Zach's AOTY's Favorite Records of 1971!!

As many of you know AOTY user Zach tragically passed away this year. The news of it hurt me to my very core. Zach was always just incredibly nice and extremely ambitious and I can notably feel an absence without him.

Before he died he had this ambitious goal of getting Aoty's favorite albums from every year from 1970 to 2021. Sadly he only got to 1970 before his laptop broke and he didn't get to finish the 71' list. Right before he died he told me he finally got a new laptop and was ready to start work. It fucking crushed me when I heard the news, partially because I remember how excited he was for this project. How much it meant to him.

I didn't know if I should have made this myself. I thought it would be a good way to honor him but it was HIS project. At first I was against it but then I realized I didn't want Zach's work to go to waste. So this is my attempt at a restoration project. I went though his shouts to get the original messages where he asked, and went through the 1970 list and asked everyone there. I used his scoring scale and just tried to make it as close to the 1970 list as possible. I couldn't get everyone to respond to my DMs but if you send me a shout or comment your top 5 down bellow I'll make sure to add you!
This is where I got the source for Zach's rankings from.

Scoring Scale:

1st: 5
2nd: 4
3rd: 3
4th: 2
5th: 1

As for if I will continue his plan for every year. I have no clue. Maybe? But as for now I want this list to mainly be a tribute to Zach and his presence on the site. Rest in Peace.

Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin IV
129 Points

patton - "I always have to smile, when I listen to these songs. This music is a remedy for my soul."

HoodieBraden - "LZIV was the record that introduced me to Zeppelin when I was just 11 or 12. It blew my mind at the time since I had never heard anything heavier than that. Now several years later, I've definitely heard heavier stuff, however, it's still my favorite release from the group and my favorite release of that year. It's a pretty based pick for AOTY but I can't help myself lol."

1st- @Zach
1st- @patton
1st- @HoodieBraden
1st- @Midline
1st- @dadush36
1st- @Rochinha98
1st- @KoopaToad18
1st- @Juancete
1st- @jakerpguy
1st- @wittymiki
1st- @Chode
1st- @HoodieBraden
1st- @TheNerdyNerd201
1st- @Schmedess
2nd- @dombot
2nd- @oakie
3rd - @Dabzilla
3rd- @jackkd8
3rd- @leeharvey
3rd- @drone3000
3rd- @MickyT
3rd- @JayCrackers
3rd- @GeMann
3rd- @MusicN
4th- @joshxxi
4th - @biglasagnayeet
4th- @nostalgia
4th- @10bishoa
4th- @stal
4th- @luna128
4th- @cakenator
4th- @MarkCooper
5th- @ROXAAN
5th- @SpicyB
5th- @Z.Younk
5th- @Docky
5th- @parZival
David Bowie - Hunky Dory
122 Points

nostalgia - "'Hunky Dory' was the first David Bowie album I ever fell in love with all the way back in my early days of music discovery and after all these years it still hasn't lost any of its magic. Even among a discography as amazing and groundbreaking as that of David Bowie it still shines brighter than all the rest in my eyes. Bowie's performances here are at their most glamorous and sophisticated, his songwriting at its most captivating and the instrumentation at its most alluring and breathtaking. Not to mention tracks like 'Life on Mars?' and 'Changes' are easily my two favourite Bowie tracks. "

selfh8inghipstr - "Hunky Dory" is an iconic record for a number of reasons, but namely because it marks Bowie's transcendence from pop/rock star to pop/rock icon and it exhibits his extraordinary gift for songwriting in a more pared-down instrumental setting than his guitar-rock-heavy (but also awesome) precursor, "The Man Who Sold the World." Bowie straddles the lines between artistic intent and kitsch, tradition and traversal, chic and glam on "Hunky Dory," ultimately setting the starman up for stardom."

1st- @nostalgia
1st- @selfh8inghipstr
1st- @10bishoa
1st- @Plats
1st- @louisomahoney
1st- @jackkd8
1st- @exception
1st- @bean
1st- @Jamobo
1st- @Flomink
1st- @jordymusic
2nd- @patton
2nd- @joshxxi
2nd- @RakkSmells
2nd- @jacksonlerner
2nd- @chunderz
2nd- @Docky
2nd- @JayCrackers
2nd- @MusicN
3rd- @SpicyB
3rd- @stal
3rd - @Reyes2k
3rd- @cakenator
3rd- @micksticky
3rd- @Chode
3rd- @TheNerdyNerd201
4th - @koner1
4th- @jakerpguy
5th - @alicore
5th- @HoodieBraden
5th - @Midline
5th - @biglasagnayeet
5th - @Dabzilla
5th- @GeMann
5th- @Muju123
Marvin Gaye - What's Going On
110 Points

alicore - "Absolutely a timeless classic, and a very stong contender for the best Motown album ever released. Although our current circumstances are different than those of the final years of the Vietnam War, I really feel like much of this album has become relevant as ever in the chaos of the last few years."

