All Kanye West songs ranked.

Kanye West is my favorite musician of all time, and I wanted to show that. This is based off this video: by Aflo Media. I'll be following of his rules of
1) No Singles
2) No Skits
3) No Watch the Throne or Kids See Ghosts, because those are collabs so I don't think that's fair.

To make this more fun I've decided to pick an album I feel represents the song well. Alright, let's do this.

Steely Dan - The Royal Scam
Song: Champion
My all-time favorite Kanye song. God, where do I start? How can I describe my love for this? First off, the sample of the already brilliant Kid Charlemagne helps due to my pre-existing enjoyment of that song. It also helps the fun and jazzy varintation of the song with enough to keep me constantly engaged. Every note on here is beauty to my ears. To the chorus and the end to the sample at the beginning. But my favorite detail is the pure heart of this song. The message that "I will carry the soul of the youth because I was fortunate enough to do so. I will march with the spirit of my ideals because I succeeded." It also just makes you feel good. Even ignoring the deeper context, it just makes you feel great. This is real celebration music. Music for when you feel like you're the most powerful being on Earth.

Reasoning for Album: The sample is a large part about why I like this.
John Legend - Once Again
Song: I Wonder
This has always been one of my absolute favorites. The sample giving a great dreamlike feel, and Kanye giving one of his best performances ever. There's something so serene about at his prime just talking about reaching his dreams and what he thinks about in the world. Why this is always my favorite eludes me a bit, but the overall feeling in the song mixed with the small little moments like the part where the melody just starts ascending, makes this one of my all time faves.

Reason for the Album: John Legend has a sweet voice like the sample and has the same relaxing atmosphere as this song.
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Song: Homecoming
FUCK YEAH! FUCK YEEEAAAAH! This song just makes me proud to be alive. Chris Martin delivers a fun quirky performance (and I actually like him, unlike Levine. ) Kanye's pounding delivery of reflecting on nostalgia with a gleam of such pride, the banging drums and bells seemingly welcoming you to his world. This is the pure definition of a "powerhouse" if I've ever heard one.

Reasoning for Album: Slightly weird singing from a nerdy white guy with insanely good lyrics and beats.
Lupe Fiasco - DROGAS Wave
Song: Touch The Sky
I've heard this song so many times that I bet I could accurately recreate it with a xylophone. Every line is legendary. We got Kanye, we got Lupe, we got Lupin the Third, we got Mrs. Buttersworth. This the best instrumental Kanye has ever rapped on, those horns are some of the most majestic sounding thing I've ever heard. I don't have that much else to say here. It's so much fun that it transcends explanation.

Reasoning for Album: Lupe steal like Lupin the Third.
The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Song: Hey Mama
Probably the most happy song ever made. The pure love and joy emanating from this song can move mountains. It just burns a supersonic hole through my heart with the amount of love in this song.

Reasoning for Album: Incredibly heartfelt lyrics and production with some classic production choices.
Nico - Desertshore
Song: Dark Fantasy
For years I didn't know it was Nicki on the opening, I thought it was some random Grandma, I never heard a song like this before and I doubt I ever will again. Probably one of, if not THE, most original songs ever made. I mean good god, Urkel jokes over these Bohemian instrumentals? WHAT! I don't really like how the song repeats in the end but it's whatever. Urkel.

Reasoning for Album: Idk Nico kinda sound like the chorus, I've never heard a song like this.
Organized Konfusion - Stress: The Extinction Agenda
Song: Roses
The best written Kanye song. No competition. This song is running circles around every other Kanye song and telling it to up its game.

Reasoning for Album: Some of the best lyrics I've ever heard in a rap song.
Rex Orange County - Apricot Princess
Song: Heard Em' Say
If I didn't lothe Adam Levine's voice with every fiber of my being this might be my favorite Kanye song. Like he does an ok job, but still. Anyway, everything else is pure perfection and it makes me so goddamn sad. Those bells gets me.

Reasoning for Album: Emotional power-pop with heartfelt lyric.
Gwen Stefani - Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
Song: All Falls Down
There was a period of my life where this was the only Kanye song I listened to. I still love it the same way all this time later. Every line is iconic and that chorus transcends time and space.

Reasoning for Album: Great vocals and ultra memorable production.
BROCKHAMPTON - iridescence
Song: Can't Tell Me Nothing
The godfather of "yo...shut the fuck up." rap. Some of his best lyrics ever and a classic beat. It's already caved out its place in history, it's allowed to be this high.

