The Cardigans - First Band on the Moon
Oct 18, 2020
3Hit Days:

Well, this may just be the greatest thing...ever.

Swedish Kero Keto Bonito is TECHNICALLY a one hit wonder but the Cardigans fanbase is a passionate one. Like you diss the Cardigans and I'll cut you ya know.

And re-visiting this album under the guise that "it's an album by the Lovefool guys " was the exact wrong way to see it. I should have said "this is one of the smartest and most detailed pop albums ever made. The kind that defines music for centuries to come." ...can you tell that I love this?

God damn where do I start? Your New Cuckoo opens this album with this infectious flute solo along with this spoken chorus. It so romantic it's almost painful. And the next track "Been It" doesn't let down either with the SEXIEST chorus even put to paper.

This albums sound is so idealic that even something like the concept of a "Dream Pop Iron Man" something that could be seen as tacky, rivels the original in my opinion. This sheen of a romantic sound and get away covering up the most depressing aspects of love and existance is sewn into this album down to the big song. Lovefool, a.k.a. the saddest upbeat pop song about love until Hey Ya! came along.

Every member of the band is a genius I think. You hear those background instruments and guitars making these perfect sounding songs and you can't help but be like "damn, this was really made by human hands. That's incredible."

Also you have songs like "Great Divide" where it stops being a pop album and starts rivaling Ok fucking Computer in terms of artistry and talent. And at that point you realize that the Cardigans are the culmination of rock music and artistry and is probably the greatest pop album ever. Them you realize you're trapped in a hidden garden surrounded by fawns and pixies. Then you realize that you're fused with an old tree and as you try to scream you realize your mouth is made of wood and so are your eyes. A bird lands in your hair.

So yeah, this is some of the greatest music ever made. I've been numb for 48 hours after listening to this and I hope to keep that going!

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