this perfectly & explains why BTS music sounds the way it does. They play off each other, tagging each other in. It's just fun. Same with the vocalists, different vocal colors keep the songs interesting. And you haven't done a deep dive in their discography if you think it all sounds the same
5d ago
@Toasterqueen12 You're right. I was never interested in rap. I only knew some popular rap songs and I didn't like them, so I never really looked for other artists. Bts made me reconsider. I'm gonna check out the artists you mentioned, thanks. But I also recommend you to check out the bts rapper, especially their solo mixtapes. They're really amazing
You should give it a try and you'll see how versatile their music is.
5d ago
@Bla ok, do you know a specific mixtape or album I should start with?
4d ago
@Toasterqueen12 I really love "mono" by rapper RM. I recommend reading the english translations of his lyrics. This mixtape was entirely written and produced by him and it turned out amazing (imo). My fave is "moonchild". His previous mixtape "RM" is also amazing but a totally different style. It's more aggressive. The mixtapes of the other rappers are called "hope world" by j-hope and "Agust D" by Suga / Agust D. I recommend "The last" by him, very heavy lyrics.
4d ago
If you are looking for songs by bts as a whole, you could tell me the music genres you like and I can recommend some songs. Their discography is very diverse. That way it's easier to find songs you might like, if you're interested.
2d ago
You should listen to Cyphers 2 through 4 if you need to legitimize their rap-line. The Agust D mixtape is the most intense and deep, so to speak, of the 3 mixtapes that Bla mentioned, and I think you'll get a better understanding if you check it out in particular. The BTS rap line has shown some genuine creativity and skill, just not recently.
2d ago
@MakArken alright I'll check it out
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