Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow - INDUSTRY BABY
Jul 23, 2021
I think Lil Nas is way better at imagry and persona moreso than his music at times. But also he blends it so well together they become the same. The music video for Call me By Your Name and the song are inseparable. It's like Thriller or Take on Me. They are one and the same.

I could by no means (even as a superfan) go so far as to call him the greatest musician of our generation. But I could certainly right now say he will go down as the most iconic face of our generation. Nobody is as good as a marketer as him, nobody is putting out visuals iconic as his. Not since Bowie do I think there has been a popular musican who has so clearly defined their image not just once but for everything they've produced. Besides from the biggest names like Kanye nobody generates that much hype for anything they release. For singles nonetheless. And NOBODY in a very long time has made music that you feel genuinely "punk" to listen to. The fear of rap music has diluted so much now, suburban mom's are listening to rap at this point. But when every television network in the country is screaming at you don't play his music, you're gonna fuckin play that music and you're going to feel like a badass doing it.

I'm saying it rn. If he continues down this path and is able to maintain his momentum, he will be the face of this generation. Musicans who have lost their cultural impact as "musicans" and ascended to a level of full cultural dominance. Just like the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana before him. He just needs to make that one DAMN good project.

Lil Nas X makes music that feels like you can say you were there for when it dropped years down the line.

awesome take
mfw when for once we have an identical opinion on something
@CLJesse Gay Sex 7/10
incredible review
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