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Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Aug 28, 2020
Genre QuaQuaQuaQuaQuaQua: episode ten: "Eighty Hours in the Hot Seat"

Mission Report: Well, welcome to Agusta, Kentucky agent, at least the outskirts of it. Sneaking into the cargo hold was dangerous but you've done it. It appears that the two of them have already gone inside was appears to be an abandoned hut in the middle of this fields wearing strange robe and masks. Agent, I believe I saw a spare robe and mask in the cargo hold. Put that in and infiltrate the compound.

Agent, I don't know what's going to happen, but I can tell it won't be pretty. From this point forward I can't communicate with you anymore. I'll be switching on record mode so that you can record what you see and hear and so that we have this information for future if you fail your mission. Agent, this is incredibly dangerous, with almost no chance of survival. I wish you luck.

Genre: Alternative Dance

You know it's a good album when you can't put any of the songs you like into a playlist because it's all seven minutes long and you DEFINITELY don't like them that much to the point you'd sit through seven minutes again.

I kid of course, but when this album isn't sounding like We are the World 1991 edition, it drags out the fun dance beats and rhythms to the point they are UNNNNbarable. All good ideas and intresting sounding beats are flushed down the drain in favor of awkward as hell samples, annoying guitars, and then genral vibe of a band that does not know what they are doing. This album is currently caught in a never-ending cycle trying to figure out the reason for its existance. It's confused, scared. Does it want to be a dance album or does it just want to be a generic "world music" album. It screams, because it does not know.

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