Kanye West - Drunk and Hot Girls
Jan 24, 2021
In celebration of 80 years of this wonderful tune here's the top 35 Kanye Lyrics:

35. "Can't you see, you're like a book of poetry/ Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni -- turn one page and there's my mommy." -- Hey Mama

34. "Immature adult, insecure asshole/ If you fall on the concrete, that's your ass fault/ If you pass on a Kan beat, that's your last fault." -- See Me Now"

33. "I'm doing pretty good as far as geniuses go/ But, I never really quite knew/ Maybe that's why I'm such a genius." -- Barry Bonds

32. "For every inch they cut the nose off the Sphinx and the horns grew back." -- Chain Heavy

31. "I ain't a genius, but I do think I'm kinda smart. And you know what that means? Because of that, I will never ever be a sex symbol." --Get By (Remix)

30. "What does Taylor Swift think about the porn industry? Well, she's her own brand." -- E.T.

29. "Yeah, I am a sex symbol. But I don't need no other kind/ Besides, my body is enough like a man's that it can't be manly." -- 22

28. "If I told you, I'd have to kill you. If I lied to you, I'd have to kill you. So what'd you do? You lied to me." -- Blank Space

27. "Just cuz you're rich, doesn't mean you're good." -- Getaway Car

26. "You should've called me Kate Nash. I might've thought you were cute." -- ME!

25. "My dick's too small, my breath stinks, and I can't dance." -- Shake It Off

24. "I need a man who's kind to girls. Like a Johnny Depp." -- Style

23. "I'm Taylor Swift, bitch! I'll bang you, I'll smash you, I'll fuck you up if you hurt my friends." -- Bad Blood

22. "I'm like the fly Malcolm X buy any jeans nessicary/ I just love jeans/ Mom Jeans, Bell Bottoms, Slim-fit, Ripped, etc./ Did you know jeans we're invented by a man named Joesph Jean when he was living in Paris and then stopped to have fun with his clothing/ I started buying Jeans & that was my gateway drug into going to LAX/ Like what's in LAX?/ Just Toilet paper right?/ Wrong!/ Toilet paper and now Jeans./ That's that Kanye trendsetter quality!" -- Good Morning

21. "What the hell, you've got abs now?" -- Look What You Made Me Do

20. "They take me to the back and pat me/ Asking me about some khakis I bought. I'm like yoo-hoo, Didn't you hear?/ I just bought some jeans not some fuckin' khakis, who do I look like?/ They say they're average/ And I'm like damn it, I like these jeans/ It's a common sight in Harlem/ To see Black men arguing/ Over who the best pant desifner is./ And I'm like none of them ahn't got no intelligence so it's gotta be my man Joesph Jean/ Really? Never heard of his work/ Take this ruffle jean that Joesph had made./ But they still wanna talk about Carl Kahki/ Really pisses me off." -- Spaceship

19. "My eyes are blue like the sea. So are yours. Why are you holding hands with me?" -- Taylor Swift, Fearless (2008)

18. "Let the bad things happen to me. Don't cry. If you do I might get mad. I can ruin people, I can ruin a person's life. I'm like a pig in shit. So I'll chew you up." -- Runaway

17. ""If you had the choice of eating fresh, hot corn or whatever kind of meat, would you eat the hot corn?" -- Can't Tell Me Nothing

16. "I realize you love yourself more than you could ever love me/ So go and tell all your friends that I'm obsessive and crazy/ That's fine, I'll tell mine/ You're gay, by the way." -- Taylor Swift, Picture To Burn (2006)

15. You know how long I been on ya/ Since Prince was on Apollonia/ Since Joesph Jean was cranking out Jeans yuh/ He makes all the jeans that I own ya/ These jeans are never tacky/ Unlike Carl and his Khakis/ Just bought a new pair yesterday/ I'm gonna go wear them today!

