Genre Quest: [I'm Stealing From Rakk]

Based completly on:

This is simply just me doing what Rakk did first....but I'm doing it.

Abstract Hip Hop

"The Music That Didn't Exist"

Good morning agent, welcome to Cincinnati, OH. Your assignment for today is Apt. A of a downtown apartment complex. Residents have reported a strange gas coming from the room, and we believe it might be the home of the "The Cloud Brothers." Two drug manufacturers responsible of the illegal drug "Catagor." A seemingly harmless resin that when combined with brass instruments, becomes a deadly neurotoxin, causing the infected musican to act irrationally. Why this spesific effect occurs, we still do not know. Regardless, your task is to break into the apartment, and put an end to their distribution. Do not let your activities be known. Good luck agent.
808 State - Ninety
Acid House

"The Monkey and the Theremin"

Good Evening agent, welcome to The Canary Islands. After the raid on the cloud brothers, we found that the source for their supplier was a "Complex 808" registered here. This facility has only recently opened up yet for some reason has over the part few weeks, ordered numerous large shipments of primates, various poisons, and strangely enough, musical instruments. Mostly of an electronic kind, we have records of orders of synthesizers, drum kits, noise petals, and 808s. Your mission agent, is to break into this complex, and find out what they're up too. Good luck agent.
St Germain - Tourist
Acid Jazz

"The Case of the Vanishing Horns"

Good Evening, agent. Your destination is the French town of Boulogne-Billancourt. As the search for the meaning of the complex came up blank, we did find strange reports on a hard drive that in the canals of Boulogne there's been three reports of the bodies of Jazz musicans floating in the river. Autopsy reports say that their eyes were a milky-white, foam was around the mouth, and their brains were completely fried. This certainly sounds like the work of "Catagor." We need you to find out who has been targeting these musicans, and put a stop to them. Good luck agent.
Matrixxman - Homesick
Acid Techno

"The Shreaker at Midnight"

Good work agent. Due to your work we tracked down the source of the deaths to local resident and ex-convict "Maxximillian Moltova" A.K.A. "The Shreaker." Maxximillian was originally arrested in 2015 on accounts of participating in illegal street fighting rings and position of firearms. He was recently released on house arrest earlier this year. Yet somehow has managed to sneak out of the house numerous times in order to to drug those musicans. Curious, why would some small time thug be interested in killing jazz musicans? Your task is to break into his apartment, and eleminate Maximilian before he can strike again. Good luck agent.
Tenacious D - Tenacious D
Acoustic Rock

"The Funniest Pawns"

Welcome agent, to E Street Skatepark, San Bernardino, California. After taking out Maxximillian, we discovered conversations on his phone with "Jack" and "Richard Dander." Two twins who are currently rising stars in the skating world and also in the process of recording a "comedy rock" album. They're currently in the procoess of recording stunts for the new "You Think You Can Skate Volume 18" compelation DVD. We need you too discreatly get the twins off the property, and into an unmarked van parked close by. This is crucial for uncovering Maxximillian's plot. We advice you to go undercover for this one. As long as you can do an ollie, you should be fine. Good luck agent
Rita Lee - Rita Lee
Adult Contemporary

"The Clap That Boomed Like Thunder"

Mission Report: You're going to Brazil agent. After our interaction agents got Jack to crack, he stated that Maximilian has been trying to recruit the brothers into joining something they call "Operation Mu-gen" and Maximilian was hoping they'd join. Curious.

We've also found that Complex 808 had opened another establishment in Rio de Janeiro, for an unknown reason. Reports say that this complex is funded by somebody named "Rita "Miami" Carla." A person that seems to have completely appeared from thin air. No records of any kind, no traceable bank accounts. And yet, here she is, financing this million dollar complex. An announcement from one of our inside sources says that she will be taking a tour of the complex today, might be a good chance to attach a face to this name. Good luck agent.
Ibibio Sound Machine - Uyai

"That Time We Rocked the RV"

Well this is quite curious agent. The person we thought was Rita Miami, has turned out to be "Ebosi Sami," former advisor to current Nigerian diplomat "Onde Afunku." And get this, Onde has made a business trip to the Nigerian Embassy in Brasilia. Now why would Onde feel the need to take a trip to Brazil? And why does Ebosi have an apparently permeant office at Complex 808? And why was it reported by inside sources that she was Rita Miami? Curious and Curiouser. We're going to need you to break into her office and discover what you can, as well as somehow steal her phone. Good luck agent.
Burna Boy - Twice As Tall

"Mountains of Gold and Piles of Men"

Welcome to Brasilia agent, after pouring over Ebosi's conversations with Onde, both of them seemingly attempting to keep this trip a secret, as well as apparently hoping to open up a complex 808 in Abuja. Agent, I have my suspicions, that Onde and Ebosi are both a part of Operation Mu-gen and the rise in Catagor. We just need concrete proof. Try to break into Onde's laptop. He's currently staying at the Nigerian Embassy's guest room. Security will be tight, so be careful. Good luck agent.
Wilco - Being There

"South of Sunshine"

Well, this is strange agent? Both Onde and Ebosi's data was just suddenly wiped. Like they know someone is watching them? And on top of that both of them have suddenly booked a flight to....Augusta, Kentucky? What? Records of a private jet headed to a field outside the city with a population of less than 2,000. What can possibly be going on? Complex 808, Rita Miami, Catagor, Operation Mu-gen. How on earth is it all connected? Agent, you need a hurry to the nearest airfield. Find a way to get on that plane no matter what. Hurry. Good luck agent.
Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Alternative Dance

"Eighty Hours in the Hot Seat"

Well, welcome to Agusta, Kentucky agent, at least the outskirts of it. Sneaking into the cargo hold was dangerous but you've done it. It appears that the two of them have already gone inside was appears to be an abandoned hut in the middle of this fields wearing strange robe and masks. Agent, I believe I saw a spare robe and mask in the cargo hold. Put that in and infiltrate the compound.

