The Story of JJBA told through music


Every musical reference in the show told chronologically, the order they appear.

(I'm waiting for Part 8 to finish before I read it)

Yes - Fragile
Part One: Phantom Blood

The End Credits song used for every episode is "Roundabout" by Yes.
Dio - Dream Evil
The show starts with some punk kicking a dog. This asshole's name is "Dio Brando". A reference to the metal band of the same name.
The Beatles - Revolver
There's also this guy named "Jonathan Joestar" (A.K.A: Jojo.) Jonathan get's a girlfriend name "Erina Pendleton". Apparently, Erina Pendleton can be mispronounced as "Eleanor Rigby." (IDK, how though.)
REO Speedwagon - R.E.O. Speedwagon
Dio, being the asshole that he is, poisons Jonathan's dad. So Jonathan goes to look for a cure in London where he runs into Mr. "Robert E. O. Speedwagon"
Queen - Queen II
He meets Speedwagon on a street in London named "Ogre Street." A reference to the Queen song "Ogre Battle."
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II
Dio gets really mad about this and decides to become a vampire using a stone mask the family just...has. Jonathan burns the house down and thinks he kills him, but some Italian man appears and says he isn't strong enough to do that yet. The man's name is "Baron Zeppeli", member of the Zeppeli family.
Wang Chung - Mosaic
Mr. Zeppeli tells Jonathan that Dio survived the fire by using this man named "Wang Chen" as nutrients, turning Wang into a zombie who works for Dio.
Tom Petty - Wildflowers
Zeppeli tells Jonathan that in order to beat Dio, he must master Hamon and get better lungs. Hamon is sunlight energy channeled through breathing that can kill vampires. Zeppeli says he learned of Hamon from a monk named "Tonpetty."
Poco - Poco
Jonathan gets really good at Hamon in like.... three days. So he goes out to take out Dio once and for all. Jojo, Speedwagon, and Zeppeli all go to the town Dio's hiding. But a kid named "Poco" jumps out and steals the group's money, leading them to a graveyard.
Bill Bruford's Earthworks - All Heaven Broke Loose
The corpses in the graveyard resurrect as Dio laughs like an idiot. He summons two ancient knights to kill the crew. One of the knights, "Bruford", decides to die because Jonathan hits him so hard that he feels pain again.
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Tarkus
The other knight, "Tarkus", mocks Bruford and just....kills Zeppeli. Jonathan gets super pissed and blasts him to smithereens.
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
Even though Zeppeli is doesn't really matter because a bunch of Hamor users join them. The formerly mentioned Tonpetty, and two guys named "Dire" and "Straizo".
The Doobie Brothers - Stampede
The group goes out to kill Dio and rescue Poco's sister. Who's currently being held captive by a zombie who wears a bag on his head named "Doobie". Jonathan promptly kicks his ass.
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin
Dio sicks a whole army of vampires on them, four of whom are named "Page, Jones, Plant, and Bornam." Named after the members of Led Zeppelin "Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant, and Jon Bonham."

(They're all killed in like, three seconds, so idk why they were introduced.)
Styx - Styx II
Jonathan chops of Dio's head and everyone assumes they've defeated Dio, so Jonathan takes Elina, his now wife, on a honeymoon. They take a boat to New York that's has an alcoholic priest named "Father Styx". He enters the cargo hold and finds a weird chest before promptly getting shot in the face. Dio pops out of the chest and does more....evil things I guess. Jonathan appears to kill him, but loses his own life in the process. Massive F.

Smokey Robinson - Pure Smokey
Part 2: Battle Tendency

But that doesn't really matter as now we have a new protagonists, "Joseph Joestar". He rescues some kid name "Smokey Brown" from the cops. A combination of "Smokey Robinson".....
James Brown - The Payback
......and "James Brown".