Reasoning for Album: Angry and boom-bap-ey beats on a lot of these songs.
Nina Simone - Pastel Blues
Song: Through The Wire
Who knew Nightcore Chaka Khan would produce such wonders. Like this was the man's first song!? How can you achieve something like this! Also the great Pop Culture references (Misssta Glass) and story about Kanye's accident makes this some of his best storytelling,

Reasoning for Album: Great storytelling with classic pop-soul vocals.
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
Song: Stronger
Sure this song is great but you ever hear it on a ROLLERCOASTER!? WOOOOOAH! This song is brilliant. Peak-2000s hip hop. I know every single word on the song and despite any overplay it might have, I've never gotten tired of it. I've heard it 100 times and I'd here it 100 more.

Reasoning for Album: Daft Punk ft. Hip Hop personalities.
Rex Orange County - Pony
Song: Paranoid
THE BEST FUCKING CHORUS ON ANY KANYE SONG EVER. Mr. Hudson's angelic pipes makes this FUCKING EXCEPTIONAL. Those synths are MAJESTIC. The verses are IMMACULATE. It's music to scream at the top of your lungs to. This song fills you with so much adrenaline that it could possibly be classified as a steroid. This is the song that made these auto-tune filed rap songs PURE ART.

Reasoning for Album: Fun auto-tuned pop with a great singer.
Clarence Clarity - THINK : PEACE
Song: Famous
I swear, the first 4 songs on TLOP is the greatest 4 track run of all time, and Famous is the absolute peak. Rihanna starts off jarring you with an intense fury and passionately belting lyrics about being loved, before Kanye enters like a demon of death screaming "WHOOOOO" and starting to rap about having sex with various celebrities. Giving the vibe of a mechanical egomaniac going completely insane over some of the nicest sounding beats Kanye has ever made. And it only escalates with a sample crashing in going "BAM BAM BAM BAM" and the original "Professor" from the dropout trilogy coming back to say some more lines. Before finally being carried out by Lauryn Hill herself delivering us safely to the end of the song. This is more than music, this is a journey. This is an odyssey of sound. If TLOP somehow managed to continue this energy, it would be the greatest album ever made.

Reasoning for Album: Maximalist Pop with a singer who sounds like he's on the verge of tears, stretching the human voice to it's absolute limits.
Let's Eat Grandma - I, Gemini
Song: We Don't Care
It's like Kanye knew he was going to get famous. The first line you hear when listening to Kanye's discog is "If this is your first time hearin' this, You are about to experience somethin' so cold." Like it's opening the door to the world of Kanye's music. It doesn't matter what my opinions on this are. This song is so iconic that the "over 25" line has become a hip hop stable. This is the definition of "a classic."

Reasoning for Album: Great children's vocals over a hip-hop beat.
Madvillain - Madvillainy
Song: Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)
THIS is the real version of this song! Kanye's' Possible best use of sampling EVER, turning this bond theme into a super slick Ye theme. Trumpets blasting at all angles while Kanye raps about the conditions of miners in Sierra Leone. Some of his best lyrics ever mixed with the beat beat he's ever rapped on. Then Jay-Z comes in with a cool deep voice and perfectly adds the cherry on top to this. The perfect song, my god.

Reasoning for Album: Jazzy Rock over fast rap beats with incredible lyrics with a devious and suave flair.
Nas - Illmatic
Song: Jesus Walks
You don't know a single person who hates this song. They don't exist. Everybody loves this.

Reasoning for Album: Universally acclaimed classic rap.
Song: Monster
I've never heard so much versatility in a song. Kanye's most massive effort with 5 artists coming together to talk about monsters in the most memorable song of Kanye's career. From Rick Ross's deep grunting over intense drums to Kanye talking about PUTTING THE PUSSY IN A SARCOPHAGUS. Then Jay-Z runs in to say "LOOOOOOVE" and Nicki Minaj believes the best verse of not only her career, but possibly of all time. I know it's in my top 5 at least. Nicki's verse was so immaculate that it destroyed her entire reputation, that's how incredible the verse is. This song is godly, god bless monster. Y'all ever notice how this song comes after "All of the Light" and the first thing spoken in "I Shoot the Lights Out." Genius.

Reasoning for Album: A mass group of people rapping over a variety of beats, each with their own style.
Electric Light Orchestra - Time
Song: Robocop
If you don't like Robocop I don't like you. It's so fun, I've never had this much fun with a song. Climbing strings, adorable lyrics, choruses on top of choruses. "Just looking at your history, You're like the girl from misery, She said she ain't take it to this degree, Well let's agree to disagree." Is my favorite four consecutive lines in any Kanye song.

Reasoning for Album: Sci-fi schlock with adorable strings and lyrics.
Joanna Newsom - Ys
Song: Ghost Town
When I remember 2018, this will be the song that accompanies it. The Shirley Ann Lee sample leading to the passionate and pounding verses only t be carried out by the triumphant chorus by 070 Shake. The perfect song progression that just makes a complete syntamental epic. Amazing.

