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YG - Out On Bail
Out On Bail
Sep 27
Joji - Nectar
Sep 26

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TomBejoy -
I'm gonna be dead honest here. Trying to make a well-articulated review of a crappy album that I reheard for the first time since 2017

Growing up, I loved EDM. Till 2013 things were really good. Then came the stupid Skrillex rip-offs, big-room boys, and a bunch of stupid pop-EDM crossovers. EDM went from hype noise to trash. When The Chainsmokers came up I knew they sucked but goddamn they grew worse over time.

The main issue with "Memories..." is the lyrics. Now in 2017 I wasn't ... read more

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TomBejoy -
I got chills from a KSI song that's fucking dope. This route is great. Wasn't the biggest fan of the UK House original but this one is beautiful.
TomBejoy -
JJ's music is extremely overhated. Half of the reviews here are people concerned about him being a YouTuber who thinks he can make music. Ever since Joji's solo revelation into an artist with legitimate chart potential I believe Youtubers can make good music with some effort.

Someone even said Sidemen/KSI makes content for kids. I can tell their viewer base is older than that of Mr. Beast and about as old as PewDiePie's fans, most of them from the golden age of Youtube (2012-2017). The viewer ... read more
TomBejoy -
BANGER ALERT! I like the production and amped up performance on this little joint.
TomBejoy -
People say they want the old Kanye back, but can we at least get this Ye back because he can spit for real, on god. The only issue I personally have with new Kanye is the lack of self-produced beats but that's fine.
TomBejoy -
Rating 70 -> 85

Oh god, I was wrong. Initially, I was disappointed with Nectar, and I thought he had sold out completely. But Nectar has a million positives to make up for the negatives that finally made this album grow on me heavily.

First of all, Joji ditches all of his self-production (except a few credits here and there) and blossoms into a brilliant vocalist. Joji went from having a horrible vocal palette to now having one of the most distinct voices in the pop game, mainly displayed ... read more
Sep 28, 2020
that's lame... wtf
Sep 28, 2020
as bad as gay people being killed in the streets and being thrown into prisons. You weren't "innocent" in that situation, you were ill-imformed and you commited a hurtful action, maybe not knowingly, but you still did. What you should have done instead of instructively saying "I'M NOT TRANSPHOBIC!" is ask "why are you calling me that, what have I done that could have possibly deserved that" and then apologize once you have learned the harmful action you committed. Ignorance is not an excuse to live by and it's something you need to learn.
Sep 28, 2020
"calling innocent people homophobic is as offensive as being homophobic in my opinion.".

.......ok I'm going to assume you're young and very uneducated. From your story you didn't know something and you called Sam Smith the wrong pronowns and you got called transphobic. I mean SURE maybe you didn't MEAN harm but can you recognize that there's thousands of people who hate trans people and intentionally use the wrong pronowns in an attempt to hurt them? And you using the wrong pronowns effectively "blended in" with the bigots. Sure,maybe the person replying to you could have been more polite, but that person effectively said "Hey you're doing something incredibly offensive and hurtful right now, knock it off.

You apparently come from some country where gay people are harassed for even being outside, you know what that's like first hand, so to say "calling innocent people homophobic is as offensive as being homophobic in my opinion." Like somehow someone calling you a bigot is just ...
Sep 28, 2020
I mean it’s offensive cause like it’s rude to people who are actually retarded, but it’s not that bad and I don’t think it needs to be shouted on the streets if someone said it lmao. It’s not that big of a deal
Sep 28, 2020
Yeah, I feel like it's also our fault to know learn abt it earlier, but my parents/teachers have never told me abt this kind of stuff so I never knew. :(
Sep 28, 2020
Copying what I said to Cry so you can read it

Ok I'm going to be as nice as possible and assume you're just very ignorant and I'm going to educate you. Sam Smith is nonbinary. That means they wish to go by "They/Them" pronowns as they don't feel like a guy and also don't feel like a girl. Referring to them as "He" is not only harmful, it's offensive and shoes that you're kinda a hateful person.

Take some steps to educate yourself.
Sep 28, 2020
bruh someone saw the messages that I sent you and seemed to get made because I didn't understand the Sam Smith thing. The person even blocked me. I feel bad because I actually don't know what my mistake was, guess I'm just a dumb 14-year old. :(
Sep 28, 2020
People at school use the offensive words that you mentioned like it's nothing which is really annoying and when I talk to them abt it they just laugh it off. Words like 'retard' are nothing compared to the words that my classmates use but I anyways just learnt to ignore as they clearly aren't going to learn. The world is weird.
I hate SJWs


Who the f-ck picked this lil' sorry ass beat?

You can hit me up on Instagram, @tombejoy, on reddit, @StygianMusic as well. Mind the
occasional meme review thats my ADHD. I don't want to hear from any SJWs, promote positivity and stop judging books by their cover.
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