Yung Fizz - Fizzpop
Jun 9, 2019
I wonder, what is the best way to do satire/parody. We always say Weird Al is the best comedy artist, but he has a budget and formal music training so i'm not going to include him into the equation.

With all these "yung" parody rappers Flex Entertainment has under their belt, you would think one has broken the mold and become good right about now. There has been some good albums (Lil Mosquito Disease, Big Baller B, Lil Karrat Stixx) but the majority have been god awful.

With this Yung Fizz album I now understand why....they aren't mocking anything. In this album Yung Fizz has generic trap, generic flexing vocals, generic bars. The only thing "weird" is the horrible audio quality. I believe these members of the label aren't trying to tell a joke. They want to make a trap album, but hide under a blanket of "irony" so they can say "yeah, I was just being ironic, I DON'T actually rap like this!"

The Reason Lil Mosquito Disease if funny is because his jokes actually have a target: Himself. He starts crying Over The Backpack kid, he calls Adam Levine his favorite rapper. That shit is hilarious because I know what I'm supposed to laugh at. The funniest thing Yung Fizz has nothing. He has no jokes and he has no reason I should care about him.
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