Lil Pump - LIL Pimp Big Maga Steppin
Nov 17, 2020
"Mr. President" Lil Pump said, "Surely you can't be serious that you're going to start a rap career."

"I am serious" Trump Said "And it goes a little something like this:

[Verse 1] Lil Trump
Don't ever do drugs, that's for little bitches. Step up to Donny you gonna get stiches and you could die and I won't even go to your funeral. So don't ever do drugs!

[Verse 2]: Lil Trump
Lil Pump 'n' Trump here to shit on Joey, don't do xans or give hookers no blowies to make your fake ass feel good, (Lil Pump C'mon Man) get off Twitter and go back to school. Think for yourself. I'm telling you for free. Don't get manipulated by anybody ever. Don't buy a hooker, you won't like it. Go see your therapist if you need to, or go to a real doctor. Drip it in her ear, she'll love it. It was all me, you ass hat. And listen to me. Stop cussing. And quit smoking, *****. You can do anything you want in life if you work hard enough.

[Bridge]: Lil Pump

Yeah bitch I got myself a tradwife, that's a mix of the words traditional...and wife!

[Verse 3]: Lil Wayne

You know I'm your fuckin' lover

Yup, I am your lover

Yeah, I am your lover

Not your brother, your lover, yeah

Yeah, I am your lover

[Chorus]: Lil Pump
Yeah Yeah, republican flows, trickle down raps give those shit to no hoes. One-eyed, flamethrower get that pussy worth my wait, when I see a red state gotta masterbate. Yeah Yeah, yeah yeah. I hate raisins, ruff-neck tees, asthmatic snots. Lil Pump

Yeah Yeah, yeah yeah. Lil Pump

(Trump interupts to say "And Lil Trump....cracka!")

*The two of them violently start making out*
Nov 17, 2020
Is this Lil Xan ghostwriting?
Nov 17, 2020
Ay Lil Xan on the beat, have you ever eaten a tiger shark?

I did once at the Rio. They got me on the table with a 25-pound tiger shark. I was fucking trippin’.

I might have had it for lunch.

And for dinner. I took it home and laid it in my bed. And for a week. I tried to eat it like a snake. But when I got a finger stuck in it, that was it. I had to cut that thing out. Then I was fine.

Nov 17, 2020
Imagine hating on this song 🙄
Nov 17, 2020
@MattsReviews Alright! This is the final straw! Im deleting music! It had a good run. We had artists like Carl, Frankie, and Simon. And who could forget my Zaireha moment! (That was a “Chk Chk Boom.”)

But you're right! This new music is so bad I can't justify having it exist anymore. Lil Pump has proven he is not a rapper, he is a musical fisherman. I can't listen to this trash. It has hurt my ears and my mood. #weed
Nov 17, 2020
Wait wait I am sorry. DO NOT DELETE MUSIC. IS THERE AN UNDO BUTTON? i will like all of your reviews to ENSURE pump is making music because without pump i will die. MAGA!

#MAGA #Pump2020
Nov 17, 2020

So there I was, in the hospital, dying of Cancer 2. When who else would walk in to my room but #1 MAGA rapper and my idol, Lil Pump!

"Hey there sport" said Lil Pump "How's my little trumper doing today?"

"Hey Lil Pump" I said, "I'm at the hospital, dying of Cancer and you're my hero."

"Yah, ya I know, I was dying too so I decided to check on you and go to the #SimpsonsWorld at Universal, but I didn't make it" he replied.

"Can you sign my MAGA hat?" I asked him.

He looked down at my hat and said, "No."

What I didn't tell him was that I really needed it for my funeral. You know, so when the SJWS start screaming about "nazis" and "sieg heils," they look in the coffin and see me all dressed in MAGA gear.

Now, I had to do a little talking to get my precious hat back from Lil Pump, but I did get on his knees and pretended to be crying, and with a soprano voice (way better than Kanye's) I said "Please Mr. Pump, I'll do anything."

Nov 17, 2020
So Lil Pump took me to the White House 2, which is like the White House, but smaller and better, and he said "Ok now you're going to be my personal punching bag!"

And I still am #MAGA2020
Nov 17, 2020
Change your score to 100 or you're a fraud!
Nov 17, 2020
@MattsReviews it is at a 100 it's just that the other zero and 1 are invisible and only viewable by those who have seen Trump's dick in person.
Nov 17, 2020
Same for mine but you actually have to follow me and like all my reviews to see it. NOT A SELLOUT I SWEAR.
Nov 17, 2020
@MattsReviews on Trump bro?
Nov 17, 2020
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