Toasterqueen12 - "What's Going On isn't by any means obscure, it's the #1 on the Rolling Stones 500 for gods sake. But what I feel isn't mentioned enough is just how this album is able to inspire hope like no other. It's an album that even in the darkest of moments, asks you to have hope in your fellow man and the outcome of the world. Very rare albums are as optimistic as it, and even less give you a reason to be optimistic with it."

1st - @alicore
1st - @Toasterqueen12
1st- @halbery
1st- @CtalksMusic
1st- @FrancisSky
1st- @Reyes2k
1st- @andrevital
1st- @CLJesse
1st- @GeMann
1st- @MusicN
2nd - @biglasagnayeet
2nd- @10bishoa
2nd- @ROXAAN
2nd- @El_Bark
2nd- @Chode
2nd- @TheNerdyNerd201
3rd- @Zach
3rd- @HoodieBraden
3rd- @joshxxi
3rd- @parZival
4th - @squeejie
4th - @Midline
4th- @jackkd8
4th- @JayCrackers
4th- @tha138
4th- @ElectricMess
4th- @Jahred
4th- @Cosmilk
5th- @PipePanic
5th- @HoodieBraden
Can - Tago Mago
108 Points

dabzilla - "Tago Mago is a wild and avant-garde record that still manages to be experimental 50 years past its release. From the dreamy soundscapes of the first half to the chaotic second with off kilter instrumentation and aggressive vocal performances. It stands as a masterpiece of innovation and creativity. Krautrock is a genre I am fairly unfamiliar with but if this is what it sounds like, it may go on to be my favorite genre."

TheTourist90 - "extrememly psychedelic and hypnotic throughout with tribal-like rock"

1st - @Dabzilla
1st- @TheTourist90
1st- @Jaronmeister
1st- @YoungSeagull
1st- @Doofy
1st- @JayCrackers
1st- @tha138
1st- @micksticky
2nd- @selfh8inghipstr
2nd- @SpicyB
2nd- @wittymiki
2nd- @cakenator
2nd- @ElectricMess
2nd- @Cosmilk
2nd- @Ramming33
3rd - @WhatTheFunk
3rd- @luna128
3rd- @Jamobo
3rd- @MarkCooper
3rd- @Houdanny
3rd- @jordymusic
3rd- @Schmedess
4th- @Zach
4th- @patton
4th- @andiov1
4th- @ThrowBackG
4th- @El_Bark
4th- @GeMann
4th- @oh
Joni Mitchell - Blue
94 Points

1st- @SpicyB
1st- @RakkSmells
1st- @jacksonlerner
1st- @TehSniper_143
1st- @marvelgaryen
1st- @MarkCooper
1st- @SarkastiK
2nd- @HoodieBraden
2nd - @Dabzilla
2nd- @stal
2nd- @thecarioca
2nd- @Z.Younk
2nd- @Jamobo
2nd- @Doofy
2nd- @tha138
2nd- @HoodieBraden
3rd - @alicore
3rd- @10bishoa
3rd- @ROXAAN
3rd- @365WHATAPPLE
3rd- @Jahred
3rd- @Cosmilk
4th- @andrevital
5th- @MickyT
5th- @El_Bark
5th- @ElectricMess
Pink Floyd - Meddle
56 Points

1st- @Stal
1st- @lasagnazissou
1st- @nttr
2nd - @koner1
2nd- @nostalgia
2nd- @louisomahoney
2nd- @Juancete
2nd- @nijakiler17
2nd- @luna128
2nd- @Muju123
3rd- @Plats
4th- @PipePanic
5th- @patton
5th - @Reyes2k
5th- @ThrowBackG
5th- @MarkCooper
5th- @MusicN
5th- @Jahred
5th- @TreyLikesBands
Funkadelic - Maggot Brain
53 Points

1st - @koner1
1st- @chunderz
1st- @elitimesfour
1st- @El_Bark
2nd - @squeejie
2nd - @MasterCrackfox
2nd- @CadeGilbert
3rd - @biglasagnayeet
3rd- @RakkSmells
4th- @selfh8inghipstr
4th- Rochinha98
4th- @Z.Younk
4th- @micksticky
4th- @MusicN
4th- @SarkastiK
5th- @stal
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
48 Points

joshxxi - "Heavy influence on sludge metal and my personal favorite album of theirs."

