Ken M - Ken M
Jan 1, 2021 (updated Jan 2, 2021)
I'm sorry to be so negative but this just sounds AWFUL to me. Like there's something so deeply uncomfortable sounding about the whole project and it's INCREDIBLY UNPLEASANT. Every bit of product is just covered in this Technovomit sound that absolutely RUINS everything it touches on here. Combined with songs like "Fantasize" where every production choice is BAFFLING. Where we have moments competing for the worst moment on the song. The Doki Doki sample, the weird distorted vocals, the "I'm only hugging my pillow." GOD! It's such a mess!

This is clearly the kind of album that will always be divisive. It's divisiveness is built into the fact this is clearly a deeply personal album. This is a passion project and I can respect that but DAMN! Could you have made it sound less ugly. Songs like "The Persona" just has this super strange tone to it that feels like it's a joke. A joke that keeps going and going and going and it never ever stops. It's a headache that goes on carrying on from song to song and each new song just makes the album worse for me.

I don't get this. I'm sorry Ken. I feel like I should, I listened to this multiple times because I always felt, I always felt I was closer to understanding it, but each time it just got worse. The singing was uglier, the production more annoying, and it just made me feel sicker and sicker. Very few albums activity give me a headache when I listen to it. I think the list is like 3 or 4 albums long. But this is definitely one of them. It makes me just feel nauseated.

I tried to understand this Ken I really did but all of this just is unjustifiable to me. It's a collage of choices that I couldn't understand in a thousand years why they were made. Oh well.
Jan 1, 2021
This is one of those opinions I'll never completely understand but I still have to respect. It is a deeply personal album and more akin to the type of music I want to make at this point. I put more passion into it than I did Climb, which is a more easily accessible project but regardless of what anyone else thinks. I personally see this as my best. It focuses largely on intense self hatred, which I think led it to have a more harsh, and less easy to digest nature so I can somewhat understand where you're coming from. Good review though.
Jan 2, 2021
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May 28, 2020
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