Reasoning for Album: Emotional and powerful journey with beautiful female vocals.
Bon Iver - 22, A Million
Song: Lost In The World
This is the best ending MBDTF could have asked for. Pounding, Iconic, Uptempo, Emotional, Mega-rap. Pure energy compressed into music.

Reasoning for Album: This was all built off of one Bon Iver song? Woah.
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
Song: Power
OOOOOO AAAAAAAAAA. It's fucking Power dude. The so exciting-suicide part is incredible. It's super damn fun. Cuz it's FUCKING POWER.

Reasoning for Album: Harsh trap-ish beats with fantastical imagery.
Little Simz - GREY Area
Song: Addiction
Did these crazy bastard, somehow make Etta James...RAP? WHAT!? HOW? HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS SONG! The little piano notes and bongos. That bass. Kanye's' incredible flow ("Cut Cut The Cola") The touching lyrics about drug addiction. The fact they got somehow Etta James to RAP HOW! HOW!

Reasoning for Album: Little Simz has very smooth voice and very deep, rhythmic production like this song.
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Song: Runaway
Kanye my man, I love ya, but you don't have to put a 6 minute vocal guitar portion at the end of your album. Other than that it's perfect, lol.

Reasoning for Album: Classic piano melodies with classic lyrics.
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
Song: Family Business
Crying rn. This song is so emotional I can forgive the piss in bed line. That's how good it is. Like honestly it's so sentimental that it kinda makes me sick. Like this is riding Fast and Furious levels of family talk.

Reasoning for Album: Great Jazz Raps about Family.
Duckwrth - I'm Uugly
Song: Heartless
How could you be so Dr.Evil 😔. This so fun lol. The bouncy keyboard, the mega-autotune. The chorus is iconic, it sounds like a fairy tale from the days of old, except the main character is Kanye.

Reasoning for Album: Fun and bouncy morbid ballads.
The Avalanches - Since I Left You
Song: Fade
Samples on top of samples make an admittedly bizzare Kanye song, that sounds like it wasn't even made by him. That's not to say this doesn't have a super bouncy rhythm and incredible sense of scale with more samples coming in one after another.

Reasoning for Album: Fun, dancey, sample beats
Noname - Telefone
Song: Spaceship
"If my manager insults me again I will be assaulting him" is pure gold. I love how realistic this song is. It's probably the most down to Earth thing Kanye has ever made. There's just so much heart.

Reasoning for Album: Soul mixed with very realistic songs and emotions.
clipping. - Splendor & Misery
Song: New Slaves
Woag. Some amazing politically charged music to riot to. From that first "My mama was raised in the era when" you can feel the raw power emanating from this song.

Reasoning for Album: Angry and politically charged techno-rap.
Vince Staples - FM!
Song: Love Lockdown
Whenever the drums kick in at the chorus I drop whatever I'm doing and start clapping. One of the most infectiously fun and participatory songs Kanye has ever made.

Reasoning for Album: Incredibly fun drums and rhythms.
Iglooghost - Clear Tamei
Song: On Sight

Reasoning for Album: Very loud and harsh with small burst of melodies.
Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap
Song: Ultralight Beam
This is my favorite Chance song! No but for real this is really heartfelt and emotional, this fills me with such a good feeling.

Reasoning for Album: Chance The Rapper but good.
Daniel Caesar - Freudian
Song: Coldest Winter
God I love how this sounds. 808s is so beautiful. It's like a Russian Ballet it's so majestic. Those strings just reach to the heavens.

Reasoning for Album: Daniel also has ultra-majestic melodies in his music that just touch the soul.
Merzbow - Pulse Demon
Song: Feedback
YALL SLEEPING ON ME HUH HAD A GOOOOOD SNOOOOZE. What you can't handle harsh noise. Uh ok PUSSSY HAHAHA! A great follow up to Famous, such a fun song. SUCH a fun song.

Reasoning for Album: Harsh Noise, lol, teehee.
Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
Song: Crack Music
A FEROCIOUS anti-reagan song about how the Republicans destroyed Black Communities in the 80s. DAMN! Where did this Kanye go? This is Kanye at his prime politically speaking. And the song just sounds great. Aggression with hints of class. Suave but dangerous.

Reasoning for Album: Clipse also is very smart-politically and rap about drugs. A LOT. They talk about drugs A LOT.
The Avalanches - Wildflower
Song: Gone
I love Gone. The Otis Redding sample is so brilliantly placed and the way it build throughout the song is amazing. From light and retro, to swinging and intense, to dark and eerie, to work its way to the ultament conclusion. The chorus over Otis' voice is beautiful. All the verse have a great energy to them, and Kanye's intense, no-pause buildup to the final "Gone" sends chills down my spine.