1st- @joshxxi
1st- @PipePanic
1st- @aziz
1st- @Rubber_Chicken
1st- @oakie
1st- @Frippotronic
2nd- @FoxInTheCity
3rd- @Docky
3rd- @Muju123
4th- @chunderz
4th- @MickyT
4th- @micksticky
4th- @Schmedess
The Who - Who's Next
42 Points

1st- @MickyT
2nd- @jackkd8
2nd- @bean
2nd- @jakerpguy
3rd - @Midline
3rd- @selfh8inghipstr
3rd - @koner1
3rd- @Rochinha98
3rd- @wittymiki
4th - @Toasterqueen12
4th- @365WHATAPPLE
4th- @Docky
4th- @Chode
5th- @BGL13
5th- @leeharvey
The Beach Boys - Surf's Up
41 Points

1st- @aotyman58
1st- @pressrg
1st- @gec2isabella
1st- @nijakiler17
1st- @ElectricMess
1st- @Cosmilk
1st- @Muju123
2nd- @andiov1
4th- @jordymusic
Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney - Ram
38 Points

BGL13 - "The beatles are one of my favorite artists of all time and this is my favorite solo project by any of their members (and it might just be my second favorite beatles-related album behind abbey road). oddly enough, i’m not really too big on paul’s solo work outside of this album. i like most of his biggest solo hits and will even defend temporary secretary as being an insanely catchy song, but none of his full albums besides this one do it for me. idk what about this album but everything about it just feels so warm and comforting. from front to back every song on here is just beautiful. paul and linda’s vocals just go so well together. it is impossible for me to be sad while listening to this"

1st- @BGL13
1st- @charlie17
1st- @CadeGilbert
1st- @Ramming33
2nd - @Reyes2k
2nd- @Flomink
3rd- @halbery
3rd- @eliiscool5
3rd- @HoodieBraden
5th - @koner1
Chico Buarque - Construção
32 Points

WhatTheFunk - "Buarque's unbeatable opus that gives free rein to all his creativity, all his inventiveness, to blow the coercive policies of the Brazilian dictatorship of the time. This masterpiece bears his name wonderfully well: it is an architectural work, wonderfully well structured, a monument to the glory of freedom."

1st - @WhatTheFunk
1st- @tatsky
2nd - @Toasterqueen12
2nd- @aziz
2nd- @andrevital
2nd- @ThrowBackG
2nd- @Inglume
4th - @Dabzilla
Carole King - Tapestry
26 Points

1st- @andiov1
1st- @Jahred
1st- @parZival
2nd - @alicore
2nd- @BGL13
2nd- @drone3000
3rd- @Z.Younk
5th- @Ramming33
Yes - Fragile
20 Points

1st- @leeharvey
1st- @TreyLikesBands
3rd- @squeejie
3rd- @jakerpguy
3rd- @Flomink
5th- @micksticky
Nara Leão - Dez anos depois
20 Points

1st- @doubleZ
1st- @ThrowBackG
1st- @Inglume
2nd- @oh
5th- @WhatTheFunk
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda
19 Points

2nd- @halbery
2nd- @eliiscool5
2nd- @Houdanny
3rd- @Ramming33
4th- @ROXAAN
5th- @cakenator
Leonard Cohen - Songs of Love and Hate
19 Points

1st- @FoxInTheCity
2nd- @WhatTheFunk
2nd- @Midline
2nd- @jordymusic
5th- @MasterCrackfox
5th- @andiov1
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
17 Points

MasterCrackfox - "Sticky Fingers isn't only impressive on its own but also a clear indication of the hot streak The Rolling Stones were on from the late 60's into the early 70's. Sticky Fingers is, in my mind, on par with the previous album Let It Bleed, both of which are great albums for their time. Those two in particular are the reason The Stones finally started to grow on me and showed me why they are such a respected early group in music history."

1st- @MasterCrackfox
1st- @Docky
3rd- @Doofy
4th- @wittymiki
5th- @jakerpguy
5th- @TheNerdyNerd201
Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces of a Man
15 Points

2nd- @joaosantos
3rd- @jacksonlerner
3rd- @chunderz
5th- @andrevital
The Doors - L.A. Woman
13 Points

1st- @luna128
2nd- @Rochinha98
4th- @HoodieBraden
4th- @Muju123
Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting Flame
13 Points

1st- @ROXAAN
2nd- @GeMann
2nd- @Schmedess
Sly & The Family Stone - There's a Riot Goin' On
12 Points

3rd - @MasterCrackfox
3rd- @BGL13
3rd- @El_Bark
4th - @alicore
5th- @jordymusic
T. Rex - Electric Warrior
12 Points

biglasagnayeet - "I choose T. Rex's "Electric Warrior" as my favourite album of 1971 because of both its incredible ability to produce great track after great track and its sentimental value to me. Every time I hear the album, I just have such a great time with every single track; I can't point out a bad one on the album. Ever since my childhood, I've found this album to be a super enjoyable and sleek listen, one that thrives off Marc Bolan's seamless inclusion of a groovy and fun-loving atmosphere."

