Björk - Utopia
Dec 10, 2019 (updated Dec 10, 2019)
I can firmly say this, I just don't get Björk.

Now I've heard this is her worst album or whatever so maybe there's a bunch of people who agree with me on that, but I'm not just talking about utopia. I'm talking about as a whole. Now keep in mind I've only heard three of her albums and I've heard Post and Debut are incredible, so take everything I say with however many grains of salt you wish. I just don't want to torture myself and lower the user scores due to me just not liking it. Same reason I try not to listen to Danny Brown, Tim Hecker, or Aphex Twin.

Björk always comes across as....unfocused, especially on this album. Any potential beautiful moments are squandered by the "Wanna-be electronic" production and Björk trying desperately to give off this "whimsical vibe" that just doesn't work. It doesn't help that due to how drawn out the vocals are, every song sounds like it takes an hour to get through, keep in mind I first heard this on a plane, so the fact that the flight was so long just made this worse. This music felt like the worst parts of airplanes, claustrophobic, dark, and cold. And not in a cool intentional way, it felt like it was trying to give off a more elegant vibe that was just crushed by this production. I can best describe it as trying to watch "Moulin Rouge!" while you're sleep deprived and squinting to see the tv that's 50 feet away from you.

There's an occasional breath of fresh air where the ear-bleeding annoyance stops but then the smog clears to reveal, it was just very boring. That's my main problem with Björk , she's very boring. Idk if it's because I heard to many art-pop musicians but surely that can't be it. I love Weyes Blood and Julia Holter, and I can enjoy F+TM and Adia Victoria, so like? What gives?

Is it the subject matter? Well considering the fact I can never understand what the hell she's saying probably not. Everyone always says you can't understand Cocteau Twins but Björk gets a pass? She stretches out words like it's taffy? Her music is a reverse Haiku! Maybe that's why I don't like Björk('s music), I've never understood why to like her. The production is probably great in short doses and the lyrics/singing is probably beautiful, but I just can't understand it. I mean Star Wars is a great movie but if it was spread out to 4 hours I probably wouldn't like it. I just don't see the reason to listen to virtually the same albums for 24+ hours.

Idk, I want to get into Björk. She's funny and smart in interviews and has a great personality. So maybe I should check out Debut or Post or maybe even that album she "made" when she was 12. Maybe Post will win the "2nd best album named Post" award. Or maybe not! There's a lot of great musicians with a great personality who I can't stand. Maybe Björk just has to sit in the Toasterqueen12 halls of "I Don't Get It" fame for all eternity. Björk may just have to sit there getting dusty until I revisit it a few years later and scold my younger self for being so foolish.

Reverse hastune miku
If you really want to get into Bjork's music, I suggest you check out her self titled debut Bjork. Easily one of the greatest albums she's ever put out
@RakkSmells I unironicly might. I like music made by kids. I think it sounds nice.
You should check out Debut. (Not her actual debut, but the album actually CALLED "Debut") You should also maybe listen to Post, or Vespertine if you want something a bit more grounded, focused, and easy to get into.
@ThomasGuy that's the problem. I've already have heard all her stuff and I only like Post.
My way in was via the Sugarcubes (I didn't get it either - at all). The comparably mainstream indie rock-ish styling (of their first album particularly) makes for easier listening and from there, you can get into Björk's unhinged, massive vocals and her quirky lyrics. Start with "Birthday" imo.
@The Araby Bazaar alright here's problem #2. I already heard that album and I didn't like it. I think everyone's just gonna have to concede that I don't like Bjork
As someone who loves Bjork to the moon and back I’m so glad you at least say that it just isn’t your thing because I can make sense of that argument
@Toasterqueen12 - ah, well fair-dos. I second @Quet then - you put your disdain across very nicely.
As a huge Bjork fan, it kinda breaks my heart to read this review, but hey, I'm glad ur being honest in ur reviews :) Maybe Bjork isn't really for everyone ig lol
Bjork will be under your bed tonight
@shogun_reviews I'll try not to wake her.
Just out of curiosity. How many listens do you usually give an album before reviewing it?
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