Smokey and Jojo get assaulted by Straizo, who is now a vampire, and he tells Jojo that Speedwagon has been captured and weird nazi science is going down in Mexico.
Donovan - A Gift from a Flower to a Garden
When he gets there he's attacked by a Nazi named "Donovan", who Jojo easily disposes of. He also sneaks into the Nazi base by dressing as a woman.
Santana - Amigos
That weird science involves letting an ancient vampire named "Santana", back into this world. He's part of the "Pillar men" a group of ancient vampires with the goal of destroying humanity.
Ambrosia - Ambrosia
After barely defeating Santana, Joseph learns of more pillar men, and travels to Italy to stop them. There he meets "Caesar Zeppeli" who he hates at the moment. But then they become best friends and at some point Joseph says "Nice, Nice, very nice, Caesarino." A reference to the song "Nice, Nice, Very Nice" by Ambrosia

(This doesn't happen yet nor is it all that important, I just needed to squeeze in Caesar.)
Wham! - Make It Big
They find three more Pillar men have broken loose in the Colosseum, Joseph challenges one named "Wammu". Wammu defeats him but Joseph lies and says that he's training to become stronger, because of this, Wammu injects Joseph with a poison that will kill him thirty days unless he beats him.
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Spanish Fly
Caesar takes Jojo to his trainer (and Joseph's secret mother shhhhh don't tell anyone) "Lisa Lisa" to train Joseph in the art of Hamon.
Air Supply - The One That You Love
Lisa Lisa takes them to her homes on "Air Supplena Island" and forces Joseph and Caesar to climb a pit covered with oil. Joseph gets really pissed off because of this but he learns oil skating so I guess that makes up for it.
Steely Dan - Aja
Lisa Lisa says that the Pillar Men are after a gem called "The Red Stone of Aja." A stone that will transform them into the "ultimate" life form, immune from sunlight and capable of shapeshifting abilities.
Loggins And Messina - Loggins and Messina
Lisa Lisa trains Jojo and Caesar with two hamon experts named "Loggins" and "Messina." They train for the next 40-or-so-days.
AC/DC - High Voltage
Joseph is supposed to test his skills with Messina, but Messina gets killed by the Pillar Man "Esidisi" (Say it real fast.) Joseph almost dies, but is able to shatter Esidisi to bits.
Suzi Quatro - Suzi Quatro
Esidisi survives by attaching itself to a maid named "Suzi Q." Joseph is able to kill Esidisi without harming Suzi, but loses the Red Stone in the process.
Jeff Beck - Wired
Joseph and company, travel to Switzerland to get the stone, but a bunch of stuff happens and Ceaser ends up dying and it's real sad. They go to confront the remaining two Pillar Man, only to be attacked by a vampire named "Wired Beck". Lisa Lisa cuts him in half with a scarf.
The Cars - The Cars
The finals two pillar men challenge JoJo and Lisa Lisa too a duel. JoJo must beat Wammu (which he does) and Lisa Lisa must beat the vampire ruler, "Kars" (which she doesn't) Kars uses the stone and becomes the Ultimate Lifeform!
The Beatles - Please Please Me
JoJo "outsmarts" Kars and forces him to space for all eternity to live as a 🗿. But he loses his life in the process :(
Except he actually doesn't and ends the series listening to The Beatles on his walkman.

Paula Abdul - Spellbound
Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

Old Joseph Joestar goes to Japan to visit his Grandson "Jotaro Kujo", who's currently in prison. Jotaro doesn't want to leave because he believes he's possessed by an evil spirit. So Joseph uses his friend "Muhammad Avdol" to help out.
The Rolling Stones - Jump Back
Avdol summons this fire bird named "Magician's Red" who he explains is a stand. Stands are basically cool superheroes you can control with your mental energy. Avdol uses Magician's Red to burn Jotaro's prison bars using a move called "Crossfire Hurricane" which comes from the opening line of Jumpin' Jack Flash, a song by .The Rolling Stones
Sadao Watanabe - Sadao Watanabe Plays Ballads (Live)
Jotaro's dad is a jazz musician named "Sadao Kujo."
Sting - Sacred Love
Jotaro learns his "Evil Spirit" is actually a stand called Star Platinum. Also, his grampa has one too, named Hermit Purple! Joseph warns that DIO has returned, infused with Jonathan's body, and that Jotaro should care. Jotaro doesn't

On his way to school one morning Jotaro is attacked by a fellow student named "Noriaki Kakyoin" with his stand "Hierophant Green." Kakyoin's favorite musician is Sting.
The Bangles - Different Light
Jotaro beats Kakyoin (Get used to Jotaro beating things) and removes the piece of DIO that was controlling Kakyoin, and makes him good again. Yay! But then his mom stars to die due to DIO's affect. Not yay. So the four of them set off on a quest to Egypt to beat DIO.