1st - @biglasagnayeet
1st- @cakenator
5th- @selfh8inghipstr
5th- @Flomink
Comus - First Utterance
12 Points

squeejie - "First Utterance is my favorite because of how absolutely demonic and terrifying it is, while managing to be some of the best folk I have ever heard."

1st - @squeejie
3rd- @nostalgia
4th- @Ramming33
5th- @Zach
5th- @JayCrackers
John Prine - John Prine
11 Points

2nd- @Jahred
3rd- @Toasterqueen12
4th- @SpicyB
4th- @Doofy
Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink
11 Points

1st- @365WHATAPPLE
1st- @eliiscool5
5th- @Schmedess
Pharoah Sanders - Black Unity
11 Points

1st- @MrA
3rd- @andrevital
3rd- @SarkastiK
Flower Travellin' Band - Satori
10 Points

1st- @dombot
3rd- @nijakiler17
4th- @Frippotronic
King Crimson - Islands
10 Points

2nd- @Plats
2nd- @MickyT
4th- @TreyLikesBands
Joe McPhee - Nation Time
10 Points

1st- @SamBrende
1st- @joaosantos
Janis Joplin - Pearl
9 Points

3rd- @andiov1
3rd- @marvelgaryen
4th- @parZival
5th- @tha138
Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson
8 Points

2nd- @exception
4th- @RakkSmells
5th- @10bishoa
Yoko Ono - Fly
9 Points

1st- @Houdanny
2nd- @SarkastiK
Sparks - Sparks
8 Points

2nd- @PipePanic
2nd- @CLJesse
Van der Graaf Generator - Pawn Hearts
8 Points

2nd- @Frippotronic
2nd- @TreyLikesBands
Faust - Faust
7 Points

2nd- @FrancisSky
3rd- @exception
Honey Cone - Sweet Replies
6 Points

3rd- @CLJesse
4th- @BGL13
5th- @joshxxi
Curtis Mayfield - Roots
6 Points

3rd- @tha138
4th- @eliiscool5
5th- @Jamobo
Miles Davis - A Tribute to Jack Johnson
6 Points

3rd- @dombot
4th- @Jamobo
5th- @eliiscool5
David Crosby - If I Could Only Remember My Name
6 Points

1st- @Z.Younk
5th- @Doofy
Claude Frank - Beethoven/ The 32 Piano Sonatas
6 Points

3rd- @Jaronmeister
3rd- @Inglume
Bill Withers - Just As I Am
5 Points

4th- @HoodieBraden
4th - @MasterCrackfox
5th- @CadeGilbert
Rodriguez - Coming from Reality
5 Points

1st- @armavir
Tangerine Dream - Alpha Centauri
5 Points

1st- @holsgr
Freddie Hubbard - Straight Life
5 Points

1st- @thecarioca
Harry Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson
5 Points

1st- @drone3000
Cluster - Cluster
5 Points

1st- @oh
Felt - Felt
4 Points

4th- @Flomink
4th - @Reyes2k
John Fahey - America
4 Points

4th- @Houdanny
4th- @Inglume
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you're a kind soul for finishing his project. Rest In Power Zach
I had no idea Zach had passed. RIP. I was excited for this list concept and im glad you're continuing it in Zachs memory
Wow I had no idea he died, I don't ever look at the community on here. That's very sad to hear. My thoughts are with his family and friends.
This is truly a beautiful idea. So much respect for caring on his idea, I'm sure he would of proud and happy. May he rest in peace <3
R.I.P Zach..
My favorite:
1- The Clash - London Calling
2 - Black Sabbath - Paranoid
3 - David Bowie - The Rise and Fall
4- Nick Drake - Pink Moon
5 - Joy Division - Unknown Pleasure
rest in peace zach ❤️❤️
I really respect how you’ve decided to see out his vision with this list; it’s a super nice way to commemorate him.

Rest In Peace Zach 🕊
It's really amazing that you finished his project. It's what he would've wanted. Thank you for doing this.
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