Finally a song about my favorite type of pants that is absolutely perfect! Now I can finally sell my Kanye East brand jeans and bankrupt that motherfucker Carl Khaki corporation! (I don't give a fuck about what Khakis are made of/ You're trying to fool me, I'm not wearing it!) LOL....oh shit is the song still going?" -- Stronger

14. "I don't think anyone deserves to have sex." -- Love Story

13. "You want to know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking my dick!/ OOOOOH I want to suck my own dick so bad!!!!" -- Exile

12. "Open the door, get on the floor/ Everybody walk the dinosaur" -- Taylor Swift, Walk the Dinosaur (1988)

11. "You didn't go to my house for pizza and hot dogs/ I thought you we're loyal but it turns out you're just like all the rest/ It's like my man Drake said "Bitches don't want your Pizza and Hot Dogs. They want your Sex and Drugs" and it took a little while for me to get over the fact that he was right." -- Blame Game

10. "Yo fuck that man Kanye West/ He bankrupted my company with anti-Khaki propganda!" -- Carl Kahki, Fox News Interview (2015)

9. "Now if I fuck this model/and she just bleached her asshole/and I get bleach on my Jeansies/ I'm just gonna buy some new ones." -- Ad for Kanye West brand Jeans

8. "Just found out Jay-Z stood for Jean-Z/ this is frickin epic guys!" -- Joesph Jean in Paris

7. "We're only making plans for Nigel, We only want what's best for him. A huge mommy GF would make him happy. No big mommy milkers are the reason he's not happy." -- XTC, Making Plans for Nigel (1979)...wait why did they say that? And why is it on this list? And why-

6. Got a white-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson/ Got a black-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson/ Got a white-skinned friend look like John Mayer/ Got a white-skinned friend look like Steve Martin/ Got a black-skinned friend look like John Legend/ Got a white-skinned friend look like James Corden/ Got a white-skinned friend look like Michael Bublé/ Got a white-skinned friend look like David Guetta/Got a white-skinned friend look like J.K. Simmons/ Got a light-skinned friend look like Eminem/ Got a white-skinned friend look like Lady Gaga/ Got a white-skinned friend look like Justin Bieber/ Got a blue-skinned friend look like The Blue Man Group/ It's hard to remember sometimes that I'm actually friends with famous celebrities and we hang out at parties." -- Slow Jamz

5. "She's so precious with the peer pressure/ Couldn't afford a car, so she named her daughter Alexis Martinez Perón Carlos Xavier Kanye Herbert Alexandria Erika Michelle Michelle Baca Lauren Hays Michaela Lee Ashley Taylor Nicole Hays Jana Jackson Amber Mina Lisa Joanne Ashley Taylor Ashley Taylor Taylor Ashley/ That's a long ass name but I'm one of them in it/ That's what I love, People naming their kids after me/ that's what this song is actually about, naming children Kanye/ sorry if you thought it was about capitalism or something gay like that 😐 " -- All Falls Down

4. "They rewrite history, I don't believe in yesterday/ And what's a black Beatle anyway? Attagenus unicolor is the scientific name for the black carpet beetle. These tiny black beetle bugs belong to the family Dermestidae and their larvae can be a true household pest. These tiny carpet beetles start out their adult life as white beetles. As they mature, these “bugs” gradually become dark and black. Even though it is the larvae that cause destruction, you should get rid of the adults. Female black carpet beetles can lay up to 100 eggs, and their larvae can stay in the larval stage for up to 3 years. Like most beetles, black carpet beetles have wings and they can fly. Although not always a pure black color, they are generally dark brown to black and may have lighter patterns on their elytra. Looking up close at pictures of black carpet beetles you may notice that they are covered in tiny hairs. Black carpet beetles don’t bite humans. So, if you notice small bite marks on your skin, you may have a problem with other bugs, not black beetles. Find out what to do if you think you need to get rid of bed bugs." -- Gorgeous

3. "Hee hee hee hee!" -- All of the Lights

2. "(instrumental)" -- All of the Lights (Interlude)

1. "Sidewalks we crossed /I still hear your voice in the traffic / We're laughing over all the noise / God, I'm so blue, know we're through / But I still fucking love you, babe, ooh" -- drivers license

That was our list of the top 35 moments on drivers license!! Honestly it's such a good song we could have easily done a top 50!!! Did you love it? Did you hate it? What would you rate it? You're the best, you're the best. What should I list next? Hit the like if you like, please subscribe, please don't cry. Leave an angry comment in the comments if you're angry. And I'll see you all next time! Buh-bye!

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Jan 24, 2021
Wait no actually how long did this take fuck
Jan 24, 2021
@k̷awaii death grips I don't actually remember writing this so I don't know. I just kinda blacked out
Jan 25, 2021
Jan 25, 2021
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