Reasoning for Album: Fun retro throwback with flipped samples and interesting production.
Phony Ppl - Yesterday's Tomorrow
Song: Good Morning
That Elton John flip is incredible. A great start to Graduation! Just leaves a huge smile on my face.

Reasoning for Album: Bright, Fun, and Cheery Hip Hop.
N.E.R.D. - No_One Ever Really Dies
Song: Good Life
This song just leaves a huge smile on my face. T-pain sounds adorable. Kanye sounds adorable. It's so damn cute I love this.

Reasoning for Album: Fun and exciting raps with a brilliant electronic production.
Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Song: Flashing Lights
Kanye's Suavest song, made for perfume ads and Super Bowl halftimes. Everybody on Earth knows the Chorus and Kanye sounds real empowered here. Just an overall great song.

Reasoning for Album: Fun electropop from a band with a smooth feeling and strange, cryptic lyrics.
Minnie Riperton - Come to My Garden
Song: The Glory
What JIK should have been. Super loud cries to the heaven to just lift you up. Great Song.

Reasoning for Album: Loud and Powerful. Extremely loud and powerful.
Denzel Curry - TA13OO
Song: Black Skinhead
Hell yeah. Fun pounding beat with some of the most iconic lyrics on Yeezus. Sick as heck.

Reasoning for Album: Dark and angry murder beats.
LoneMoon - Andromeda
Song: Welcome to Heartbreak
The perfect song to sum up 808s, with one of Cudi's best choruses and a fantastic use of autotune. This is THE 808s experience.

Reasoning for Album: Mass use of autotune and a tone of "Yeah I lost my girl, I'm still the best tho. Even though I'm depressed I own a Benz"
Tyler, the Creator - IGOR
Song: Bound 2
This song is DUMB I love it. This song is so fun to sing along to, I remember just sitting in my car going "WHAT WOULD JEROMY ROMY ROMY ROME THINK!" Don't get me wrong, it's almost incomprehensible, but it's the fun kind. Yeezus is already a weird album and this is the cherry on top.

Reasoning for Album: Igor is just the better version of this song, they even use the same sample. It's the same thing.
Kid Cudi - Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven
Song: Guilt Trip
Kanye loses his mind being the NUMBA ONE CHIEF BLOCKA only to be saved by Cudi's angelic pipes. I love this song it's so stupid. Crazy production choices make this one memorable songs on Yeezus.

Reasoning for Album: Strange production choices, Kid Cudi's voice, and lyrics displaying and insane depressive ego trip.
Injury Reserve - Floss
Song: Breathe In Breathe Out
Fresh and aggresive "beat up your drywall" music. Fun lyrics and a super rough delivery makes this one of Kanye's funniest songs.

Reasoning for Album: The Injury Reserve guy sound just like this. "All this Money" is the exact same song.
Cardiacs - Sing to God
Song: All of the Lights
Sporadic and intense, the 10+ features on this make this sound incredible. To bad Kanye drops the ball in the first verse with the admittedly embarrassing "I slap my girl" lines and weird morals. The rest of the song still sounds great though. Cudi sounds great, Elton sounds great, even Fergie sounds great. Kanye...why do you have to do this to me.

Reasoning for Album: Crazy and Fast melodies and instrumentation coming from all out of the woodwork to disorient you.
Song: Pt 2
This is really weird. The great kind of weird hell yeah! Now I can listen to Panda without shame thanks Kanye! In all honestly I love how weird this is, it's a lot of fun.

Reasoning for Album: Harsh and aggressive, screamy trap beats.
The Whatnauts - Introducing the Whatnauts
Song: Late
THAT LAUGH IS SO CREEPY! This is the perfect ending to Late Registration, with a lush orchestral feel and a great sample.

Reasoning for Album: The sample is from here, plus its a really tender, heartfelt soul album.
clipping. - There Existed an Addiction to Blood
Song: I Am A God
The funniest song Kanye has ever written. Every line is quotable to the Croissants line to "I Just talked to Jesus, he said what's up Yeezus." And the very static-y production sounds great!

Reasoning for Album: Another very static-y album with a fantastical tone and a hard hitting flow.
J Dilla - Donuts
Song: Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1
A sample flipped so beautifully that it doesn't matter Kanye starts talking about Assholes for a some godforsaken reason. Also Cudi sounds amazing as usual. One of the hypest songs Kanye has ever made.

Reasoning: Samples flipped to become great, maximalist jams.
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