Agent, I don't know what's going to happen, but I can tell it won't be pretty. From this point forward I can't communicate with you anymore. I'll be switching on record mode so that you can record what you see and hear and so that we have this information for future if you fail your mission. Agent, this is incredibly dangerous, with almost no chance of survival. I wish you luck.
Nova Twins - Who Are The Girls?
Alternative Metal

"Blood Stained Red Carpet"

†Recording Activated†

†All Sights and Sounds Will Be Monitored from Here On Out†

A dark field with tall grass blowing in the wind is illuminated by a large bonfire in the distance. Stepping down from the planes cockpit in cermonial robe and mask, a large complex is seen off in the distance. Massive iron gates with a red carpet extending from it. Behind is a massive courtyard with larger satin banners precleaning text like "Mu-Gen Will Rise." Behind the gate is a massive mansion in a traditional southern plantation style. Large marble pillers and faux-european architecture. Upon reaching the gate I see two girls dawned on the mask in gown on either side of the gate. The attempt to walk inside is stopped by the girl on the left reaching out her hand.



"You need your invitation to enter"

An awkward attempt to try and find something to use in the agents pockets is made before the other sister says.

"Oh my god Lindsey, they're dressed in the robes, they obviously belong here"

"Fine" the other sister says

The agent walks into the courtyard, surrounded by others in mask and robe.
James Blake - Overgrown
Alternative R&B

"Forest of Velvet"


Upon approaching the courtyard a large amount of chatter is overheard. No spesific words are able to be made out though.

"What will you have tonight friend" a voice behind the agent says. Turning around reveals a man in the white mask and a tuxedo, behind a bar that's illuminated by a blue light under him. Behind him is a big gold wall with many different bottles of alcohol on it. As well as the words "Mu-Gen" in big gold lettering

†Oh, uh, I'll have nothing thanks†

"Suit yourself"

†Hey, can you tell me where the main event is being held†

"It should be on the invitation"

†I think I left mine in the bathroom†

"Ah, I see. Well it's through the mansion doors, down the hall, and to the right. Can't miss it"

R.E.M. - Murmur
Alternative Rock

"Stone Walls and Phone Calls"


Starting to walk towards the large Stone Walls the agent is topped by a man with a large bushy beard and a white mask. He's wearing green robes and looks very deshevled.

"My friend! Whatever you're looking for I have, the names R.E.Jwell and I'm you're friend indeed. Let's make a deal my friend!"

†A deal?†

"Trades! I take cash, gold, land, contracts,and people. All for some delicious Catagor."

†Catagor? Like the drug?†

"Like the drug? No! Like the miracle product! We have every single type, every single thing you'll need for redemption!"

†How did you get your hands on all this†

"Ever since the Cloud Brothers got busted and Rita shut down production in Complex 808, I've become the world's leading Catagor provider! Right before operation Mu-Gen starts! Can you believe that timing!"

†I guess but what use could thi-†

"Hey look pal, I gotta run, the shoes about to start, but I'll leave your my card, you're going to want what I have."

He drops a card in the agents hands that reads

Salesman of your spot in this universe

+1-202-555-0152" in gold leaf lettering printed on white cardstock.

The agent starts running in the direction Jwell went, after all, the shows about to start.
Fennesz - Endless Summer

"A buzz at Knight"


As the agent enters through the ornate door they're presented with a massive gathering hall with an even larger red carpet. Massive banners are defending from the ceiling with the words "Mu-Gen will Rise." The agent looks to their left seeing a massive display case full of photos of prominent musicans and buissness men shaking hands and posing for group photos as well as trophies and artifacts from across the world. Seemingly all a part of Mu-Gen somehow. As the agents takes a closer look at a very ornate gold skull on the shelf they notice a tiny security camera sitting inside of the skull. Seemingly panicked, the agent rushes away.
Dauwd - Theory of Colours
Ambient House

"At Attention"


The agents head into a large room overlooking a massive stage. The massive Mu-Gen logo is on stage among with banners in the hall of celebrities and billionaires. There a mass chatter in the packed hall as hundreds of other attendees, stand at attention, watching the stage. The agent looks to their left and sees Onde Afunku talking to some woman wrapped up in a shroud but can't make up what they're saying. Suddenly the a massive spotlight falls over the stage and the auditorium goes dark. The chatter stops. The show is about to begin.
Orbital - In Sides
Ambient Techno
Glenn Jones - Fleeting
American Primitivism
Alcest - Écailles de Lune
Atmospheric Black Metal
Sigh - Graveward
Avant-Garde Metal
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