Kazumoto Endo - While You Were Out
Dec 7, 2019

I started out hating this, ended up loving it. A great big of experimental music all around.

Listening to this at first you get annoyed. Why is it so start-stoppy? What's with the scratch rhythms? Can I turn this off? But you start to appreciate thing like the uses of samples, being islands of sanity in this chaos. You start to hear more rock like melodies in the noise. You get used to it, then...you embrace it. Let me add some context, I was walking around a mall when I was listening to this. I mentioned in a previous review that I have a slight fear of malls so this helped put me at ease.

I felt like I was a creature made of static, fading in and out of this reality, walking among the people unnoticed. I'm trying not to sound all "Joker is my icon"-y in this review but this music really did make me feel like a beast of some kind. A demon made entirely of pure noise." Yeah, Yeah we get it edgelord, now how about the music itself?"

The way this album handles sounds is super interesting, each sample is used as a breath of fresh air, a way to allow the music to transition the song. The changes in noise is very subtle but it is noticeable, especially in how often certain sounds occur. I will say, this album does drag on a bit to long, and the times where the music cuts out for a long period kinda pissed me off. There are also parts where the noise just becomes to much but like, come on, it's a noise album. What was I expecting?

Overall a super solid album that is only for me and no one else. Play this for your friends if you want to lose them.
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Dec 7, 2019
Lol fugging edgelord #cring
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