The ending credits at the start of Pt 3 is The Bangles' "Walk Like An Egyptian."
Glenn Frey - No Fun Aloud
They board a plane to Egypt but are immediately attacked by one of DIO's followers. A bug based Stand named "Tower of Gray" controlled by a man named "Gray Fly." The plane crashes and they decide public transport is too dangerous, they will have to travel to Egypt on foot.
Michel Polnareff - Volume 2
Stranded in Hong Kong, they sit down to eat when they are approached by a Frenchman named "Jean Pierre Polnareff." He challenges them to a duel with his sword-wielding stand named "Silver Chariot." Avdol beats him, and they remove the DIO piece. Polnareff agrees to join them, giving the group one extra member.
Michel Polnareff - Michel Polnareff
Polnareff reveals his sister "Sherry Polnareff" was killed by one of DIO's followers, and he wishes to get revenge.

Sherry is named after the Michel Polnareff song "Tout Tout Pour Ma Cherie."
Captain And Tennille - Song of Joy
They board a boat piloted by a name named "Captain Tennille." BUT, it turns out this Captain Tennille is a fake, and is actually an aquatic stand user who attacks them with his "Dark Blue Moon." He is defeated.

(In the localized translation, he's named "Captain Dragon" after the Captain & Tennille band member "Daryl Dragon.")
Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever
They're boat sinks but they find an ocean liner to come rescue them! Except it's not a boat, it's a stand, who's user is an Orangutan! The animal's name is "Forever" and his stand is "Strength." The monkey dies.
Devo - Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
When they arrive in Singapore, a man named "Devo the Cursed" attacks Polnareff in his hotel room. He uses his doll based stand "Ebony Devil." Polnareff dices him up.

(In the Localized version, Devo is named "Soul Sacrifice," after the Santana song.)
Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
Joseph uses his Hermit Purple to look through tv programs as a way of finding a prediction. One of the programs show's the cover of Tom Petty's Full Moon Fever. He also finds out Kakyoin will attack them!
The Beatles - Rubber Soul
Kakyoin is actually replaced by a man named "Rubber Soul" and the shape-shifting stand "Yellow Temperance." He does a weird thing with cherries.
Daryl Hall & John Oates - Private Eyes
The gang is in India now when they come face to face with the gunslinger "Hol Horse" and his gun stand "Emperor." He shoots Avdol cuz he a bitch.
J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame
They are also attacked by Polnareff's sister's killer "J. Geil" and his reflection based stand "The Hanged Man." He gets destroyed and Hol Horse runs away.

(In the localized version, j. Geil is named "Centerfold" after the song by J. Geils Band.)
Nena - Nena
Polnareff starts hitting on this girl named "Nena," who turns out to be a stand user who attaches a talking tumor named "Empress" to Joseph's arm. She explodes into an old woman.
ZZ Top - Eliminator
As they try to drive across Pakistan they get attacked by a car stand named "Wheel of Fortune." The drive is a man named "ZZ" and the car is meant to look like "The ZZ Top Eliminator." He gets tied to a rock.
Enya - Shepherd Moons
They stop in a town that's filled with SPOOKY ZOMBIES!!!! Controlled by a fog based stand named "Justice." The user is J. Geil's mother, "Enya the Hag." She gets sucked.
Steely Dan - The Royal Scam
They stop to eat kebabs but are attracted by a stand user named "Steely Dan." He puts his stand, "Lovers," into Joseph's brain, so Kakyoin and Polnareff have to fish it out. Jotaro gets walked on and gets mad >:(

(In the localized version he's also called "Rubber Soul" so like...ok? There's already someone named that. He's also sometime called "Dan of Steel.")
Fats Domino - This Is Fats
The gang ventures to the desert where they are attacked by the Sun. Not THE Sun, the stand, "The Sun." Controlled by a man named "Arabia Fats." Jotaro laughs at some rocks.
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