girl in red - if i could make it go quiet
Apr 30, 2021
I was gonna make a funny joke like "saying this is the music means to represent lesbians is the most homophobic thing I've ever heard." It was gonna be hilarious. Though I ran into the problem that this album is actually pretty decent. VERY obvious flaws but I thought like most of the songs were good pop music. Like yeah you could argue "ohh it's generic and boring!" I mean sure I guess, but all the songs were competent enough that they instilled something emotionally in me and that's more than I can say for her previous music. Songs like "I'll call you mine" were very ernest love songs and even though it's kind of clunky I think "serotonin" was a good song about depression. And I've heard some BAAAAAAAD songs about mental health so the fact that I thought this was a decent song about it was a feat in of itself. I mainly just have a problem with two songs, those being "hornylovesickmess" and "you stupid bitch" which are some of the lyrically worst sings I've ever heard. Girl in Red writes her lyrics really direct so the fact she says "you" to describe how all she wants to do is fuck you and also that you're a stupid bitch who keeps hurting yourself because you're so stupid and you should just come fuck ME because I'll be the one who fixes you! It's fucking repulsive. I can write it off as playing a character but these songs exist in the same place Blurred Lines does where it's just so in that gray zone of "are you being genuine" that it makes it such a painful exspirece. Like you're being talked down to and if I feel like I'm being scolded while listening to music I'm not gonna like it.

I've always just been kind of baffled by Girl in Red's popularity. As weird as a comparison as it is she reminds me a lot of the current perception of Dababy where they're not even really musicans any more, as they've basically become a stand in for a bigger idea. Well actually I guess Dababy comparison doesn't work because people actually do talk about his music and imagry. Neither does Car Seat Headrest because that music is also wildly discussed. (To much one might say.) Girl in Red exists in this limbo where I FEEL like she has fans but I've never heard her music in anyone's tiktok or insta story. I've never seen someone say "this is my favorite girl in red song." Girl in Red is like a weird meme that represents "lesbian" and it just baffles me a bit. What makes her worthy of the title "the lesbian musican?" It just polutes her music. Like you can't listen to it without searching for like this hidden lesbian truth. And like..I can get Sapphic if I want. I cry while watching Bound. But this it's just...stone face. Nothing.

But also the album is still pretty ok so i can't bitch too much.
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